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  1. Potter

    What Is A Tooth Creature?

    If you were as reluctant to click as you were to search and for all the people who will be reluctant to search,
  2. Potter

    Leaked Dungeoneering Floors?

    Well, things have happened with new releases in skills before. A week or so before summoning, a player could glitch his way into Summoning a Karamthulhu Overlord. And purple and red... two colors, looks like Warped and Chaotic to me. Floor 60's gotta be hell. I don't wanna be disappointed :)
  3. Potter

    This Mod Got Mad =o!

    +1. Was he mad because someone reported him?
  4. Potter

    New Ban Game :)

    Banned because your avatar is an emoticon.
  5. Lock on your stomach = nothing comes out, yet things are still going in? You either die of starvation or pop. So I take the phat out of the mess that is your innards.
  6. Potter

    Dungeoneering Wolrds

    But most of the 2000 people in that world aren't dungeoneering, themed worlds mean all the 1500 or so (epic guess in the dark) will likely all be dungeoneering. 117 is currently unthemed officially, but unofficially it's the P2P Dungeoneering world, and I don't think there is one for Freeplayers.
  7. Potter

    No Game Update Today!

    They were expecting this update? Is it really the Pest Control quest?
  8. Potter

    Will Miss It - 99 Slayer As Combat 3

    I've been SWing lately, and I don't understand how level 3's do it Do you just bury bones or something?
  9. Potter

    Trey's F2P Old School Iron Man Log

    Nice 90 att, gonna get Def and Str up there as well?
  10. Potter

    1500 Total

    It's taken some people a lot longer Congratulations!
  11. Potter

    Combat Noob In The Making

    Yay for combat noobs! Almost better than being a mining noob
  12. Potter

    Oh No, Not Another Achievement?

    No huge mass of achievements :) But way to compensate with a huge mass of photos
  13. Potter

    1500 Total

    Two impressive milesones
  14. Potter

    Just Bought This Shmexy Half Cape! :p

    What are you standing on O_o Grats! That's definitely not a purchasable cape... especially since you're not chinning
  15. Potter

    I Need 70 Attack

    Soul Wars, if you're up for a more lengthy minigame kind of thing. More XP rewards, but it takes you about 3x as long to get them. I think. You can get 2 points (420 XP) in about 2 minutes in Pest Control. So in 1 hour and 40 minutes, you can get 46,200 XP from the XP bonus. You can get 3 points (9450 XP) in about 25 minutes in Soul Wars. So in 1 hour and 40 minutes, you can get 37800 XP. OK, maybe PC is better. But once you turn in the points for a 10% bonus... well I'm still not sure it's worth the time.
  16. Potter

    Whats Good Xp?

    Probably something in the Stronghold of Security, Flesh Crawlers, Minotaurs. Alternatively, Dark Warriors, Scorpions, Elemental Wizards.
  17. Potter

    Rank Of Fastest Skillcapes

    I don't know the order, but I think some of the fastest include Firemaking, Cooking, Fletching, Prayer, Woodcutting.
  18. Random Event areas, for one thing The Temple of Light comes to mind... I'm not sure if you could skill in there though.
  19. Potter

    69 Summoning

    This is a useful calculator. Tells you how to best use your charms to maximize experience. Unfortunately, it doesn't count in cost.
  20. Potter

    Made A Good Profit!

    Good 2.1m profit, but Cannons are frowned upon I'm not saying cannons are bad, or that you shouldn't use them, but from what I hear they annoy a lot of people.
  21. Probably Excl... not that I actually know him. 32, right?
  22. Potter

    What Else For Slayer?

    Then you ought to fix this. If you can't decide on equips, get skills. But if you want equips, I'll suggest a DFS or Fury.
  23. Potter

    Dungeoneering Rewards!

    I'm not really sure which of those will be helpful. The bags are nice, but quite pointless if you're not going to be doing much mining, I think. Same goes for the necklaces and Magic. If you're not going to PvP, it won't be too helpful. From what I've heard the longbow sight is quite useless, the least desirable among people. The staffs and tomes are pretty useful. But you could just use runes. Gravite Weapons are the most useful, but the 1m GP repair price is huge, especially in F2P.
  24. Not as loaded as he would've been without throwing all that away... I mean, that's just unnecessary 13m Herblore XP is a ton. 200 million?
  25. I think that's about 793,651 Dragon bones, nowadays costing at least 4.5 billion gp.

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