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  1. rawrgoyle

    Pics Of Yourself!

    What's up nerds. It's Ole Woman Taso. Bonus pic of me this Halloween. Can you guess who I was?

  3. rawrgoyle

    Sals Teamspeak

    Hi kiddos! Bumping this, because I think this is just a swell idea. :)
  4. rawrgoyle


  5. rawrgoyle

    Daily/ Weekly Activities!

    Sounds interesting!
  6. rawrgoyle


    Trains. I hate trains. Freight trains, specifically. Motherfudgein' horns and barreling monsters of weight and heat and noise. This presented a series of difficulties when I lived in Chicago which was, to my estimation, just one giant train. But yeah. You don't want to be in a car with me if we have to be the first one to stop at a crossing when the blinky arms go down.
  7. Reminds me back when I used to do Easy clue scrolls all the time. More than once I'd +10k some stupid piece of armor or accessory needed to get to casket. o.o
  8. rawrgoyle

    hay guise

    Hey everyone! It's rawrgoyle/Tasogaryn/Tas/Taso. I kinda forgot about you Slammers, but I'm back again with a 3-month RS sub so I have no excuse to not be back around. To those of you who know me -- hi! To those of you who don't know me, also hi! I'm a 21-year-old living in the Midwest. eSports is my hobby, writing is my passion. I am currently with WellPlayed Productions, an organization that produces eSports events for a variety of clients. Runescape was my first love, but I am really into LoL, Diablo III, trying to get into StarCraft, and a myriad of mobile games. I've been flitting around Sals since I was 17, I think, at least somewhere around there, and it's nice to always know I have friends or at least acquaintances here. Looking forward to making some more friends, too. As for my RS life, my long-term goal is to get all 99s at once. I have 98 Mage, Fletch, and Fish and am just trying (very slowly) to catch the other ones up. I have 30 range in comparison to +80 or +90 all other CB skills, and I plan to keep it that way for as long as I can. So yes, that means I am 98 Magic and do not have Ancients. Uhhh. Hmm. I guess that's it. Hi again. :) I know I post these every time I come back. I must have enough to buy a menagerie. -Tas
  9. rawrgoyle

    hay guise

    Hi Bwau! ^.^ Kemo, Fabio, everyone else. Great to be back. Where are folks hanging out these days (on the forums, at least) :o :o
  10. Lucky, I wish I could travel. :P Your facial expressions are hilarious. It does look freakin' cold, though! D:
  11. rawrgoyle

    MFI '07 - 60 slayer, 1.1K total

    Good luck to yewwww. All those fishing levels make me happy.
  12. rawrgoyle

    The Break Contest

    Congrats! Best of luck to you. :P
  13. rawrgoyle

    League Of Legends

    On another note, if you guys have PBE accounts, you should add me there. slapdash. :o
  14. rawrgoyle

    7 Reasons Why Coffee Is Good For You

    Everything in moderation!
  15. In my ceiling hole, lurking over you. o__0

    1. Bwauder


      OMG they're in the vents!!

    2. Guitarguy


      In the hole of your ceiling hole, lurking over you.

    3. Smilefishy


      Hi Ceiling Cat

  16. rawrgoyle


    Hah! Fair's fair I suppose. Do remember he isn't directing the film. Producers do have an enormous influence on the shape and form of the thing in the end, but I don't think you can count it out in its entirety. Maybe excited isn't the word? More like "amused acceptance." In the interest of opening dialogue, what other creative individuals would you like to see taking on the storied tradition of TMNT? Also, you still didn't answer the "which ninja turtle is your favorite" question ..
  17. rawrgoyle


    I was honestly pretty excited to have Michael Bay produce TMNT. I mean, Transformers was enjoyable just for being so ridiculous, which fits the bill of ninja turtles to the letter. But April is such a cool character. And is usually a redhead. And is, like, a strong female character and is awesome and such. And as a writer with a habit of championing strong female characters, I'm a little wary of Megan Fox stepping (or, perhaps, slinking) into the role. Buuu-uuuut, we've all been proved wrong before. Full steam ahead, I'll still probably watch. Now, the next and very vital question. WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE NINJA TURTLE?
  18. rawrgoyle

    Hey kids

    Hay there! It's Taso. Not sure if you know me or anything, but nice to meet you.
  19. rawrgoyle

    PlayStation 4

    It's kinda cool to observe the feedback from the announcement. There are some discussions cropping up about how as time and technology goes on, we as consumers are going to be less and less enthused by new consoles, and, really, less wanting to buy them. I won't go into digital distribution and the future of streaming content, blah, blah, blah, but there are a chunk of folks (most of my friends included!) who are indeed quite excited and will be one of the first to pick up the new system. More power to the players!
  20. rawrgoyle

    Old School RuneScape... You Vote!

    It's also highly amusing to watch people happily becoming a noob again. (:
  21. rawrgoyle

    My views on RS2007

    I think it's definitely a major nostalgia kick. And it's certainly drawing back a lot of players who might have left over the years. I'm pretty sure I started playing precisely in 2007, so if I ever managed to log in, I think all the memories of 8th/9th grade me would be overwhelming. :P
  22. rawrgoyle


    Disregard physics, acquire superpowers. :P
  23. rawrgoyle

    So, havent been on here in a while

    Welcome back to the great world of Runescape. :3
  24. rawrgoyle

    Sellador - 92 hunter

    Gratz. :P Oh, man, that menu is a nostalgia kick!

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