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    Illusion is the first of all pleasures

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    why pamper life's complexities when the leather runs smooth on the passenger seat?

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  1. Common Sense

    Dungeoneering Comp is Over

    I really doubt sinkholes/daily challenges would decide the winner. You can add me. Again, not sure I'll be able to play much.
  2. Common Sense

    Dungeoneering Comp is Over

    It shouldn't, unless he gets exceptionally lucky with lamps: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Sinkholes/Lamp_experience
  3. Common Sense

    Dungeoneering Comp is Over

    Well, two dungeoneering daily challenges is almost exactly 350k experience...
  4. Common Sense

    Slayer Competition is Over

    What if I just want to vote to annoy Gocart? Actually, I would vote dungeoneering, but I’m not sure I can participate. Put me down anyway, I guess.
  5. Common Sense

    99 Best Skill

    Nicely done, not long until you've maxed all combat skills!
  6. Common Sense

    Behind the Scenes: July 2013

    Shockingly little content being released this month. I scrolled down for more, then scrolled back up in confusion.
  7. Common Sense

    facts about yourself

    My first post was in a gay marriage debate thread, arguing with mormril and Hexias. Cranko warned me on the old forums for some reason. I believe Cameron stepped in and removed the warn. While pulling an all-nighter, I spammed the dragon platebody hoax thread with Grey Venom and a couple other people. Yuanrang was once Youping. We met at the Mage Arena bank while training agility. 123man and I were made DMs and mods together. I think we're the only ones who were promoted to both positions together (hard to verify, this might just be wishful thinking on my part). I remember making a power amulet for Danirijeka in Falador. Sneezingtree and I raced to 1900 total in the summer of 2006. I reached 2000 that fall, then quit for 4 years.
  8. Congratulations to the following winners of week 100's citadel lottery! Army of One Dei Wei Eternaly Lit Fox Totem iI Duce II KamilKaze Nitua Purrfectlmt Tmacfan777 Tycoon100 I will be contacting you in-game to distribute prizes. (Bolded names have claimed their prize.)
  9. Common Sense

    Pics of Your Food

    Extremely poor quality picture of the best falafel:
  10. Common Sense

    What are you (going to be) studying?

    Journalism seems like a bad idea, and "pre-law" doesn't mean anything. Double majoring in English and economics would be interesting--as long as it's not too much extra work.
  11. Common Sense

    SCOTUS strikes down part of DOMA

  12. Common Sense

    The End Of A Journey

    Congrats, glad you finally managed to assemble a BA team! Well, new skill is just on the horizon...
  13. Common Sense

    Player Owned Ports

    I wouldn't only build stocks if I were you. I'd also build a human skull icon to increase your chances of getting the 10 lacquer missions.
  14. Common Sense

    Player Owned Ports

    Congrats on the armor. Get 4 trade good totems and just milk ports for money. Not much else to do. I've also been a bit bored by ports lately. Just plodding along, leveling up my crew as I work toward the 3 armor sets. I'm not too worried about finishing the scrolls since I still need so much lacquer anyway.
  15. Common Sense

    Vocab Final

    He's really into econ, not English, and was equating marginal cost with marginal benefit.

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