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  1. Jure

    Jure's Old School

    I have no idea about those rankings. I've been doing quests all week. Just today I got last level (71 woodcutting) for the final quest, afterwards I went to Fight Caves. Fire cape was on wishlisht with the incoming combat training. I got it in 2nd attempt in 60:12. 1st attempt was also pretty good, but those healers confused me a bit at first and Jad blew a KO on me. Do want to do hard diaries next. :)
  2. Jure

    PC Gaming Club

    Anyone else got worried of recent Steam hiccup? I've experienced it myself and boy, it sure wasn't pretty what kind of information you were exposed to.
  3. Jure

    Jure's Old School

    Some news on my progress. I've been ranging quite a bit in the past few months. Probably the only thing I've actually done. My goal was to get 2 Ranger Boots from clues - 1 for keeping and 1 to sell. I've managed to obtain 2 pairs alongside other goodies. Here are the in-depth details: - 40-90 Ranged done only killing guards in Falador - 561 Medium Clues Completed (#246 & #341) - 2x Ranger Boots - 2x Holy Sandals - 5x Wizard Boots - Every (t) and (g) set (legs and skirt) - Every god page (multiple sets) I'll be doing some questing now.
  4. While I do like to add more players to the list, there is a small requirement of 30 posts here on forums. This encourages new people to get active here, which is not a bad thing.
  5. Jure

    Behold! It is I

    A brand new member, well that is rare to see these days!
  6. I'm still quite active. I sink a few hours a day into it if I'm not doing anything else
  7. Jure

    PC Gaming Club

    It seems that our Fallout 4 boys got stuck in wasteland, they haven't returned yet. I expected serious discussion after the release. :P
  8. Jure

    #23 - Smith - #150th to max

    In such a short time, that's beastly! You remind me of Candi, she was also super determined back in the days. Too bad that you've had no real competition on here. Congrats again, now slow down already! :P
  9. Jure

    PC Gaming Club

    Am I the only one, who is not on the Fallout 4 hype train?
  10. What a joy was to read about our forum history. I really do miss some of those people we used to have back then.
  11. Jure

    Anyone remember me? 10yrs apparently haha

    Hey there, I remember you very well from back in the day. I can especially remember that avatar like Shooter mentioned. :)
  12. Jure

    My First (real) Achievement!

    Congrats! Some tedious work done right there.
  13. Jure

    halp with new laptop

    Well, most of those stuff installed is not necessary for everyday operation and is just the extra stuff. Of course, everything seems to be included on laptops from the begining. I would just get rid all of them. You can choose what graphics chip to use in NVIDIA Control Panel, maybe that will solve those graphics issues you have. For sound releated issues, I would try uninstalling the audio drivers and reinstalling them with the latest.
  14. Jure

    My New PC

    I've build pretty much the same PC few months ago, just with better memory, SSD and motherboard. I'm really satisfied with it. This should last us a few years. :)

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