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  1. Congrats to HODL for being the final GotW
  2. Maybe we’re just trying too hard when really it’s closer than it is too far
  3. has anyone considered that sal could be hunter binden
  4. The mighty dragon Elvarg has been defeated. Praise be to Saradomin!
  5. If the town wins, Dwar is unbanned. If the Mafia wins, then Dwar is publicly executed. Results announced in 2033.
  6. Let’s all just start a new game of mafia that lasts 10 years
  7. I get Yuan’s point that rules are rules and rules have consequences. But, this is a relatively dead forum. I don’t see the practical point in preventing previously banned people who want to participate in the forum in 2023 from participating in order to protect the feelings of a member or members who might have been trolled or bullied a decade plus ago if that member or those members aren’t active on the forum in 2023. I have no idea why Dwar was banned and I really don’t care. I’d just like to think everyone who used this forum a decade plus ago are now adults and have grown into completely different people than they were when they were still kids (this statement excludes @Aabid who is now 14). Continuing to punish people for their actions from 10+ years ago on a forum that has little to no activity just seems unnecessarily harsh and a little silly. edit: I’d also like to point out I agree with Adam’s point about the total warm count. I have 8 warns that increased my warn count. Only reason I am not banned from the forums is because I behaved for a few weeks AND asked a mod to reduce my warns. Is there any point in time that Dwar behaved and could have had his total earns reduced but the only reason why that didn’t happen is because he did not request it from a mod? And, if the answer is yes (or even maybe), why is his failure to ask for a warn reduction 10+ years ago now being held against him in 2023 when he wants to be part of the community again?
  8. especially aggravated public intoxication
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