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  1. If they're "never to be released", totally screwed up and broken (Fritzl anyone?) then I would have no problems with them being shot. If they are truly broken forever then you're saving money, time and other people by getting rid of them.


    I do believe that the evidence must be completely damning with little or no element of doubt.

  2. Your not makin' sense bro.


    (freezing, stat lowering and veng!)

    Has it occurred to you that these spells in a PvP environment can be used in combination with range and melee?


    For example when I did FOG I'd wear ahrims with an AGS. Freeze, drop their stats and easy kill. Or if they were tending not to stay stuck long switch to enchanted bolts.


    In that circumstance, if I just used the GS I'd land bugger all hits unless they stood still. However just using magic would give them time to heal. Heavy AGS specs tend not to.

  3. Do it how the pro's do it. VK melee, super sets, piety and veng. Then again, every time I tried to kill Jad on heavy hits alone I messed up somehow.


    Your setup is good. I had a lot higher def so I dunno if you need more or less brews. I used Karil X for one cape and rune X/broads for the second. Karils will cost more. Some sweets will help as well.


    Given my tank-ish defence I just put guth on and healed from the 90's.

  4. Well if I still played, I'd have (it probs still does) Miscellania maxed, crops (lots of expensive herbs), stuff in GE, stuff in house etc etc. But pretending I lost every single cent and had nothing I'd get 20k from a friend, buy a rune pick, mine ess, go aviansies then arma or sara GWD. Back to 100m in under a week, easy. Or fish instead of mining perhaps.


    Edit: Perhaps mages instead of aviansies.

  5. 2. It often ruins 1 defence pures. (like they have that on by accident and get 2 defence)

    It's there fault for not checking what combat style there training.


    Really? Ever Pked? Consider this fact..not all weapons have the same xp type for a specific setting box. Do you, or do you not quickly swap weapons when Pking? Might be different now, but that's how it seemed before.


    And I'm not sure how you call 30k a lot of xp in comparison to getting 99. It might be worth a bit for say, prayer, but worth bugger all in combat.

  6. It's completely and utterly wrong on so many levels, especially evolutionary.


    Not to mention it's a burden on the planet, seen as it's up to other people to look after any of their offspring who may end up on the low end of the genetic lottery. Think about it. How many people pay taxes?


    While I'm not a fan of consensual incest at all, rape/abuse takes it to a whole 'nother level. (of sick)

  7. And Meidou, that was a bloody stupid comment. Sure, different races may have slightly different needs in terms of nutrition, and there's no reason they can't take care of it themselves. But comparing the differences of races to autism is bloody stupid mate.


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