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    gettin paid and gettin laid

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  1. bros before hoes


    My investment technique involves betting my life savings on the over in the Bills vs. Chiefs game this weekend. I also own a house, which has appreciated in value ~15% since I purchased last year. I like to trade stocks as a hobby, but I wouldn’t call that an investment. I have a 401k through my job. I really think the best thing you can do in your 20s is invest in real property as soon as possible. Buy a 3br 2ba house, rent out the room, and pay off as much of the principal as possible in 2-3 years. As soon as you have enough equity in the house cash-out refinance it and roll that money into a second property that you rent out. Lather, rinse, repeat. If it’s something you’re interested in and you actually put the time in to learn how the industry works, flipping houses can make you a lot of capital. I have a friend who pulls in well over a million a year flipping houses as his side job. It takes a lot of capital to get into on the front end and there are too many traps people fall into when they first get started, but if you take the time to learn and to shadow and learn from someone who knows what they are doing, it’s a great way to build wealth.
  2. bros before hoes

    The last person to post here wins

    think again loser
  3. bros before hoes

    The return of El Benno11

    What’s the clan chat for the OSRS group? I don’t seriously play anymore but sometimes I jump on just to fudge around.
  4. bros before hoes

    Thoughts on Monarchies in the 21st Century?

    I like monarchies because if you are a member of the ruling family you get to be a pedophile with no consequences.
  5. bros before hoes

    The last person to post here wins

    Finally you have come around
  6. bros before hoes

    The return of El Benno11

    GIM seems fun. idk if i have the time to play these days.
  7. bros before hoes

    football is back

    I’m a combined 2-4 in fantasy so far. Not feeling great about 2/3 teams.
  8. bros before hoes

    The last person to post here wins

    I don’t envy you.
  9. bros before hoes

    The last person to post here wins

    what kind of job do you have
  10. bros before hoes

    football is back

    nfl sunday is back and football is back. next up is sals is back (jk lol). how did ur fav team do nfl week 1?
  11. bros before hoes

    The last person to post here wins

    ever day u r alive is a day 2 celebrate
  12. bros before hoes

    hi everyone

  13. bros before hoes

    Yuanrang is admin

    so u admit I am ur enemy

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