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  1. Blyaunte

    Divorce Laws

    Personal insults only indicate when someone is dying in an argument. Keep em comin'. As stated by Fatia, I am suggesting that these laws are set up unfairly to the "breadwinner". You seem to claim it's fair and reasonable that, because these men/women didn't want to begin their marriage with a huge showcase of distrust, they deserve to lose half their hard-earned fortunes upon divorce. Really? Say that aloud and tell me if it doesn't sound flawed coming out. Also, check out the case of boxer Shane Mosley: He didn't even get to keep his championship belts. Maintaining the lion's share of their possessions? He lost the belts he earned taking punches to the face and beating other guys up. I don't know how his wife earned those but I guess according to you it's fair and reasonable. It's practically theft by law. Completely and utterly ridiculous. Your argument still exists on top the basis of "that's what the law says" which is incredibly weak. Are you trying to argue that, prior to their marriages, none of these men received legal advice relating to the risks that they faced as a result of a potential marital break up? Are you insinuating that these guys walked into their marriages without any idea of what the possible risks might have been if, as and when they got caught cheating on their wives? Really? Get real. And what you continually fail to realize is that these were all settlements/judgments made within the context of the law, but none were made in strict accordance thereto. They are either contractual arrangements made between the parties or, as the case may be, a judge's order that set a base value for settlement. In all cases, the wronged spouses were entitled to an equalization under the law -- which would have resulted in them receiving significant MORE than what they settled for -- but none of the spouses referred to in the OP actually received an equalization and what, in fact, they actually received was only a fraction to which they are entitled to under the law. It's only theft if you're either stupid and/or ignorant of the law and what the other party is entitled to receive, should you cause or otherwise endure marital failure.
  2. Blyaunte

    Divorce Laws

    In the extreme cases, which my argument is about, yes. I don't think Tiger Wood's ex-wife did anything to improve his golf game, nor did Kobe's wife with basketball. They worked hard, practiced hard, and it paid off for them. Sure, they weren't looking after the kids, but neither were the wives really. The idea of a stay at home wife is a tough one; cooking, cleaning, etc, it can be exhausting. I'm not questioning that, or arguing against it. However, if you believe that's what these women are doing daily, you're mistaken. Your first sentence: Yes, I know, that's exactly what I what to be justified. Stop repeating it to me. The rest: If that's true, the law is wrong. In these extreme cases, the two are not equal contributors, especially since the "efforts" put forth by the non-professional or famous spouse, are subjective and not easily recorded; nobody can rate how stressful each day was because of certain events, and the descriptions could be altered. In simpler terms, the athletes can show how hard they are working, the spouses can really only testify to their stressful days. In law, it comes down to hard evidence, which should side with the pro/famous person. While the woman, OR MAN, that stays at home does contribute to the wealth in some, insignificant way, it certainly does not entitle them to half the wealth accumulated during the span of their marriage. I accept that some compensation or settlement should be reached, but nothing remotely close to 50%. This is where it gets tricky, as determining the correct amount is difficult, but that would be dealt with through discussions outside of a courtroom. As far as her/his career opportunities wasted after marrying the professional, I would assume they consider that heavily when deciding whether to marry this person. Actually, and call me shallow, I bet it's a light thought in their head when they really consider the financial aspects of it all. Not saying all women and men, not at all, but that "dream" they had of an aspiring career in whatever field, can be forgotten relatively quickly aboard a yacht with a 2000$ glass of champagne in hand. Also, quit with the male gender references; I'm not singling out women, I specifically have stated twice that it occurs with both women and men. As I’ve already indicated, the Law is set up such that it covers everyone -- so that everyone is treated equally under the Law. In effect, what you’re trying to argue here is that, because someone is rich, then they should be granted an exception under the Law – which is nonsense, for one, and unreasonable for another. There aren't different laws for rich people and other laws for poor people when it comes to Family Law. In effect, what you're advocating is that the wealthy should have some form of special privilege which entitles them to better treatment than everyone else. I guess this demonstrates on which side of the "one percent" you think you belong. :lol: The fact is, and remains, that these people have the resources to protect themselves and the option of contracting out of the Law in terms which they can mutually agree to as being fair and reasonable, and should have done so prior to commencing their respective marriages – barring that, then they are subject to the terms of the Law or to the terms of a settlement, as they may be able to make, or as is determined fair and reasonable, under a Court of Law -- after their marriages broke up. Neither ignorance of the Law, nor blatant stupidity, is a defense in this, or any other, case. Again, it's not stupid. It's fair and reasonable. Despite what you may think, the terms of the settlements as set out in your original post are fair and reasonable. Furthermore, they don’t even represent an equalization as between the parties. The amounts paid out under the terms of these settlements merely represent payments being made for the well-being of their former spouses and children, at minimum -- meanwhile, all of these men maintained the lion's share of their respective assets. None of these guys are begging on street corners. None of these guys are now broke or poorer than their former wives and children. Ergo - the settlements are fair and reasonable.
  3. Blyaunte

    Lost sight of my goals...

    That's up to him to determine. I'm merely offering a suggestion. Does the 120 cape come in an "untrimmed" version? :lol:
  4. Blyaunte

    Skills 99 for All Skills?

    This conversation teeters on the fun vs. efficiency debate. Frankly, if you want to max out a skill, it is best to learn the most efficient way to do it. However, most of the more efficient ways also cost huge amounts of cash, which is why so many maxed players do a lot of "bossing", in order to make the big money necessary to buy certain skills. For example, one of the more efficient ways to train magic, smithing and mining all at the same time, is to mine gold deposits in the Living Rock Caverns, and use "Superheating" to turn the gold ore into bars. The simply drop the bars. You can bank them and sell them later, but that is not as efficient. Your cost in this method is mainly for the nature runes to do the superheating. Still, there are some ways in which you can max an account, being reasonably efficient, without blowing huge amounts of cash. And there are ways to make decent cash without bossing. In any event, good luck. If you want advice on how to max specific sills, feel free to look me up in game or ask herein. :)
  5. Blyaunte

    Lost sight of my goals...

    I am skeptical that PKing is going to be much of a "thing" -- although I do see some possibilities for it with "ironman" and what-not. Still, the community is simply not in the same place as it was when PKing was "the thing". I used to be a PKer back in the day and like so many people I know from that era, we've all moved on to other things. If slayer is the thing for this account, why not go for a "120" slayer cape?
  6. Blyaunte

    Divorce Laws

    So - let me get this straight. You're assuming that, because one said individual is worth "x" dollars, that they managed to obtain said wealth completely and utterly without the assistance of their respective spouse during the term of their marriage? Is this what you're saying? Because if it is, then you've clearly missed the point. The law (generally speaking) states that any wealth accumulated during the marriage is subject to an equalization between the spouses. As such, the law assumes that each spouse is an equal contributor to the wealth that is therefor accumulated. There are a lot of mitigating circumstances that come into play under such considerations. Simply because Mr. Pro Athlete makes "x" dollars a year while his Susie Homemaker wife stays home, doesn't mean that she doesn't provide some form of contribution to their wealth. She stays home, sure, but she also has to endure his schedule, his time away from home, his other considerations -- all of which disrupt what one takes for granted in an otherwise normal household. In addition to that, she has to pretty much give up any of her own aspirations as to any idea of a career, in order that he can sally forth and do whatever it is he does to make money. If you think staying home and looking after your bratty ass is a walk in the park versus going out and hanging with your buddies playing golf or basketball every day, then you should spend a few days sitting at home looking after the kids, and tell me which is more fun. Furthermore -- knowing that the Law is going to demand an "equalization" -- it is up to the party that makes the money to ensure that he/she is protected from it. That is why, if you make big cash, then you hire a big lawyer to help you protect it. Did their spouse hold a gun to their head and make them get married? Hell no. If they entered into a marriage without a pre-nup agreement to protect them, then they get what they deserve, i.e. an equalization under the Law. Honestly -- do you think the settlements referred to in your original post represent an "equalization" between them and their spouses? Not likely. The assets turned over by Tiger, Kobe et al, was merely a settlement amount which represents little more than a small percentage of the money they had in their own name(s). Contrary to what is being expressed by you and others (which from some is practically bordering on misogyny) herein, the Law isn't stupid. It's there to protect everyone -- not just athletes, movie stars and music idols. There are people living ordinary lives who need these laws to be in place in order to ensure that dead beat spouses don't run off and leave their former spouses holding the bag.
  7. Blyaunte

    Divorce Laws

    Typical male bias. You assume that because some men have been “inconvenienced” by being made to pay money to their wives during a divorce proceeding, you think divorce laws are biased against men. Actually – divorce laws aren’t biased against “men” at all. They set to ensure that, when a couple separates, their assets are divided against them in terms which are are equal as possible, or as they may agree between them. Failing that, it is up to the Courts to decide such division. Under the terms of most Family Law legislation pretty much anywhere common law is employed, at the time of separation each spouse provides financial details of their respective assets and earnings for the period during the duration of their marriage, and then those assets earned during the time of their marriage are divided between them on a 50-50 split. If one spouse has more assets in his/her name, then the other spouse is entitled to an equalization that brings them to an even standing. Under the terms of a pre-nuptial agreement, you can wrangle that percentage to something less than 50% and/or you can agree that specific assets are not to be considered “shared” property but, for the most part the standard procedure it to determine that there is an equal split in the assets between the spouses at separation. In other words, if a spouse – husband or wife -- has more assets and makes more money than the other spouse, then THAT spouse must pay the other spouse an equalization payment. Oh -- and don't start with this misogynistic nonsense that the "bread-winner" deserves the bigger slice of pie. The spouse who ends up looking after them has to make sacrifices in order to continue looking after them and there is, and should be, compensation for that. In the cases the O/P cited, those guys' wives had career arcs that they gave up in order to be the stay at home wife to look after their children, etc. They gave up income, careers and opportunities for advancement in order that their husbands could sally forth and play around all day long. Not to mention that had those men stayed home and their wives worked, they too would have been entitled to the same distribution of assets under the law.
  8. FYI - for future reference, you can still assist someone even if you have already completed the quest. Sadly, the same cannot be said for the Shield of Arrav ...
  9. Blyaunte

    Oh boy.

    Well – it looks like I’d better hold off selling my weekly collection of herbs, coconuts, mushrooms and what-nots until October 29th or so … ^_^
  10. Blyaunte


    Personally, I've had the misfortune of having to deal with the propagators of SwiftKit over on Tip.It -- and I wouldn't trust any of them as far as I could throw them. <which wouldn't be very far> Just sayin'
  11. Blyaunte

    07 vs EOC

    Holy crap it's you! HALLO Yes, it's me. :P As far as farming goes, it's not expensive to train and you always make money on it - as herbs always pay for themselves. Besides, it's a great afk skill, as you can plop down your herbs and do something else (like Slayer) for 70 minutes while they grow. Use loyalty points for a greenfingers aura - it protects crops and gives bonuses to boot.
  12. Blyaunte

    07 vs EOC

    As far as it goes, if, as or when you start playing P2P, then take up farming immediately. Farming herbs and fruit from fruit trees is a cash cow ...
  13. Blyaunte


    Not to mention that one can always circumvent the censor by merely typing a [`] (without the brackets) before practically ANY word in the game ...
  14. Blyaunte

    The Triumvirate Thread

    Is it just me, or is this sounding more like Hogwarts and House Points?
  15. Blyaunte

    99 Mage

    Yeah - my bad - this is what happens when you try to post screenies and play at the same time ...

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