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    Gods Comrade you suck. Anyway, we both know you're miles better than me, with those 99's, Quests, and that Fire Cape. BTW you should've waited until 82 Dunj before you posted this. Crapi would look so much better in your inventory. Anyways, your cash value is great, of course, as are your skills. However, training melee couldn't possibly hurt. Getting your Defense to 80 couldn't possibly hurt, and evening your skills is good. I could also see you having 99 Range and all skills 70+. It's a 9 from me.
  2. Potter

    2016 Days

    I laughed a bit when I saw this, I need to go make it 1901, now.
  3. Potter

    My Blog To Make Max Gp

    I think there'll be plenty of time to think about that! Anyways, 14/2147 million! It's pretty good for starting from so little.
  4. Potter

    A N3wb's Life 3.0

    Grats on a quite un-wasted run!
  5. Potter

    Hey U See, What's Inside Of Me

    Died? How does that happen
  6. Potter

    ♥ ← Nya's Log ♥ Quitting Runescape

    Finally, we get to the good part!
  7. Potter

    Will Miss It - 99 Slayer As Combat 3

    1.1k Zeals? My gawd, I was depressed getting 100. But 13,400? Sweet god that'll take a while. Can't wait to see it though
  8. Potter

    Causing Shenanagians Since 1969

    98 Attack? Been there, done that. 97 Slayer? I hope I'll be there and do that one day.
  9. Potter

    Close ! Close!

    Well you've certainly been busy! 10 QP in a day is pretty good!
  10. Potter

    A Hearty End To The Weekend

    What's with this inactive stuff? Liez Congrats! I'll get there one day, 95 Constitution atm.
  11. Potter

    99 Fishing

    I was doing level one clue scrolls while waiting for my friends :) That accounts for the iron plate and the leather chaps You should've waited for that super Treasure trail update! Better items! And grats! Did you blow all your money on that bandos set? I'm so jealous
  12. Potter

    99 Magic - Zomgbbqsauce!

    Wow! 60m is much more than you actually needed to spend, isn't it? Alching is half that last I checked! Congratulations anyway!
  13. Potter

    Common Skillcape

    A lot of people have 99 Fletching, but I don't see the cape much. What I do see, in no particular order, are Strength and Cooking.
  14. Potter


    There's already a conflict/rivalry, and several smaller ones. There's no rivalry that you can participate in actively, but there are quest and intra-NPC rivalries, such as Saradomin vs Zamorak. There are other ones within Quest Lines, but this whole God-related tension seems prevalent. Maybe one day you'll be able to make a somewhat permanent alliance to one of them, that would only make a difference in your gameplay during quests and some events. I don't know how WoW works, but is that too similar?
  15. I could be nice to the economy and not insert billions of coins into the game... But I'd probably just buy what's sufficient for me, and nothing more. No rares, a godsword or two... Bones to 99 Prayer... Chins to 99 Range... I'd try not to go out of control.
  16. Potter


    Well, I suppose the "I pick my items up from the ground" option applies to combat? Because... the items are on the ground... and I pick them up.
  17. Well it'll be easy to remember when your "Anniversary" is. Unlike me. I started some time in January... early January of 2006. Or whichever year the Christmas event involved baubles. My friend emailed me about it, and I was like "nty" at first. Then I saw him play, and I made my first account. But I didn't like the name, so I made Sr H Potter1 (I frankly don't like that name much anymore now ) and now it's July 11 2010.
  18. Potter


    I believe Ibis will get you more XP for your charms, until you can do Smoke Devils. Remember to do Penguin Hide and Seek, it probably won't take you a week to get those 8 levels but if you're still in the process of getting charms it's great to do in between.
  19. Potter

    Bandos Chestplate

    From what I can tell from the graph, I'd say it may drop a little bit more, then continue rising. As Kesthetic said, it won't go over 26, but it may go lower than 23.
  20. Potter

    Runescape Help

    I concur. I spent 5 Def levels at Flesh Crawlers, and I don't remember how much I made but it was 10 or 20m. Likely 10. Not so much but it's good for not using any food.
  21. Potter

    Troll General

    I think you're overestimating the Troll General. DDS-specing him will do some decent damage, and the 60 poison damage will be helpful throughout. With 43 Prayer, you're basically untouchable. I don't even think the Prayer Potions are necessary.
  22. Potter

    Runescape Classicc

    The graphics don't hurt my eyes, but the gameplay kills me inside
  23. Potter

    Your Big Runescape Secrets

    Long long long ago, in a galaxy far far away (aka RuneScape early 2006) I used to lure noobs to the Zamorak Temple just north of Falador and tell them to take the wine, thus prompting an attack from the Mages. Then I would spam the door, keeping it closed, until that noob died. It only worked once, and all I got was a few GP and a wooden shield... Ah, the good old days.
  24. Potter

    Kbd Armour

    Meleeing kbd fails at below 85 attack. Get void and a dfs to make up for bad def stats of void and you'll do fine. I have a feeling that Chickenz is going to say something along the lines of "But I don't have void or a DFS." The solution is to get one. You have to just do these things, because they're somewhat essential for the things you're doing. At your stats, a KBD run is pointless. So improving your Ranged is the best solution.

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