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  1. bros before hoes


  2. bros before hoes

    a fun thought experiment

    how about is water wet or does water make things wet
  3. bros before hoes


    I hope we get a World Cup playoff
  4. bros before hoes

    anyone have any knowledge of old jeeps

    my wife told me I can buy an old cj5 or cj7 so I'm looking into them right now but I don't know anything about how cars work I just want to look cool
  5. bros before hoes

    business is booming

    the coronavirus impregnanted my wife
  6. bros before hoes


    cool pic thanks for sharing
  7. bros before hoes

    "Sal's, Sal's never changes...

  8. bros before hoes


    it was June so probably
  9. bros before hoes

    business is booming

    I think one of the symptoms of tom hanks disease is an uncontrollable foaming of the mouth
  10. bros before hoes


    i've had a physical
  11. bros before hoes

    free stonk

    I want shame
  12. bros before hoes

    The last person to post here wins

    you guys want free stonk on robinhood app just message me and I will get free stonk too
  13. bros before hoes

    free stonk

    anyone want some free stonk on robinhood app use my code so I get free stonk https://join.robinhood.com/johnb14975p I don't really care if you get free stonk I just want more free stonk yeah I know robinhood is for noobs I got another real investment account for serious investments this one is for dicking around
  14. is this a bad time to ask for bat soup recipes?

  15. bros before hoes

    Best Edition of RuneScape?

    Nothing will beat RS back in its glory days, but OSRS is almost just as fun. The only thing OSRS lacks is the mystery of the game I felt back when I was a stupid 14 year old.

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