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  1. Tags: YouTube racists sexual harassment report user listen rant issues problems do something about it already important angry hurt sick of this no more running hear me out Thats how it got that many views. She needs to learn the internet. A suspension is more effective than a ban. Why? Because they wait until the suspension is over, but with a ban they just make a new account and upload all their videos still saved on their computer.. IP bans are useless, any old monkey can get around them. I'm sick of her calling me a nazi skinhead. She's going to get the life flamed out of her.
  2. nonickname

    Play Street Fighter

    Awesome innovation on the guy's behalf, but my internet connection would make it irritating to play
  3. nonickname

    Obama May Quickly Reverse Abortion Policy

    "Abortions for all!" *boo!* "Very well, no abortions at all!" *boo!* "Alright, abortions for some, mini American flags for others!" *cheer* People should have a right to abortion, as long as they are mentally capable of making a reasoned choice.
  4. nonickname


    I mainly get the e-mail ones about the sick girl and stuff. Like this: If you have read this sentence, you must continue reading it if not and so on... I occasionally get some decent chainmails *gasp* about things like the seals and jokes etc..mostly things like that are just annoying though.
  5. nonickname

    Do Any Of You Actually Play Runescape?

    Nope, don't play runescape.
  6. nonickname

    Hugely Contagious Virus

    Nope, but as far as I know I have the best firewall/antivirus and antispyware available to the public. Also I don't do pirated downloads etc. Edit: also our wireless network is only used by us, and it has very strong encryption.
  7. nonickname

    How To Get A Girl To Like Me Without Losing Her

    You got guts saying stuff like that on 6 warns >.< You expect decent responses about "love" (or crushes) on a runescape forum?
  8. nonickname

    How To Get A Girl To Like Me Without Losing Her

    Gotta love crush threads on a runescape forum. I'm kind of tired of seeing them, just be yourself..
  9. nonickname

    For Piercing Vehicles

    Btw, for the above poster. A sabot is used to fit a smaller or ireegulary shaped piece of ammo into the barrel. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabot (page also has some good references). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biological_warfare http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chemical_warfare http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_weapon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radiological_weapon Those have details on laws etc. Also, check out the salted cobalt bomb >.< As far as a rifle goes, this s pretty much what you want for anti-vehicle. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rifle_grenade Spigot mortar/rifle grenade
  10. nonickname

    For Piercing Vehicles

    A spreading bullet? That would be a shotgun shell... And they're legal. Unless you mean the bullet breaks up and spreads within the body, which wouldn't be worth it anyway.. Tracer rounds can only be used by the army/special forces. A poisoned bullet would be ineffective as you would be close enough if you were using a low caliber weapon for another shot, and if you were using a high caliber weapon they shouldn't be living for long enough for the poison to take effect (persuming your an accurate enough shot to serve in the army). I doubt "poisoned" rounds would have really been used in ww1/2 as canisters of chlorine gas were just opened upwind from the opposing army. For taking out a vehicle there are pretty much two options: LAW/ light antitank/antiarmor weapon: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M72_LAW Depleted uranium: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Depleted_uranium
  11. nonickname

    P E T A Wants School's Name Changed

    Nonickname's sea kitten defeated wild animal eater! Sea kitten grew to level 10! Wait... Sea kitten is evolving..Sea kitten evolved into catfish! I think those people are damaged, like they were dropped at the age of 1 on their head... Nicest way I can put it. EDIT: I made a sea kitten It's awesome eh? What would you do if you found that >.<
  12. nonickname


    Em, stuttering isn't that bad. I know a guy who stutters extremely badly, but he's married with 3 kids... Yes, I have been rejected before, and it hurts. But it goes away. If you say you haven't been rejected on here then you either haven't had the courage to ask, are lying or are zac efron or some other annoying person that girls seem to universally love..
  13. nonickname

    Ming Der

    yayy welcome back ming!
  14. While you are inspecting the wreck, you find a pack of doritos and decide to eat them, but they're poisoned. You become ill and I steal the phat.
  15. Very good, helpful posts. Could be a little longer on occasions but I suppose it prevents tl;dr
  16. nonickname

    What Is The Iq Of The Above Poster?

    115 perhaps? never really seen enough of his posts to judge it really well..
  17. nonickname

    6 Year Old Can Drive

    Awesome kid, though his parents sound pathetic... You can't honestly say that a child who was being well looked after would be able to take the keys, and drive off with the car without his mother even realizing? Slightly pathetic on their behalf..
  18. nonickname

    Crazy Canadians!

    Even on a 7000 calorie a day diet, they wouldn't be putting on much weight. It takes a lot of energy to warm the layer of air around you skin to keep you warm. If it's windy, the wind constantly blows the warm layer of air away. This means your body is working extremely hard to try warm the air around it, meaning you would use a lot of energy. Not to mention walking etc..
  19. nonickname

    Swift Swich

    Not wbming it, just saying. You might wanna watch yourself, don't know what rules using ss falls under but ad-blocking is against Sal's and RS's rules.
  20. nonickname

    Windows 7 Beta

    So if I use one of these links to download it now will I be able to just use it? I don't have a key or anything and I'm running XP, it's a pretty good computer. Just checking, because I have a beastly 26 kb/s download..
  21. nonickname

    Do You Fear Death?

    No, I do not fear it. "Only three things are certain in the life of man - that he will be born, he will die and that a certain amount of time inbetween will be spent wearing a digital watch."
  22. nonickname

    Mri For Wrist

    Such a bully... MRI = magnetic resonance imaging. You will not feel a thing at all. Just stay still, only takes a few minutes.
  23. nonickname

    I Is Back

    Welcome back midget >.<
  24. I've got 3 of those. I'm a bit of a hardware pack-rat. You know your computers bad when it has a paint program, that's black and white. And yes I have one of those. And I still use it for kicks How far we have come... Component Specification[1] Display 9-inch (23 cm) monochrome CRT display, 512 × 342 pixel resolution Storage 40 MB SCSI hard disk drive optional, Built-in SuperDrive 3.5 in floppy disk drive Processor 8 MHz Motorola 68000 Bus Speed 8 MHz Random Access Memory 1 MB, expandable to 2 or 4 MB using 120 ns 30-pin SIMMs and optional custom RAM-slot expansion card Read-only Memory 512 KB Networking AppleTalk Battery 3.6 V lithium Physical dimensions 13.2 in × 9.7 in × 11.2 in (33.5 cm × 24.6 cm × 28.4 cm; depth by width by height) 16 lb (7.26 kg) Port connections 1× ADB (keyboard, mouse) 2× mini-DIN-8 RS-422 serial ports (printer, modem, AppleTalk) 1× DB-19 (ext. floppy drive) 1× DB-25 SCSI connector (ext. hard drive, scanner) 1× 3.5 mm Headphone jack socket Expansion slots none Audio 8-bit mono 22 kHz Gestalt ID 17 (computer identification code) Codename XO[26] OH my god, that's a beast! 1mb ram expandable to 4 mb >.< . You know your computer's bad when...when...you get a "program is not responding/error message" on the blue screen of death because your computer isn't powerful enough to run epic failure.
  25. nonickname

    Counter Strike Source?

    I PM'ed some information that may help you. Good luck.

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