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  1. supportman_master28

    Need Job

    Check on the M.Y.N section in this forum, or visit: [...] thanks, supportfth - leader of M.Y.N (merchandising your needs, or, marketing your needs, or merchanting your needs, you choose!)
  2. supportman_master28

    Need A Job

    I i'm looking for someone to help me with my Company, M.Y.N (marketing your needs)... I'm currently looking for someone to get me cowhides, I buy each 120gp, though i could raise the price depending on the number of cowhides you bring to me... Hope, you are able to help me! If you liked it, contact supportfth by the runescape private message, PM me or read M.Y.N section on this forum. Thanks, supportfth
  3. supportman_master28


    Welcome to M.Y.N Section on the forum, Here there is full list of jobs able for you at excellent salaries! Here is the list of jobs up to now: JOBS: + Mining ++None - Sorry! We’ll have on the future! + Fishing ++None - Sorry! We’ll have on the future! + Mining ++IRON-INER Description: Our second job in the history of M.Y.N: Iron-iner. You mine iron, store it in your bank, and next time any of the collectors log in, you contact them, and ask them where they can meet, in order for you to sell to them, and recieve your price. Salary: The salary of this job is 110gp for each iron ore you give, but may vary, depending on the amount given and the attendance. ++COALER Description: Mine coal, strore it, and when a collector logs in, sell it to him. Salary: We buy each coal for 185gp each, but price may vary depending on the amount given and also the attendance. + Smithing ++None - Sorry! We’ll have on the future! + Prayer ++None - Sorry! We’ll have on the future! + Others ++ COW-HIDER Description: Well, this job is simple, and VERY WELL PAID for what it seemes. You just need to get cowhides and store them on your bank account or wherever you want. And next time I log in, you send me a message telling me were you would like to meet (Read Trading Place Policy First!), we meet there, and trade! Salary: 120gp each cowhide. But prices may vary depending on your frequency to give cowhides and the amount in each lot. Any dobuts concerning any issue please check first our website *snip* Thanks, Supportfth - No i won't reveal my real name...
  4. supportman_master28

    Need A Job!

    I i'm looking for someone to help me with my Company, M.Y.N (marketing your needs)... I'm currently looking for someone to get me cowhides, I buy each 120gp, though i could raise the price depending on the number of cowhides you bring to me... Hope, you are able to help me! If you liked it, contact supportfth by the runescape private message, PM me or read M.Y.N section on this forum. Thanks, supportfth
  5. supportman_master28


    Sals name – supportman_master28 Runescape name – supportfth Mining level – 48 Smithing level – 37 Miner or smither or both – Miner, preferably... Notes: I mine coal, so, i would like 2 know how much you buy each ore... anyways... if it is under 183gp each, i don't apply (184gp, i just simply kill you -sarcasticaly- )
  6. supportman_master28

    Mafia Army

    Hello people, I just want to make a little actualization: 1) If you want to have a higher rank in the clan, you should contribute and participate of events... Now let's see the privileges: Recruits - Participate of events when available, no clan betraying and information of clan seller Corporal - No need to participate when available, no clan betraying , no information of clan seller Leiutant (or however it's written) - Available to take orders when generals and captains are not able, privilage to have a bounty group selected by the generals... no need to participate of all clan events, but at least partcipate some times.. when participate please give orders on your group. no clan betraying, no information of clan seller. Captain - Have a Elit or and Alfa group of clans, have an special bouty group and an extra group if needed... sometimes even salary... No information of clan seller, no clan betraying. General - Have how many groups as wanted give orders on the Army, and on other participants of Mafia Army... sometimes salary(counts as 99.9999999999999999999999% of times), and controls and can kick people out of the chat. Generals are trustable people for me and if they ask me to permanently ban someone of the clan, I maybe ban. Thanks, Supportfth P.s.: Keep on watching to see the most wanted list with prices $$$ easy money man! $$$
  7. supportman_master28

    Mafia Army

    OK you can join my clan, no problem, check this topic the times you can to see new updates P.S.: YOu will be corporal.
  8. supportman_master28

    Mafia Army

    Hi people, Mafia Army is an RS clan, mainly F2P but open to P2P also. If you're interested to join and see what YOU CAN WIN BY DOING THAT continue reading. HISTORY This clan has started a long time ago with many recruits and diffewrent names such as Prayers, Gods Guard, Defenders, Evil Corp. and tons of others. When we finally reached to our standard name, Mafia Army, our recruits had alredy benn retired because of problems, they found another clan, they had enough money to go to theirselfs and battle on wild. By many time then, the clan stayed "petrified" and no moves where done. Till' the clan chat began, the confusion of the clan lowered, we managed to get some recruits and others, but still it wasn't enough. Till' one day, incedibly it's Chrismas of 2007, I started a topic in Sal's.. yeah it's here... now you know more or less what happened and you'll see what WILL HAPPEN by then. RECRUTING BY MONEY? Yes you're right, we are recruting by money, now lets see the price list.... Level 15 - 30: We pay, 200gp to enter. Minimum 100gp per battle won. Level 31 - 50: We pay 1500gp to enter.Minimum 300gp by battle won. Level 51 - 80: We pay 2500 gp to enter. Minimum 700gp by battle won. Level 81 - 100: We pay 4000gp to enter. Minimum 200gp by battle won. Level 101+ : We give a special price... really special... HQ The Head quarters of the clan is on the 3rd floor of the Varrock castle, where the guy training the guards is. We meet there in world 29 when I log in. See this page for further details. Thanks! Supportfth, Creator of Mafia Army
  9. supportman_master28

    Gods Guard

    Hi! I'm supportfth, chief of the Gods Gurd Clan. This is a new clan so if you are the firsts one to get in it you will be considered special. To enter complete the form: Combat Type: Combat Lvl.: Time zone (as -3 GMT) : How often you log in: And thats it.... We are currently working on a page: www.freewebs.com/lucasfth
  10. supportman_master28

    Please Close

    Cool! May I join your clan? Thx, Supportfth
  11. supportman_master28

    Clan Wars

    I'll see if I can participate next friday... Thx, Supportfth
  12. supportman_master28

    The Noob Wars

    Very cool indeed! Hope you make number 2...
  13. supportman_master28

    Reviving Runescape

    I think that RuneScape is not dying, just getting "badly hurt"... What happenes is that as the wilderness is getting worse for PKers, the game is getting fair. The consept of runescape is killing. I think Jagex needs to choose between 3 things to do: - No more Wild (NOOOOOO!!!) - Expand a lot bank account and prohibe getting dropped items. - Expand a lot bank account and prohibe high item dropping. - No more trade. (Also...NBOOOOOOOO!!!)
  14. supportman_master28

    Trade And Drop Changes

    I really thing in someway this was fair. Jagex spended lots of time making the game fair for everyone. If they didn't act, the game would get really un-fair. Guys, but now: What will Jagex starts fighting against? I think that will be auto-bots... and you?
  15. supportman_master28

    Ankou Summon Fake

    Incredible! It seems really true!

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