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  1. Potter

    About Average For My Level?

    Stats, cash, levels all good looking. I think you could do some work on quests... Clock tower is easy! Funny how you can't play in the summer but you can during the school year ;P And I was wondering what goint meant... Almost confused it for... uh... groin
  2. Potter

    90 Slayer + 200m Xp

    Only 3 months for 10m xp? Pshaw. But dat's a nice level there.
  3. Potter

    I'm Back And Barrowing My Way To Claws!

    Most leg1t kill evar!
  4. If it were a phat, I'd quit. Probably not ragequit, more like "Self pity" quit. If it were my Tassets... I'd say Dang! and then put on Dragon Platelegs and complain about it for a few weeks.
  5. Potter

    Theoritical Question

    I like this question The only way out is world-hopping until you find one that's opened. But you're bound to find one that is opened quickly. I've seen a lot of people go through there, despite its desolateness. No Random Events, because you're in like a 2 space area and there aren't multiple repetitive things to do.
  6. Potter


    Correct. Although you could downsize to a Saradomin or Bandos Godsword, for slightly less damage, but you have money for a Blessed Spirit Shield, which will get the job done, or even a Dragonfire Shield.
  7. Potter

    Rc Level Recommendtion For.......

    I'm pretty sure Air Running is dead, or it's been said in the CC. But I think the recommended levels are 90-99, because you get 10x the Runes per Essence. At level 50, you probably wouldn't cut it as a crafter, but maybe a runner. The absolute lowest level you could make money off of crafting airs is 33, where you get 4x Runes. However, that's only if you buy Essence for minimum and sell Airs for maximum. 44 is where you make money no matter what, even if you buy Essence for max and sell Airs for minimum. Of course, level 99 will give you the highest cash yield.
  8. The fact that all the best armors are degradable. Unreasonable, but that's my pet peeve. As for the community, I've been PvPing recently and it particularly annoys me when I attack someone 8 levels higher than me and they say "Bad move."
  9. Potter

    What To Do Next Hmmm,.,.

    Yea that what i thinking about doing and i dont plan on going to P2P in the near future anyways, I just need help with choosing a skill and where to train it and stuff. I included my skill levels above You have great combat skills for a freeplayer. I would either go making money or training some of your lowest F2P skills, like Crafting.
  10. Potter

    Hilarious Fishing Accidents-

    It's from Dunngeoneering, the puzzle with the eels that you throw to the animal that you have to send on the pressure pad. Sometimes you fail to catch an eel and you get hurt. And die I laughed for a while at this one!
  11. Potter

    Crazy Party Room Drops

    I think so. That was, of course, when you could see items on the ground. But mai gawd.
  12. Potter

    Flowering The Ge

    But these last so much longer than fires! And you can get them for like 400gp from the Legends guild.
  13. Potter

    98 Fishing

    Despite the epic fishing level :), your screen is much too big
  14. Potter


    Any good drops? Very good drops. Including Death runes and Blood runes, in relatively high quantities. You're going to want to bring a full (or 24 pieces) inventory of food, they hit pretty accurately if I can remember. Just camp down there for a while. There's going to be other people there, and there are only 6-7 ankous in a room, so it can get difficult to kill one.
  15. Potter

    Cheap Mage

    For freeplayers, the only methods of training Magic include High Alching, which definitely won't fit your budget Fist of Guthix, which is free but you're right takes a while Curses, the runes are cheap but it's a relatively slow training method Enchanting jewelry, enchanting amulets might be profitable, but they are difficult to obtain. I'm sure I've missed a few. You may want to try curses, or just stick it out in Fist of Guthix.
  16. Potter

    What To Do Next Hmmm,.,.

    If you plan on getting members in the near future, you may want to do some skilling in order to get your levels up and get some money. If not, I think skilling is still the way to go.
  17. Potter

    1800 Total Level

    No Grats, those are great levels!
  18. Potter

    Does It Worth 5 Months?

    Well, he is F2P, but I see your point. If you really like Mining, then do it. It's very tedious though, much more than Fishing and Woodcutting, where you can click and wait. It'd be a lot easier if you were a member. Take Zj 522's suggestion and take this in small increments. Level 85 will take a long time, and you want to train other skills in between.
  19. Potter

    Crafting Help

    Leather Coifs to 57, Green D'hide Vambraces to 61. According to Sal's Crafting Help Guide.
  20. Potter

    Bad Luck

    My luck is bad. Out of every clue scroll I've done, the best and only thing worth mentioning that I've ever gotten was a Top Hat. My best slayer drop is a Black Mask. I usually get one when I get the task. And I got 514k off of a random Drop Party.
  21. Sickness = more time to play RS = you should have better skills 85 is pretty good though
  22. Potter

    100m Hunter Xp

    Sweet Jesus, 350m My god
  23. Potter


    Do something that engages you while playing. You don't have to just be grinding, you could play minigames. A lot of them, like Soul Wars, offer good XP for your hours spent.
  24. Potter

    Which Skill To Train To 99.....

    Woodcutting and Fishing are easy and potentially profitable 99's. And 50 fishing is an OK place to start, I mean everybody has to be level 50 at some point. I did Combat first. If you have a good supply of food, or money to pay for it, then it's pretty easy and potentially profitable.

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