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    Ming Der's Awesome Log!

    keep going with the goals ming.and nice work on the ones achieved wish me luck on my skills to plz-nick
  2. nonickname

    Nonickname20's Log Of Skills!

    reserved for future logging,POST AWAY -nonickname20
  3. nonickname

    Nonickname20's Log Of Skills!

    still under construction,but you may post now Welcome to Nonickname20's Super Log of Skills! About MeI'm from western australia,and im 13 years old.My hobbies include hockey,swimming,karate (wado ryu for anybody who's interested),bmx'ing,mountain biking and runescape.I also like to hang out with my friends. starting levelsattack:76 strength:76 defence:80<----super defence noobiness ftw? ranged:71 magic:65 prayer:50 runecrafting:47 construction:45 hitpoints:79 agility:36 herblore:27 thieving:37 crafting:46 fletching:70 slayer:50 hunter:26 mining:52 smithing:44 fishing:60 cooking:70 firemaking:54 woodcutting:75 farming:28 total level:1264 Ok,from that im guessing you can tell what skills im not focusing on?good,ok. my goalsall skills 70+ (except for the ones you can see im not focusing on)<-----8/19 skills 70+ 80 attack,strength,defence and hitpoints<-----defence completed full void knight<-------completed void knight range helm<-----completed void knight mage helm<-----completed void knight mellee helm fire cape 75 range full guthans<---completed,but sold fury amulet<----completed abbysal whip<----completed dragon platelegs<---completed fighter torso<---completed dragon boots<---completed obsidian cape<---completed newscurrently: firemaking in the rogues den recently:(in no particular order) bought 7050 willow logs to get 70 firemaking bought fury amulet obtained 70 cooking bought another abbysal whip<---dharok is "borrowing" my last one bought dragon boots<-------------prime is "borrowing" them,thanks lurer(he died to) bought obsidian cape<-------------prime is also "borrowing" these boguht dragon platelegs sold guthans obtained 70 fletching karil crossbow from barrows<----on a break from barrows,dry streak obtained 50 prayer completed kings ransom and knight's waves completed one small favour obtained 80 defence bought full guthans supporters:-nonickname20<----gotta believe in yourself - - - - - - - - - - donations:I do not ask for donations,and i am by no means struggling.but if you would like to donate a small amount of resources eg.bones or essence i would greatfully accept. donations: - - - Also if you are in need some help,or rescources or something for your own log pm me and ill see if i can help donations to other people/logs: -ming der<----i donated 1000 willows - - - things i like doing in runescape:-runecrafting -attending house parties -firemaking -fletching -cooking -fishing -hanging out with friends -chatting -holding parties Frequently asked questions: Q:4r3 j00 a |\!003? translated:are you a noob A:yes Q:free stuff please? A:if you have a valid reason,then sure P.S:if i hear one word in it saying "hacked" "lured" "scammed" then it will be "free stuff please" denied immediately. Q:how do you make your money? A:runecrafting mainly,some combat as well. Q:wtf noob runescape is for nerds11!1!1!!!!!!11!111!!!!one A:and your on a runescape forum posting in a runescape thread? Q:will u be my friend? A:yes other logs that rule: things that i hate in runescape:-duel arena update -essence update -beggars -scammers -lurers -hackers -autoers -chickens -random events -dharok the wretched<----current losses to him:970k -runecrafter pkers -flamers -the guy that sends you to get mahogany in one small favour (yanni salika i think)<---ungrateful little toerag
  4. nonickname

    Ming Der's Awesome Log!

    good luck with the goals ming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ill bump all the way. and another snowball event pl0x?when ur not to busy and ill donate another 100k if i get guthans.
  5. nonickname

    Duel Arena Tournaments And Changes

    this new update is a good concept,but needs a massive amount of modifying. why? well for a start its simply more luck,no fairness at all. why?well fight 1 im against a 88,i won easily.2nd fight im against a 112,another win,fair much? and then i get a nice old fight with a 126 who 2 hitted me with bgs.how fair. another tournament,this time with less rules.first match i get a lvl 112 ice barrage farcaster using sharks.yay.waste of 12k. joy. so they need to make it that you fight your own levels (unless theres noone else left.),and also players should be able to hold their own tournaments,with a system similar to ba. though i did win a large no rule tourey,84k win =)
  6. also a few little things id like to say: grats to mackeh on 81 defence, he lvled it on me in the combat ring. :) grats to me on lasting the longest on the kq suicide trip! i looted ur salmons and trouts whoever died!,and i brung ur bones back and put them to rest in falador. on the barrows suicide trip i got dharok as tunnel so i just went and fought karil no pray. sorry bout having to leave at the end of snowball party,had to have dinner. it was a great pARTy mackeh when can we do it again? then there was ming.who was happy to bring full d'hide gold and full wizzy gold and some rune into the wild and skull.
  7. nonickname

    Free Kills?

    he doesnt want to steal your account, he wants to fight you at the duel arena so he can train. you will have a hard time hitting through a high levels defence.
  8. message from ming der! snowball fight starts in 12 hours! just a bit of a countdown, he asked me to do this.
  9. sals name:nonickname20 rs name:nonickname20 combat lvl:90 team:any leader:if you dont have one role: fighter,will be a guard if nessecary
  10. nonickname

    Nonickname20's Ranged Reviews

    heres a basic reviews on range weapons and armours. starting with the: magic shortbow requirements: level 50 ranged 1h/2h:2h speed:fast street cost:1000-2000 coins gp. rarity:common appearance:aqua coloured shortbow average hit @ 55 ranged:(gnome guards,31 hp) 2.583 r 4.428 3.1 3.1 3.1 average=3.2622 high alchemy:960 coins low alchemy:640 COINS special attack: yes, snap shot: two arrows fired in quick succesion. = (uses 55% of bar) ammo: bronze to rune arrows ranged bonus: +69 tradeable:yes quest item:no fletching xp:83.3 for cut, 83.3 for string drop/destroy:drop reccomended ammo:iron arrows, unpoisoned. if powerranging ( not collecting arrows)-bronze,unpoisoned. for staking:rune arrows, super poisoned reccomended to train on: level 53 ogres, lathas training camp,60 hp level 86 fire giants,waterfall dungeon,111 hp level 13 rock crabs, relleka,51 hp rating: speed:4/5 cost/availablity:5/5 ammo range: 5/5 looks:2/5 hit:3/5 accuracy:5/5 overall:4/5
  11. well this will go from the easiest method to the hardest. starting with: begginers guide arrow shafts: requirements: lvl 1 fletching lvl 1 woodcutting (the higher the better) items: knife woodcutting axe, the higher the better method: go to draynor mansion, or lumbridge forest (follow the bots) and chop and inventory of PLAIN LOGS. cut them into arrow shafts. they are stackable so no banking is required.you will make 15 arrow shafts a log and these can be sold for 10-15 gp each, meaning 150-200gp profit a log. essence/pure essence mining requirements: 1 mining, 30+ for pure essence, the higher the better items:best pickaxe you have quests:rune mysteries method:get sedriodor in varrock to teleport u to the rune essence. mine and inventory fukll then bank in the east bank. plain essence will sell for 20-30 coins each, and pure for 80-100. law running requirements: none items:27 un-noted pure essence method:go to world 66 or 99, draynor village. store everything in the bank except for 27 unnoted pure essence. now follow the line onto entrana and up to the altar. trade somebody saying "open" and put up 27 pure essence.they will put up 27 law runes and 27 noted essence.now run back to the bank, store the laws and unnote the essence.repeat. law runes can be sold for 300-400gp each, but sometimes for 1k in amounts of 1. flax requirements: none items: none (boots of lightness optional) run to seers village and follow the lvl 3 bots to the flax field. click on the flax to pick it.get an inventory then bankl and repeat.flax can be sold for 80-100gp each. thieving: requirements: none (though a higher thieving level will help) items: none (food is helpful for lower lvls) simply pickpocket men in edgeville for 3 coins each time.painfully slow but its good to train thieving as it can make a lot of money. mining: requirements 15+mining (higher the better) items: best pickaxe you have method:mine iron in the dwarven mines and bank in falador. iron can be sold for 70-100 ea or smelted with coal to make steel bars, (600 ea) well thats pretty much the straight of tutorial island part 1 of this guide. an intermediate guide coming tonight.
  12. ok, so for anybody who plays tai bwo wannai clean up, you know you can disturb broodoo victims when you hack at jungle?well good players use their weakness on them, thus slaughtering them, and they are not a problem.though there are players who dont because they either forget the weaknesses or just cant be bothered. now when a broodoo is left it doesnt just go away.it has to be killed. they are very hard to kill with normal styles, and without their weakness you can max a 3 on them.they will happily sit sentry and shoot spells at anybody walking by (often nature rune crafters) and generally getting very annoying, causing people to swap worlds continuously or attempt to kill the broodoo. my suggestion is that rather than people being lazy, and leaving the broodoo to annoy others that any monsters that are summoned by playing tai bwo wannai clean up are only visible, attackable, or dangerous to the one that caused them to be summoned, meaning nobody else has to deal with a lazy persons actions. heres an example player 1 is playing tai bwo wannai clean up to get trading sticks to buy a new machete. player 1 hacks away at jungle, and a broodoo victim appears.he ignores the victim and finishes work,then leaves the area, leaving the broodoo alive. player 2 is a nature crafter who uses the general store to unnote his pure essence to craft into naure runes. he is walking by and his hit 3-5 times, with a max of 6 each by the broodoo victim.hewould now either try to kill the victim or swap worlds. and heres what it would be like when its fixed: player 1 is again playing tai bwo wannai clean up, and invokes a broodoo victim.he leaves and the broodoo remains. player 2 walks by on a nature run, but the broodoo is only aggresive towards the person that summoned him.anybody may attack him but he will only attack them if they attack first. putting it simply: broodoo is aggresive to person who made him appear, or person who attacks him. he is not aggresive to people that leave him alone. any comments welcome.
  13. nonickname

    These Broodoos Have To Go!

    the tribesmen and snakes are less common seen as you dont have to use their "weakness" on them to kill them, and snake hides are valuable so im not to bothered about murdering a snake.but the broodoo are just rediculous....10 minutes ago there were about 12 broodoos in a small area....some guy had chopped/summoned/randomed them to kill bot nat crafters...well thats what he said.but they are overly annoying. or it could be: they are still aggresive, but if you did not cause them to appear, you do not have to use their weakness on them to kill them, their magic attacks are less powerful vs u, and they are less aggresive.
  14. nonickname

    Making, Saving And Burning Cash

    i will detail that in a extra section, probably with a reference to the w2 falador and seers guide
  15. nonickname

    Demonic Runes

    quests:rune mysteries, shadow of the storm, the golem, heroes, demon slayer. to start talk to: (any of the mages that can teleport you to the rune essence, eg. aubury):and ask them about strange occurances in the essence mines... mage:well, were not sure whats happening, but theres a strange smell, like carrion coming from the mines sometimes...and they sometimes glow different elemental colours. you:and what could that possibly mean? mage:the last time the essence mine was open, before you rediscovered it, these similar things were happening... you:and what happened when the rocks started to stink and glow...? mage:well 4 elemental skeletal demons arose, and the previous owner of silverlight destroyed them. you:so i guess what i have to go kill them now? mage:no, last time they were fought they were not completely destroyed, they simply froze and the present rune essence grew over them. you:well we have to wait for them to return to power, then kill them? mage:no...wait...what were talking about? you:.... *the mage appears to have his memory wiped, in the distance you hear somebody teleporting* go talk to the other mages, and you will eventually see that they have all had their memories wiped, in the last mage you visit, a lump of clay falls onto you, and you are reminded of the golem at the ruins of uzer. you must now talk to the golem golem:i have heard of the occurances in the rune mine, and that we need to destroy the demons you:it's the same old trick as agrith-naar, they have to be completely summoned, then destroyed. golem:oh.. i knew it wouldnt be that easy golem:well from what i've figured there are four demons... and that 4 heroes must defeat them. you:ok so theres you and me.... golem:each of the heroes will need a magical, demon slaying sword, such as silverlight, darklight or the legendary excalibur, but as they have been imbued with rune essence for so long, i think you will need a weapon that can both destroy rune essence, and slay demons, i believe you humans have invented something called a pickaxe..perhaps that could be of use. *golem has some sort of a teleknetic flash* golem:thurgo...(and he loses his mind) now go to port sarim (with a redberry pie, and a pickaxe) and ask thurgo about a holy, demon slaying pickaxe. at first he will have no part of it, but when you show him silverlight(or excalibur), a pickaxe and a redberry pie he changes his mind. he smiths a holy-pickaxe and passes it to you. now speak to any of the mages, and you will discover that they will be the 1 lucky one who got their memory back (haxed, i know) and they will give you an enchantment to summon the demons (is different for everybody, but is always made of:summonus,arlan,rune,reman.) now you will need to get the golem, and write a new instruction for him and place it in his mind., and you will also need to gather 2 friends who are up to this point in the quest. now get your friends, weapons, armour,prayer, and food and prepare to teleport to the rune essence... until you discover the mages have lost their minds. upon searching them you will find a piece of parchment. it instructs you how to make a tele-tab to the rune essence. you will need to get: 2 law runes, a piece of soft clay or moltern glass, and 10 rune essence. make the teletabs, group up with your team and teleport to the essence. now everybody will pick a rune-essence column, chant the incantation you were given (again everyones is different) and four demons will be summoned. each of them are lvl 127 and 1 will use mage-range,1 will use range-mellee, 1mellee mage, and the other will use all 3 styles.maximum hits are 10 for each style, and they have 105 hitpoints.(damage can only be dealt to them with the holy pickaxes) when your team has defeated the demons portals will re-open in the essence mine. exit through them and speak to one of the mages to get your reward. reward: 10k magic xp rune essence backpack (holds 10 rune essence, takes up cape area) ability to make teletabs to the rune essence mines, you can chose which mage to teleport out to. 7k runecrafting xp 3k mining xp either an extra 5k mage and range/ at and str, depending on which demon you fought. holy pickaxe (above rune at mining es, equiv to addy at other ores), untradeable new rune essence teleports (kolodion (mage arena) and any of the guardians at the alkharid mage arena. a runecrafting map that shows the a;tar locations, and the restored altars.
  16. nonickname

    God Wars Dungeon

    More dangerous than the Wilderness? yes, i was 3/4 dead by the time i had even got to the entrance..
  17. nonickname


    they fixed the glitch where the fancy boots appeared to be fighting boots in invy/equip
  18. nonickname

    Demonslaying For Dummies

    Personal scores for Juggernuart4 Skill Rank Level XP Overall Not Ranked Attack Not Ranked Defence Not Ranked Strength Not Ranked Hitpoints Not Ranked Ranged Not Ranked Prayer Not Ranked Magic Not Ranked Cooking Not Ranked Woodcutting Not Ranked Fletching Not Ranked Fishing 780,602 60 275,198 Firemaking Not Ranked Crafting Not Ranked Smithing Not Ranked Mining Not Ranked Herblore Not Ranked Agility Not Ranked Thieving Not Ranked Slayer Not Ranked Farming Not Ranked Runecraft Not Ranked Hunter Not Ranked Construction Not Ranked ok. who sees this? his a demonslayer. not even ranked in anythin cept fishin. probably does a bit of that to slay demons at his lvl. good xp at lvl 45? no. the guide already on sals far exceeds this. i suppose he could be a mage or range hidin behind the rocks? bugt what was that insulting comment about rangers and mages? try a little harder next time, rather than just copying the guide from sals and modifying it to make it worse.
  19. nonickname

    Pest Control Update

    if youre in the 70+ or 100+ boat you are getting more xp. heres how it is. it is 35% of old xp but more tickets per game. 40 boat = 2 tickets per game = 70% of original xp 70 boat = 3 tickets per game = 105% of original xp 100 boat = 4 tickets per game = 140% of original xp so you are gaining more xp than before if you are lvl 70+, plus there are no noobs to spoil youre game. its a brilliant update. its also easy to get full void now o.o i might atually get some void for fun and show.... bit of respect for a good pcer.
  20. nonickname

    Pest Control Update

    yes! this is brilliant! i am becoming p2p again very soon, and i was planning on doing some pc training but i was put off by the 40s that make it hard to find a good world. now theres none of them where im playing! none! i can play with people my lvl who know how to pc properly! and i was so sick of the lvl 40 pures saying "i own u" i mean. what on earth! you have no defence! so that makes you good! not! and i would have to be pretty bad to lose to someone 38 lvls lower than me. yay! pc might be fn with more sociable people! and more xp! brilliant update! (plus its anoyyed a lvl 51 i know who complains that he has to "play with the noobs now". and i said "im glad i dont have to put up with noobs like you now". dont change this jagex nomatter how much the pures winge!
  21. nonickname

    First Fake

    http://s205.photobucket.com/albums/bb70/no...hickenownzu.jpg if the picture didnt work might have to try again:) the chicken will kill yoU!
  22. nonickname

    Large F2p/p2p 99 Mining And 99 Smithing Party!

    big grats on the lvl acheivement, i will try my best to come to the killa party u got planned but will probly have school. might have to throw a sickie

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