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    Dude Where's My ____________

    This is a simple and fun game but mostly fun. But yet simple. The person who posted in front of you will post something like "Dude, where's my muffin?" Then the person who's posting after that says something like "In the garage" So let me start Dude, where's my button that has a skull on it that will blow up the world?
  2. King Of Pking

    Combat Calculator

    If Sals has other calculators for different skills, why doesn't Sal's have a combat calculator? It would be nice for a new installment to the calculators as I've been wondering when I'm leveling up and all that. If you could please tell what's happening with making a combat calculator or what's the reason for not making a combat calculator. I would also like to know when a combat calculator might come out on Sals. I think this is the formula for combat. You gain one combat lvl for the following: three attack or strength lvls four defence or health lvls eight prayer lvls For ranged and mage I do not know but that should be a seperate calculator
  3. King Of Pking

    The Three Stooges

    Chapter 1: N0valyfe Chapter 2: The Black Knights Chapter 1 The night of the annual river pageant in the lum river, a man in the depths of Canifis was wondering. Wondering with wandering eyes inside a magical realm of a crystal ball. "What could possibly happen if I.....if I controlled this vast place?" said the man while still pondering his eyes into the ball. "This place is so mighty, so vast, so exquisite. Oi! I cannot control such a thing." The man continued to gaze upon the ball, which had shown the areas and glamour of the vast world of runescape. "Maybe...maybe if I can, no.......I cannot. It would be a shame to do that." The man walked across the floors of a castle in Canifis and thought out how. How to get this glamour world called runescape and call it his. It took a long while, 2 months to be exact untill his old buddy, n0valyfe came to the door of this castle to meet up with him. "Zezima, long time no see!" said n0valyfe in such amazement. "Shush old buddy, now......help me in my quest to control all of this vast land." said Zezima while talking in a raspy voice. "What? Why would you want to do that? You cannot do that as the forces of other kingdoms are larger then your one man army!" said n0valyfe with shock. "You doubt me? Do you doubt the mighty Zezima?" said Zezima while pulling out his Ancient Magicks Staff from an old closet. "Buddy, you might want to put that down." "Why would I want to do that, when I can eliminate somebody who doubted the #1 person in all of runescape?" Zezima was furious and set out a spell. "Ichi Moustash!" Suddenly, N0valyfe felt all itchy especially the parts around his mouth and begged Zezima to stop this horrible curse. "Then join me on my quest!" said Zezima as if he had won a battle. "Surely I will" said n0valyfe with such pain. The two worked together and nearly a week later, Zezima's "ultimate plan" had been born. Chapter 2 In an attempt to take the throne of the knightly city of Falador due to the king's abscense, Zezima traveled far and vast with n0valyfe from Canifis to Falador. But he did not see what he wanted to happen. Darkness was already over Falador and Zezima yelled, "Oi! What the bloody happened? I was to sieze the crown not someone else!" said Zezima in a furious tone. "Sire, it must be just another black knight raid. It happens quite often and there is no reason to be mad." said n0valyfe in a calm and gentle tone. The two went on to Falador and saw that the town was in chaos. The windows of shops were broken, civillians were pummeled, and the knight's castle was set ablaze. The white knights of Falador could not stand it and the black knights just continued their rampage across Asgarnia. Zezima walked to one of the black knight patrol horses and asked to speak with the black knight leader. The patrol knight took Zezima by the hand and cuffed him, and off the two went to the black knight fortress near ice mountain. N0valyfe was all alone and ran across the city of Falador to follow the patrol knight and Zezima. At the fortress, Zezima was sentenced death, but before that Zezima was to speak with the black knight leader. In the leader's office Zezima sat on a wooden stool next to the leader's desk. The leader turned his revolving chair around and said, "Suprised?" It was Thehate. Thehate was the black knight leader and sentenced Zezima to death so that he could move up to spot #11 on the runescape hiscores. "Buddy, listen, join me on my quest to take over runescape!" said Zezima in a voice sounding like he was a king. "Why? What's in it for me other then being #2 on the hiscores? I want to be #1!" said Thehate while yelling. "Join me, and you can have everything that is part of the F2P world." said Zezima "Alright, but promise that I will always keep that piece of land." said Thehate "Wow, that was easy. (staples slogan) I got you to join me in a matter of seconds." said Zezima "Just hurry up and shake my hand and we'll be out of here." said Thehate with his hand out The two shook hands and a deal was set. Zezima, Thehate, and N0valyfe would conquer all of runescape. Just like Octavius Caesar, Mark Antony, and Lepidus, Zezima, Thehate, and N0valyfe were a group of three commandos.
  4. King Of Pking

    First Word That Comes To Mind!

  5. The zombie slaves revolt and the zombie slaves kill coo and the phat is somewhere around the ground where zombie slaves are rampaging.
  6. King Of Pking

    First Word That Comes To Mind!

  7. -5/10 because your avy is creeping me out 7/10
  8. *World bursts into oblivion and all phats go bye bye
  9. King Of Pking

    Dude Where's My ____________

    Spongebob took it since he wanted to fly in one episode Dude, where's my sister?
  10. King Of Pking

    Count Down From 1,000,000

    996,157 Woah, we still have a lot to go!
  11. King Of Pking

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Kryptonite-three doors down
  12. How to make a pure strength pker Written by King Of Pking What is a pure strength pker Someone who depends mostly on their attack and strength level to unleash a lot of damage on a monster or player when pking or fighting. Pure strengths never train their defense level and can optionally train their prayer level. A strength pure is one of the most feared and one of the most deadliest pures in runescape and with a lot of training and pking, they can easily make money. Why make a pure strength pker There are many reasons why people make a pure strength pker but some reasons include pure enjoyment of pking, or making money. Most people make a pure strength pker just to make easy money from the drops that monsters or players will drop when dead. It is up to you why you want to make a pure strength pker, but this guide will be about the pure enjoyment of pking. The pure strength basics To make sure you're going to have a successful pure strength, you must have at least 200k or more. You really need 100k or more, but the extra 200k is to back you up as support. Once you are situated, get your 200k and head to Al Kharid to buy every scimitar from iron up. If you can, buy a adamant scimitar from another player. Then head to Varrock to buy a couple sets of full iron from the armor store. Go to the clothing store in Varrock and buy yourself some boots, gloves, and a cape. While you're at it, buy around 2k iron arrows and 1k steel arrows or 3k iron arrows from the varrock archery shop and get some runes from the magic shop fit to cast weaken, confuse, and wind strike. Next, head to Falador and buy yourself iron kiteshields, the amount equivilant to the amount of full iron you have. Training areas Chickens-Train on chickens untill 5 attack and 5 strength Cows-Train on cows untill 20 attack and 20 strength Monks-Train on monks untill 30 attack and 40 strength. An extra bonus is that they heal you! After this you might want to train range and magic or you can start pking. We'll get back to training attack and strength later. Range Train your ranged to 40 so you can buy yourself green dhide legs and vambraces Ranging Help Magic Train your magic to 25 so you can teleport Magic Help Okay, now you got your range to 40 and magic to 25. Buy yourself green dhide legs and vambraces. Now, buy yourself some teleport runes. You might want to use fast free laws if you are a member. Fast Free Laws Now back to attack and strength training. Now you need some food as these monsters can HIT you. Sadly, I do not have pics for these monsters. Hill giants-Train on hill giants untill 40 attack and 60 strength I suggest you leave it at that unless you are a member and want to wield dragon weapons. Then do, Deadly red spiders-Train on red spiders untill 60 attack and 80 strength Extras Prayer-Although this is not required, better prayer means better hits.Prayer Help Strength potions-Just like prayer, this is not required but it gives better hits Pure strength pker inventory -20+ lobsters, swordfish, or sharks -few strength potions -some teleportation runes -(optional) a rune 2h to whip out a lot of damage when opponent is at low health. Well there you have it! Your guide to making a pure strength!
  13. King Of Pking

    Yay! Woot! Looky Here!

    Yes finally! In just two days of hard work, I have finally accomplished my goal of 40 ranged! Now I am entering the stage when I am in the mastery of range. Now I can wear my green dhide and be one of the people to enter the mastery of range! Yet, I yearn to continue to 80 range.
  14. King Of Pking

    It's Getting Oh So Very Hot...!

    Congratz on 80 firemaking! Just 19 levels to go and you'll be master! Now, you're wondering what to do, what to do. I suggest you just burn yews or magics, if you want to.
  15. King Of Pking

    Stop Running, Coward! Gotcha!

    Great job on the 79 mage! Just 20 more levels to go and you'll be a straight up master magician. Continue the good work and you should be fine and remember to use the Sal's mage help.
  16. King Of Pking

    Does The........

    Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker? Personally, I would say that the path chooses the walker as humans don't control everything and an opportunity would have to come to the walker, instead of the walker making the opportunity. But I'm wondering what the members of this community think. So feel free to post whatever you feel.
  17. King Of Pking

    How To Make A Pure Strength Pker

    I already did crop them and In the US we spell "until" untill.
  18. King Of Pking

    The Three Stooges

    The man with the crystal ball is Zezima :D It might be a little confusing.
  19. King Of Pking

    Official Site Poll - Please Vote!

    I would like to see a combat calculator somewhere around the site and some more guides would be nice. I mean guides about the more basic things in runescape such as pure guides, etc, etc, etc.

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