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  1. is this a bad time to ask for bat soup recipes?

  2. I just tried to post a status update on my computer and got IP banned. Why would that happen? 

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    2. bros before hoes

      bros before hoes

      so I should just cry then

    3. Egghebrecht


      well it's your party so you can cry if you want to...

    4. Lonelywolf


      no dont cry my chile!

  3. howdy pilgrim

    1. Sobend


      April showers bring may flowers, may flowers bring pilgrims

    2. Shooter585
  4. cuban cigarz

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    2. Arianna


      Irgendwann fällt jede Mauer (cit.) :)

    3. Egghebrecht


      fudge cigars, gimmme the rum

    4. Egghebrecht


      oh wait, I still have superb Cuban rum at home :p

  5. i think about it every night and day, i spread my wings and fly away

  6. shouldn't there be a password to get out of siberia, not in?

    1. Conspicuous


      if only it was that easy

    2. bros before hoes
  7. oooooooo i just cant wait to be king

  8. rules are meant to be broke

    1. Bwauder


      condoms are made to be broken

    2. O hai im KAMIL

      O hai im KAMIL

      bros are meant to be hoes

    3. Lonelywolf


      rukles res tine

  9. hi sal!!!!!!

    1. Salmoneus


      ohai bros before hoes!! how are you?

    2. bros before hoes

      bros before hoes

      i am good. how are you sal

  10. squawkin at hunnies USA

  11. i am scared of spiders

    1. Uther
    2. -Leaf-


      spiders are scared of me

  12. fudge swell people


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