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  1. nonickname

    Are Pures Where It's At?

    I agree. All-round, I think mains are better, though pures are better for most forms of pking. Keep in mind there are also other kinds of pures, I really like my defence pure, but it takes far too long to level.
  2. nonickname

    I Wish For A...

    Granted, But you run out of oil and become squeaky, then rust. I wish for a pony
  3. nonickname

    Best Computer?

    Personally I'd go to your local electronics or computer store, and buy parts to build one, or request them to build a computer to your specifications. If you're buying ready-made There is: Prebuilt: Acer Predator (this is what I'm considering getting) 8 GB ram, 1 TB hard disk and quad core Also Pc's such as Dell, Alienware and the more reputable brands Or ATD/ATI cards (can't remem exact name) for a homebuilt one. Lower market is basically mid range home built pcs etc..
  4. nonickname

    God Wars Dungeon

    Thanks heaps to Roy for image submissions and edits, and everybody else who submitted information to this guide. Unless somebody can find an error, I suppose it's ready. (Iban, I couldn't use your proofread as it was not submitted as a code, I'll check through it anyway). Note: If there are any changes, or updates that affect GWD please let me know! I am fairly inactive in RS now, so I don't really notice updates . But if there are any updates I'm willing to play round for a bit to incorporate them into the guide. Thanks everyone!
  5. nonickname

    I Wish For A...

    You get the shoes but you get beaten up at school for them and then do it with a dog for $5..but you catch aids. I wish for every bone in my body to break
  6. nonickname

    Sketel Wyvern Solo

    High range and karil/armadyl/b d'hide full is recommended. They have a very strong mage attack., that ignores prot from mage[though it lessens the damage] Emerald[e] bolts are best since they can poison. use protection from range[do not use protect from mage] Go with dragonfire/mind shield. The range safespots are just right and left of the entrance Do not use dragon slayer gloves or fire spells or crumble undead[or slave amulet] All have no effect on them. i will be posting a guide on this soon here, so if you are going to do this later you can refer it Get your facts right. They don't have a magic attack, they have a icebreath attack, which is not affected by pots or prayer. They have a range and melee attack, they do not range when you are standing next to them. Also dragon slayer gloves DO work on them. (melee only)
  7. nonickname

    Super Smash Bros. Dojo

    I like playing with kirby, not very experienced with many others. Me and my friend gonna go on Tag WiFi soon
  8. On a child; so I'm going to presume not of age. I'd be upset and disappointed with both of them if I walked in on that; but hitting somebody with a metal pipe for having a relationship with your daughter (unless she was perhaps, 6?) is uncalled for, and a pathetic overreaction. They probably should have been more open about the relationship, but the likely reason the father wasn't informed was due to the fact that his daughter would presume that he wouldn't accept the relationship or be overprotective.
  9. nonickname

    I Wish For A...

    You get your homework. But your dog eats you. I wish for the next poster to die
  10. nonickname

    What Did You Sell For The Most Gp

    A ZGS with junk (a lot) during the fist of guthix hype, when it was in huge demand. I think perhaps around 50m (ZGS + junk for cash)
  11. nonickname

    Legalize Marajuana

    Read High Society by Ben Elton, quite a good read and about this exact topic (and other drugs). From what I know of weed, it's far less addictive; and harmful than "harder" drugs like Heroin or Cocaine so I'm not bothered if people use it in moderation. For myself, I haven't, and don't plan to use drugs.
  12. nonickname

    God Wars Dungeon

    Yes, it is in the guide. He doesn't hit through your prayer, he hits with a magical attack. You don't lose half your prayer points, you lose half of what he hits or something ( I think)
  13. nonickname

    God Wars Dungeon

    Now all you need to do is update everything that has been posted in post 58 until this one. Alright, gotta go to school now, I'll do it when I get home. Also I can't use quote boxes, can I?
  14. nonickname

    God Wars Dungeon

    Yay, fixed it. Was a cache error with firefox I think, seen as it works in Chrome.
  15. nonickname

    God Wars Dungeon

    That can't be good, more than the half of the guide is gone... But dw go to post #57. Wow wtf, was having problems with my pc this morning while editing it..thanks Roy. Oh man, whenever I edit it i get connection lost etc and can't edit it at all. So could a mod please edit my first post to the spoilored code on Roy's post page 3 post #57. thanks
  16. nonickname

    God Wars Dungeon

    Too many commas. This is found in a quote box. Why? Those are the only problems I could find. Very well-written, well done. It's in a quote box because it's a quote. oops there wasn't meant to be a comma before 'and'
  17. nonickname


    First of all, get to know the person. If you don't know them, you may never realise what you're getting yourself into, and get hurt. Once you are more comfortable around them begin to spend more time with them; like sharing a meal, going to the movies etc. Don't go straight to them, and ask them out as it will: 1. Get you socially murdered by the flock of girls that swarm around most attractive/popular people. 2. Make you look like an idiot, and turn them off you. Be yourself around them, so they like you for who you are, and not who you're pretending to be. Also other things: Girls like to talk about/be asked questions about themselves, without them being too flattering; or embarrassing. Don't make them feel guilty, or upset. Use light-hearted humour or the slightly broader compliments; for example: "I like what you've done with your hair, did you have it permed/manicured/whatever they had done" "Your T-shirt really matches with your (insert compliment) eyes"
  18. nonickname

    Safe Sex Guide: 100% With Pictures!

    I'll keep this in mind for the future. Also consider other methods of contraception
  19. nonickname


    Hello!, and welcome to Sal's Barbie Mummah. It's nice to hear that you're engaged, I'm sure your child will turn out wonderfully. Remember to read the rules.
  20. nonickname

    Need Transparency

    [IMG=http://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii259/nonicknameowns/dhaxetransperant.png] There.
  21. nonickname

    God Wars Dungeon

    As I tell you how many things you need/should be withdrawing, and you know you have 28 inventory spaces I see no real need for a picture of an inventory of food, just because you can't read (or count?) what I've written.
  22. nonickname

    Very Annoying

    If you break any rule, or admit to breaking any rule in Sal's (and most cc's) you're likely to be kicked by any present moderators, reported by any wbm noob (don't deny it, sal's cc is packed with them) or muted by a player moderator. Yes, getting a mute stinks, quick chat fails and WBM's are annoying, but it's just something we have to live with; can't really do anything about it.
  23. nonickname

    Leaving Sal's.

    I'll be honest. I never really liked you very much, but the reason you got that warn is absolutely pathetic. Did the person actually breaking the rule get warned for it? Or just you for alerting them to it. Bye.
  24. nonickname

    Kingduffy 1 Is Now Top Again!

    He used broad arrows to push yogo into second spot, spending 200m on it.

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