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  1. Thank you. :D We're hardly strict. More or less just a more mature clan, with a decent & stable structure.
  2. Tovent

    The Achievements Of Tovent ~ A Skiller's Tale

    Thanks Dj! Cheers Scope. :(
  3. [/p] INTRODUCTION Welcome to my Goals and Achievements topic. I've had many goals in my RuneScape career but I never seem to be able to stick to them.. So hopefully with the support of everyone here I'll be able to make some decent progress. I hope you enjoy looking through my topic and feel free to post your support! :-) ACCOUNT HISTORY I first started my account back in January, 2007 as a level 3 skiller. Whilst as a level 3, I basically learnt the in's and out's of effectively training up my non-combat stats. After many months of being a level 3, I decided it was the right time to get combat and in November, 2007 I began advancing combat after gaining 900 total as a level 3. I gained my first 99, Hunter, later on that month which was later followed up by Fletching in December 2007 and Cooking in March 2008. After all of that, it brings me to now. I'm currently what a like to call a fairly well balanced main, without any neglected skills. CURRENT STATS GOAL LIST Below is a list of the levels which I am currently aiming for. If you would like to view any screenshots of my past levels, since writing this thread, you can view them in the Archive section of my thread. LATEST LEVEL ARCHIVE Will grow as I begin to achieve more of my goals in this topic. SEPTEMBER 73 Magic - 20/09/08 [p] CONCLUSION + EXTRA INFORMATION CONTACTING ME If you would ever like to get in touch with me, you could either PM me on these forums, visit me on my IRC channel (#tovent) or just drop me a post on this thread. I also have my in game private chat set to on most of the time, so feel free to add me if you'd like a chat. I always get a little bored when I'm training. CLAN I'm currently an Emperor (Owner and Founder) of Skillers Empire, along with Flockers. We have a 1700+ total requirement which increases with your combat level. If you'd like some more information about us, visit our recruitment thread in the Recruiting Forum, or ask me here. CLOSING Thank you for reading my thread! I've put quite a bit of work into this, so it would be great if I could get some comments. I'll try my best to reply to every single comment that is left, but you can guarantee that it has been read. If you'd like to know anything else, just ask! -Tovent
  4. __________________________________________________________________________ IRC: #Empire | Clan Chat: Flockers » Skillers Empire Forum | Skillers Empire Memberlist « __________________________________________________________________________ Clan Requirements The Skillers Empire currently offers three different total level requirements based on your combat level. To start things off, the Skillers Empire has a base requirement of 1700+ total levels if your combat level is under 100. In addition to our base requirement, our total level requirement increases as your combat level increases. If you're combat level is 100-110, you must have a skill total of at least 1750, and if your combat level is 111 and above, you must have at least 1800 total levels to join the Empire. We've introduced these varying requirements based on combat level to ensure we don't attract players who use their combat skills to their advantage when it comes to joining a skilling group. Finally, you must be a RuneScape member to join us, and as of October 11, 2008, you must not be a member of any other RuneScape player killing or skilling clan (this excludes Pest Control clans). You also agree to our Global Rules. __________________________________________________________________________ Ran by Flockers and Tovent, the Skillers Empire is a fairly new RuneScape skilling clan with hopes to achieve a friendly, approachable, and laid-back community solely based on skilling. With the added simplicity of a quick and easy application process, we strive to create an easy-going skilling atmosphere, along with a professional forum for both our guests and members alike to share. Our goal is to present an atmosphere where it doesn't feel like you're in the tough and demanding conditions of the clan world (while still remaining a clan, of course!), and pace ourselves towards more of a skilling community, as opposed to a group of independent skillers. Considering we're at such an early stage in the clan, we ask that you keep up with the many changes that you may come across the Empire as we grow into the fun and friendly skilling community we hope to become. __________________________________________________________________________ We thank you for your interest in the Skillers Empire, and we hope you enjoy your stay with us!
  5. Tovent

    Wasup's Gone Crazy (pt 2)

    Hawt Agility and Runecrafting. Good Luck with 91 >.<

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