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  1. fun stuff in this thread makes me feel old mining, notice the old UI old levels - pre farming owns you
  2. I wouldn't suggest any of those methods to level your magic level I think that those ways to level it are very cost ineffective. The best way sometimes is to just get a bunch of runes and cast firebolt in armor at white knights in fally. You don't need anything fancy, just make sure you aren't getting hit and just cast over and over. Much more cost effective. -Joe
  3. this character has all 99s and then scrolled down to 99 summoning and 99 construction. Thats the correct total didn't hunting come out after summoning? this picture is just old. Or they didn't bother leveling hunting. Whatevs...
  4. I reached my goal in fishing I am one level away from my goal in FM. I have a few levels left in the third column, I think I'll do them first.
  5. Joe

    Ge Question.

    They probably want to even out the stocks for other players. I've never heard of this happening. Its just like when stores say "Limit 10." There probably aren't alot of Yew Logs in the GE at the time so they limit you so more people will get a good experience with the GE and wont be turned away. You might get more items "in the mail" if you request them. No idea about time...seems a little weird to me.
  6. Joe's Quest to ease his OCD! ----- ROFLCOPTERS And thus, I start my quest to get all my levels to end in zero. I don't think that I can possibly get some of them (prayer, HP) without killing myself (and thus ruining my quest). HP won't even be possible because I don't want to get another 10 levels in attack or def! Ranging will also be tough because it is at 71, so I will save that one for the end. Fletching is ACTUALLY impossible, but I suppose I can go for 99 after this is done. Here are my skills STARTING OUT: I just leveled Firemaking today, March 9th, so that is at 56. No Shows My strength is like 64 or something, must not be very good. My farming is 25. My summoning is 3. My Construction is 1. My Hunting is 4. Lets section this topic off. DONE: [X] Fishing Easiest one. [ ]Firemaking - 59 Next in Line. Sorry my two pictures here suck, this skill is so easy I missed the picture both times. [ ] Mining Logically next in line. Not too hard The rest are up in there. I will start with these few. The newer skills should be pretty easy to get to 10 and even 20 if I feel like it. Thanks for reading. Wish me luck. -Joe
  7. Joe

    All Skills 80+ (again)

    Wow, thats really fantastic. Some of those levels are a real pain in the butt to level that high. Nice joorrrbb.
  8. Joe

    97/99 Thief

    Wow...very rare skill to be leveling up that high. Nice job -Joe def pure? wow
  9. Joe

    80 Runecrafting

    Good lord your stats are mind boggling. Wow. Wow. Grats on 80 RCing.
  10. Joe

    Recap The Last Year

    it has dropped the price of the bows CONSIDERABLY, however. I didn't mind clicking, it made it more interesting. Now its just a quick click. I am dissapointed.
  11. Joe

    Recap The Last Year

    Actually, price regulation is made by balancing supply and demand: it's not arbitrary. It is pretty much regulating. You can't merchant because the people see that they are "transferring wealth" to you. You end up going by Jagex's prices. The G.E. is a REALLY good idea, but it still uses the stupid regulated prices. If they had the exchange with a larger price range, allowing more wiggle room, then it would be better. But I like how encompassing it is. ----------- I am still ticked that I can't profit from fletching. I used to make a good 100k-150k per 1k yew bows. Now I just break even. It's terrible. I also tried out hunting, it's pretty boring, but I prefer it over summoning. -Joe
  12. Joe

    Recap The Last Year

    NEW thing that I found out... I can't make money fletching anymore Prices of logs have gone UP and prices of bows have gone DOWN This is the first update that REALLY ticks me off. All this regulation of prices is really ANNOYING I am ticked.
  13. Boy have things changed since I've been gone. I need a quick refresher course of what the heck happened and HOW it all happened... A few things I've noticed: Auto-scape: Fletching now has a "Make-All" function for stringing bows? Now Runescape is turning into a click and sit game, not sure I like this very much. Same with cooking. Back in my day, I had to click and use EACH TIME. I feel old...gosh. Tons of Items: I see that there have been tons of new items, which are expected. Which item got the most buzz? It seems like godswords are pretty OP, but they come with a high price tag. Any stories about the new items? Trade Limit: Incredibly annoying, but I can see why they would do it. Gravestones??: Were too many kids crying? Now what is the point of killing people? Hunting: Looks like fun, any problems with it? Summoning: $$$ - buying shards to level this up looks very un-runescape. Is there any way to make shards, etc? And most importantly: PKING! : What was the problem with PKing? I didn't really PK much, but there didn't seem to be a problem in my opinion. Just wanted to get caught up on the news. I want to hear some stories of the reactions, etc. Thanks all! -Joe
  14. Joe

    Firebarrage + 2 Other Achervmeents

    I love your level layout The cool kind of pure IMO pure skillz
  15. Joe

    Range Training

    Thats where I went Great spot

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