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  1. P Y R E

    Saturday, 28th April 2012...

    Something to do with the Squeal of Fortune.
  2. P Y R E

    Predict this year's updates!~

    Here. 1. FPS update which increase FPS to 30+ and eliminates all RS lag in the universe 2. Bot Nuke 3. Graphic updates 4. RS3/4
  3. P Y R E

    Predict this year's updates!~

    3 words. Flash Powder Factory. "Sometimes they might nerf something illogically..." That actually sounds like a good idea.
  4. P Y R E

    Predict this year's updates!~

    ^Not necessarily. They've done it, but they don't tend to do it all the time. Even if something isn't broken, they're improving it, they're not necessarily fixing it (like the armour graphical update). Sometimes they might nerf something illogically, but otherwise they release things that the majority of players enjoy. Often people like to bring out all the negatives..
  5. P Y R E

    Predict this year's updates!~

    Why do people insist on coming up with these.. [1] Prifddinas [2] Eastern Lands [3] 1 or 2 new Dragon items (most likely Crossbow and Warhammer) [4] BH Minigame and a couple more Wilderness/PKing updates [5] First Dragonkin quest [6] Adamant Dragons I would L O V E addy dragons. Especialy for slayer! Adamant dragons would be coolio, but what could they possibly drop? Maybe the dragon warhammer or crossbow? Everything else you had is probably 90% spot-on :-)
  6. P Y R E

    Predict this year's updates!~

    lol Jagex doesn't ALWAYS use Jagex logic.. But wow, that was depressing to imagine happening. xD
  7. P Y R E

    Predict this year's updates!~

    I hope weapons do get updated, because they look slightly odd compared to the new armour graphics. Same with all the skillcapes--the skills menu got updated with all the new skill logos, but the skillcapes remain quite outdated-looking. Also hoping for Player-Owned Ports this year!
  8. P Y R E

    Weekly Update Teaser Images!

    Aww, content I'll probably never use, but this is definitely cool-lookin'. :D
  9. This is a pretty broad topic, so I apologise if this is in the wrong forum. Aaand I haven't seen any threads like this around; all of them are mostly really specific. So... what are your speculations as to the updates that might surface within the next year? Or in the following years? From what I've seen, Jagex doesn't give too much away about the far future, but sometimes they'll drop a hint for a few months ahead... it might be in the Behind the Scenes, or we hear about it in RuneFest. From rumours or what you see in-game, what should we expect to see changes in? Maybe a certain skill is lacking in content? Your armour looks ugly? You were left at a quest cliffhanger? Maybe I'll edit this post and add some plausible predictions for 2012 and future years, just so nobody repeats anything... Post away.
  10. I think this was a great update, but a lot of it should have taken more thought from Jagex. - For example, black has the potential to look more epic than Torva..... whaaatttttttt... - People wearing Torva look more feminine around the waist area. - Void shouldn't be purple, it looks too much like Zaros armour now. - Anti-dragon shield and DFS look too much the same. I also doubt anyone likes the new DFS more than the old one. - Rune god armour shields look too over-the-top, but I can get used to that. - Berserker shields look SOOOOOOOO much worse.. seriously, why... I liked my zerker shields.. (haven't seen spikeshields yet) - AND THEY DIDN'T CHANGE TOKHAAR-KAL! LOL All my own opinion, but I'm sure a lot of people agree with me. But overall in this update, I think most things got the update they deserves.
  11. I hate that cape. I know I'm just another raging level 109 who can't even come close to doing the minigame, but come on... it looks hideous. It's supposed to be a level up from the fire cape, and it doesn't even compare to how great that looks. Doesn't at all motivate me to play the minigame :-( On a positive note, the new quest was fun. Probably the most challenging quest I've done, since I'm not so much a hard combat guy. Redone TzHaar City looks beautiful, and the storyline was magnificent. Thumbs up, just REALLY hope that cape is changed. Like I think it looks pretty cool, but I think the model for the current cape would look better for a lower-level cape..
  12. P Y R E

    Expand The World.

    The F2P areas are compacted purposely.. otherwise, everything is spread out pretty good to me. If anything, too much spread, since there's so much walking to do :D Thank Jagex for teleports? The world WILL be expanded more when/if Eastern Lands come out :(
  13. Haha, so many people who dislike the update! I didn't think it was that bad.. o.O
  14. P Y R E

    Behind The Scenes – January

    I'm glad they changed the Firemaking requirement. In my opinion, quests shouldn't exceed the 70s in terms of a skill level. I think that only ADDITIONAL quest rewards should be unlocked for a further requirement, which is just like they did. And I'm really excited for those new armour updates! :( I really hope that some of the armour, maybe steel to rune, is covering the full arm, because bronze and iron aren't D: Maybe next month it will be released? They DID release the designs in October..
  15. P Y R E

    A Very Barrows New Year!

    I think the update was great. I think Jagex could have tweaked a few things to make each set look a little more distinguished. A lot of them are hard to tell which is which. I haven't worn them all, but Torag's look a lot better imo, and Verac's looks pretty awesome. I've heard many complaints on Karil and Ahrim. Awaiting an update to the barrows gloves :( Also... did they actually update Akrisae? xD I wish there was some way to keep BOTH old and new sets, somehow... I like them equally.

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