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  1. Potter


    RuneScape.com > Hover over Account > Account Management > Email Registration > Login > Enter your current email, then the new email. As it appears, there is no way to remove an email address from the Account. Just use an active one.
  2. Potter

    Unlimited Runes, What To Do?

    99 Mage. Are there any items that alch for more than their Max Market Price? Because I could pretty much be loaded then
  3. Potter

    Fishing Lobs?

    Lobs are OK for XP at 40, because if I recall there isn't much that's better. Everything else requires bait, feathers, or is just slow XP in general.
  4. Potter

    What The Heck Is This Sword.

    No, that wouldn't be a members object. And actually, it appears to be one of the Decorative Castle Wars swords. Here's an image of the Basic one:
  5. Potter

    While Guthix Sleeps

    Those are some easy looking quests you have available, I'll just list off some of the easier ones: A Tail of Two Cats (2 QP) Buyers and Cellars (1 QP) Devious Minds (1 QP) Doric's Quest (1 QP) Enlightened Journey (1 QP) Fur n Seek (2 QP) Kennith's Concerns (1 QP) Land of the Goblins (1 QP) Meeting History (1 QP) Missing my Mummy (1 QP) My Arm's Big Adventure (1 QP) Myths of the White Lands (1 QP) Observatory Quest (2 QP) Quiet Before the Swarm (1 QP) Shades of Mort'ton (3 QP) Spirits of the Elid (2 QP) Elemental Workshop III (1 QP) The Feud (1 QP) TokTz-Ket-Dill (1 QP) Troll Romance (2 QP) That only adds up to 26 quest points, but that's only the easy ones. If you want substantial points, you can do quests like: As a First Resort (1 QP) Chosen Commander (3 QP) Contact! (1 QP) Enakhra's Lament (2 QP) Fairy Tale III (2 QP) In Aid of the Myreque (2 QP) Legacy of Seeraze (2 QP) Love Story (2 QP) Rocking Out (2 QP) The Darkness of Hollowvale (2 QP) That adds up to 45. I'm assuming you can do to these quests, or almost have the skills to do them. It's a lengthy list, but there are some short quests there.
  6. Potter

    Soul Wars

    Use your Accumulator on Nomad out in the Lobby, you'll go through a whole conversation, and badda-bing your Soul Wars cape will act like an Accumulator during a game of Soul Wars.
  7. Potter

    Rfd And Barrows Gloves

    Looking at all the Subquests, it doesn't look like it'd take too long to do each one. (http://runescape.salmoneus.net/quests/RecipeForDisaster.html) Part 1: The cook: Immediate Part 2: The dwarf: 20~ minutes Part 3: The goblins: 15~20 minutes Part 4: Pirate Pete: 30~ minutes Part 5: Lumbridge Guide: 15~ minutes Part 6: Evil Dave: Up to an hour Part 7: The ogre: 40~ minutes Part 8: Sir Amik: 40~ minutes Part 9: Awowogei: 45~ minutes Culinaromancer: Not long, 10 minutes Those are all guesses, based on looking at the quest guide and remembering how long it took me. These times apply only if you have all the items you need and you're teleporting from place to place.
  8. Potter

    Pure Essence Mining

    When I mined Pure Ess as a Freeplayer (Rune Pickaxe, walking between bank and Aubury's shop), I could do 1000 in about an hour. It's not too much, but if you mine with a Dragon Pickaxe (actually, I'm not sure if using a better pickaxe makes you mine that much faster) at the Magic Guild, you can probably do more.
  9. Potter

    Bank Cleaning

    Tab 2: I recommend getting rid of some of the lower-quantity currencies. If you plan on doing something with them, OK, otherwise they're not necessary. Also, I think those are god bird eggs, so you should either keep one of each and wait until level 70 Summoning to hatch them, or just get rid of them altogether. Tab 5: Unless you do F2P Range PKing, I don't see why you need Green Dragonhide. Even the Archer helm is somewhat unnecessary, it's usually replaced by the Neitiznot. Tab 6: I think it's called the Beacon Ring, the last item in the tab. It's not necessary. Tab 7: The watering can should be in your Leprechaun Tool Storage, and if there already is one there, you don't need a second. And if you don't plan on training mining, or mining gold, you don't need the Golden Helmet (unless you like the looks) Tab 8: Drop the black book with the white bar on top, drop the piece of glass in the far right of the 2nd row, drop the Body body. Tab 9: Drop/use firelighters, they have no GP value. Sell/drop/alch the random metal junk. Get rid of the elemental shield and vambraces. Those seem the least useful, to me at least.
  10. Potter

    Giving Jesus His Body And Blood.

    That's just bread dough
  11. Potter

    Annoying Demon Ep2

    Why bother watching it? I like the ideas for the movie, the first two don't hurt, but when it could kill people, like in your last section, I think it's a little too far. But I can't wait to see future ones.
  12. Potter

    Old Tutorial Island Screenies

    Wow, the things you can see with the Orb!
  13. Lol that was a funny pickup line. I didn't think the things that he did were that funny, but I did like how it ended! Although I was a little confused by who was talking, you or your character.
  14. Potter

    Bgs Or Bcp With Whip Or Tasset?

    The fighter torso is an excellent substitute for the Chestplate, especially if you have a decent Defense level. In which case I suggest buying Tassets and the Whip. An excellent combo, which I use myself (except I use a DScim. Training str ) As for the Godsword, they aren't much use in training at all. They're good if you do a lot of PK'ing, but the whip will be better overall.
  15. Potter

    Red Chincompas

    Does anybody have any pics/ a video of them? I wouldn't mind seeing it, but I don't really want to buy one

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