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  1. Well i recently decided to go low level bhing with Light. He was irritated by the noobiness and failure there, so i stayed by myself for a bit (i was range-2hing). So this ranger around twelve levels above me attacks me, and it's a fairly long fight as he safes the whole time but eventually i stacked a range-2h hit perfectly and koed him. I look at the drop pile, the kind of thing youd expect to see from a range, scim, chaps, bow etc. So I decide to grab my adamant arrows which I used during the fight (I used a fair few, so they were worth a bit), then bank everything, and collect the other equipment. As soon as I picked up the arrows I got a penalty, and was piled by two people around 20 levels higher than me. With around 15 seconds left on the penalty i eventually run out of food and die, it turns out he also used adamant arrows, and I had picked them up, meaning I had gotten a pickup penalty. There was nothing to differ between my pile of arrows, and his so I had no clue who's I was picking up, and I thought he was using mithril arrows (must have been my pc, or my eyes). A solution? So basically I think items that you used during a battle (like arrows) should have a normal color when you mouse-over them, and items of the person you killed should be a different color, so you can distinguish between them and not get a penalty. Just something I think needs changing. While you did the tutorial (players who have already done it will have to speak to Mandrith about drop lists, short conversation) Mandrith will tell you that items that are colored white in the list when you mouse over them are rightfully yours (they were yours, dropped during a fight or fired as a projectile, or a target you killed) and you can pick them up without consequences. Though items that are colored red when you mouse over them are not rightfully yours, so if you pick them up you will gain a pickup penalty. For example: That would clarify what you can pick up without a penalty, and what you can't. Supporters: Nonickname Adam Pronaszko Light Unknown Cyril the Cyndaquil Roy The Warrior of Falador Thanks
  2. nonickname

    Which Barrows Set Shall I Get?

    Why do you own all sets when you don't have 70 range or mage (karils/ahrims).. Guthans' use is for healing yourself in place of food, but for moneymaking I'd go for a Verac's set and boss hunt.
  3. nonickname

    Child Takeing Video Games Too Far?

    I'm gonna play halo trial on PC, always good fun. Though tbh for how addicted and psycho that kid is about halo he absolutely sucks at it at a guess by how many times the other guy killed him.
  4. nonickname

    Bh Or Pking

    In bh you have to be nearly maxed for that crater, otherwise you've got an instant bullseye on your head, and will get picked off. Pking is better as you can fight with your lvls, above, below (like mb or gdz) and all that. Plus pjers in old wilderness were bad, now you can't get away from them when they come up to you with their dds the second you've finished fighting. Clue scrolls are hardly better, any decent pkers were on w18 at edge (or mb), not world 112 killing little clue hunters. Revs are everywhere, on every world and are a pain when they tb you, freeze you, and attack from off the screen so you can't even log from them most the time. Wilderness + pk worlds soon > BH
  5. nonickname

    My First Low Level Bh Kill - It Went Wrong

    Thanks everyone, I'll add a supporters list; about the color of items you are allowed to pick up/not pick up it could vary, that was just a quick example to display what I meant.
  6. nonickname

    Cockroach Killing Guide

    I cant see them, so for now i'm putting up a pic that i got from a sort of calculator 2 out of 20 said it doesnt drop.....the rest says it drops. Jus because you didn get it doesnt mean it doesnt[you must just be some unlucky player]. beside....how dare you suggest me of being a fraud. If i was...i could instead say it drops dragon chainbodies. the only current forum im a member of is this one. thanks...i'll have to change a bit of my works then Welcome. Glad i could be of some help Btw about "equipment from a calculator", I don't think you can use this as it is not your own source. Hopefully I can stop being lazy soon and get some good pics, but anyway nice guide.
  7. nonickname

    Guild System

    My suggestion to go along with this is guild points. For example your guilds duels another guild in clan wars. You have 12 people, while they have 15. You gain the amount of points that there were people on the opposing guild's team. You could also receive guild coins for winning. Guild points could be used to buy equipment for the guild box (in the guild house) such as banners for your clan, armor, weapons etc. They would be untradeable and only buyable with guild points. You use guild coins to then borrow items from the box. EG: UPC Clan Box Items: -10x clan banners (6 loaned out) Borrow this item - 50 guild coins per hour -3x holy bows (1 loaned out) Borrow this item - 23450 guild coins per hour -4x holy avenger swords (none loaned out) Borrow this item - 25000 guild coins per hour -2x magical tower shields (two loaned out) Request this item when it returns - 15000 guild coins per hour You could buy the Equipment from the clan wars cloak seller/clan equipper. Buy and borrow rates are fixed. Weapons would vary from being similar to rune to dragon, and up to weapons such as the abbysal whip, although with different specs etc. Just a suggestion, but anyway support
  8. nonickname

    Rate My Bank And Stats

    Quoted from TS Quite a smart and reliable person, I trust this source. Bank 8/10 Stats 7/10
  9. nonickname

    My First Low Level Bh Kill - It Went Wrong

    This would also apply in members, except become more effective as you use more expensive projectiles. Also there is a higher risk in p2p bh, meaning a penalty is a very bad thing to have. EDIT: Thanks to whoever shifted it.
  10. nonickname

    Promote Or Don't Promote?

    Tech support or DM, he always seems nice and helps people with issues
  11. nonickname

    My First Low Level Bh Kill - It Went Wrong

    I did consider posting this in the suggestions forum, but as it was also sort of a pk experience i decided to post it here, it might be moved later. A fake isn't hard to do, I'll do one now.
  12. nonickname

    Virus Infection!

    +1 7 lol, i was looking at the wrong page, fixed
  13. nonickname

    Virus Infection!

    +1 85 quickly while the checkers are offline1
  14. nonickname

    Virus Infection!

    +1 82 muaha dis virus will pwnzor da world
  15. Well then hellhounds would have been an un-viable option anyway. You could kill green dragons in the wilderness (games necklace to clan wars, run east) or in the chaos tunnels. They drop green dragonhides and dragon bones each kill, which can be sold for around 2k each.
  16. Hellhounds drop level three clues, bones and charms. So unless you are into treasure hunting or summoning they are an unwise choice. You could try monsters such as dragons (visages, dragon legs and skirts), bosses (like the king black dragon, the godwars bosses, the chaos elemental, the kalphite queen etc.). You can find teams for bosses on the official forums, under events.
  17. nonickname


    DO NOT get a 99 purely for the cape, when you get a 99 to begin with choose one you will keep using, such as a combat skill. In the long run you'll be happier with your choice and better off, plus if you train it with slayer or something you'll be rich as well.
  18. nonickname

    What's Happening?!

    I'd say it's probably because more people are dking. It's often the simplest things. And if you think that's bad, look how much saradomin and armadyl godsword owners are losing..daily
  19. nonickname

    Biggest Epic Fail

    As far as I know a standard chicken CANNOT kill you, it can hurt you, and get you to 1hp, but never finish you as far as I know. So those people died from randoms, or suicided using potions or something
  20. nonickname

    Cockroach Killing Guide

    Um, why would you range in mage armor? makes no sense.. 1 second and I'll get you some equipment pics
  21. nonickname

    What Was Your First Quest You Ever Did

    It would have been doric's or cooks assistant, although i can't exactly remember which
  22. nonickname

    65 To 70 Attack

    Yaks are generally very fast, and as you're already there you may as well just get 70 attack. If you really want to leave there are also experiments, bandits and slayer.
  23. nonickname

    Now Against Un

    First, please stop closing my topics without a good reason. By the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, I have the whole right of Freedom of Speech, and you have no right whatsoever to take that from me. In my last topic, I broke no rules. Dani closed the topic for nothing. He/she/it just copied part of the rules that was in no way meant for me and my post. This topic was in no way ranting about your rules. I'm completely fine with and respecting your rules, but you warn me and close my topics nonetheless. I didn't want to PM Neo Avatars because I knew that he/she/it would ignore my PMs, and so would the Admins. It has happened before when I was ranting about your power abuse. Also, about breaking the RuneScape rules on your forums. I will quote the quotes from the RS rules you have on your rules page. What does that have to do with this topics? In the video, the account was given away before I posted it here, so the video had nothing against your rules. It was not an offer for anyone to get for free/buy the account, nor it was encouraging (I have quoted encourage a few times before, not going to do it again) people to break rules. It was just a video of someone getting their account banned. Now, I will kindly ask you not to be big headed arrogant punks, and to not close this topic without a good reason, because I'm tired of seeing your ignorancy and foolness. And I'd like you morons and mod worshippers to stop posting here if you have nothing better to post than flame me and Macki.
  24. nonickname

    Virus Infection!

    +1 80
  25. nonickname

    New Pvp Worlds

    I'd say there would be safehouses- such as banks, respawn locations, random events, and perhaps a small area around teleports (not sure).

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