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    Things that really get on your nerves

    I'm one of those people who taps their foot a lot in quiet situations. It's hypnotic. I hate it when others do it though so when I catch myself doing it, I stop even though I don't want too. - I also hate when people knock and enter without waiting. Even when I explain it to people, they don't get it and continue to do it. - That it's a social standard that you pretty much have to tip. I understand when orders are difficult, or if you bring a lot of people with you to a restaurant, but seriously if I go get a cheese pizza there shouldn't be a reason to tip. I do tip anyway, I just find it annoying. - People who don't understand non-four-way stop signs. There's an area right down my street where there's a stop sign everyone assumes is four way, but isn't. Almost go into an accident there twice in the past month. - People who make a mess in my area and don't clean it up, especially at work. I understand if you make a mess at your own area, and plan to clean it up later, but I haaaaate if someone knocks over something at work and doesn't even bother to pick it up, or makes a huge mess and just expects me to clean it for them. - Restaurants without free refills. - Work places that hire ONLY online. I get they want to keep up with technology, but I find it extremely dumb you absolutely cannot apply in person anywhere anymore. I like actually meeting the manager and making a good impression instead of getting thrown into a stack with the countless other resumes. I'm sure there's millions upon millions more, but it's almost 5AM and I can't think anymore.
  2. lord earth13

    Introduction Threads

    Nope, just started commenting on stuff as well. I'm pretty sure I got a pseudo warn within the first 24 hours in the form of a PM pretty much telling me to be more careful.
  3. lord earth13

    A couple of things about North America

    Did you go to an older theatre? In the past few years, a lot of theatres have been redone in my city. The seats were terrible before, but now they're massive, you can move the armrests away, and super comfy. Theatres DO force you to buy food, but a lot of people just sneak in food and drinks in since it's all super expensive. I don't think there's ever been a time where people clapped after a movie for me, that would be kinda weird.
  4. lord earth13


    Have you already tried to log in? I was able to log into RS a few years ago at my uncles on dial up. It was pretty bad, but it KIND of worked.
  5. Probably a good 9-12 hours at least a few summers back. Eating and bathroom breaks were a thing, of course.
  6. lord earth13

    How did you die first?

    I took on a Goblin first thing, thinking "It's only a few levels higher than me, I'll level up much faster this way!" I even had a guy come up next to me when I was near death telling me "Stop you're going to die." but yeah, I didn't listen. I was so close too. I was under the impression you had to start the entire game over(like level reset) if you died at the time so I was really mad for a split second when I died. What was actually really cool is about 10 minutes after I died, another person randomly started following me, asked if I was new, and gave me 10k, armour, and a bunch of helpful starter items.
  7. lord earth13

    Your favorite Christmas songs

    The only memory I have of this song, is one Christmas me and my friends kept getting this song prank called to us for hours upon hours. I hate it because of it. :P Do They Know it's Christmas - Band Aid It's a sad song, but it's been my favourite for as long as I could remember. Little Drummer Boy - Sean Quigley I probably like the original better, but this is a cover from my home city that went viral on Youtube. That's dang well near impossible here. EDIT: There were a few others I was going to post, but apparently I can only post 2 links at a time. Oh well.
  8. lord earth13

    bros before hoes has some explaining to do

    The real question is, are there any other signatures(OR MAYBE EVEN AVATARS) that hold similar secrets!?
  9. Needs more bling It's too small. Here, I fixed it for you.
  10. If no one uses the guides, then there would be no foul for making the link more obvious. I actually think this is a super good idea. We need to make it look super fancy and such. Even if a small amount of people use the guides still, hopefully a bigger, more obvious link would attract those small amounts of people. I don't think it'd be the saving grace of the forum, but it'd definitely help.
  11. lord earth13

    Sleeping issues

    I doubt this is your problem, but on the off-chance it is... Use your bed ONLY for sleeping. I used to sit on a laptop, and sometimes eat on my bed. I couldn't sleep well at the time because my mind didn't connect my bed to sleeping any-more.
  12. lord earth13

    am i fat

    It's what on the inside that counts. <3
  13. lord earth13

    Breaking Bad Final Episodes

    HOLD ON A MINUTE. You... liked Fly? Fly was probably the only episode in the entire series I didn't like, it just seemed like a massive filler.
  14. lord earth13

    Breaking Bad Final Episodes

    More like Huell better get his own spin off.
  15. lord earth13

    Breaking Bad Final Episodes

    I actually don't think my poor little heart will be able to handle almost two episode at once for the next two weeks. I'm scared.
  16. lord earth13

    Breaking Bad Final Episodes

    And to think, there's still TWO episodes left. I wonder if they will really be able to top the epic that was this episode. I sure hope so, I'm prepared to cry at the end of the series.
  17. lord earth13

    Breaking Bad Final Episodes

    This episode... just... wow. WOW. I can't even get over how great of an episode that was. 7 more days!? I don't even know how I will survive at this point. Tonight was pretty much THE best episode of any TV I've ever watched in my entire life. Bummer, I got lucky and got a very nice quality, quickly loading video on the first try. I'd totally recommend something, but that'd be illegal. Hope you can watch it soon, because the spoiler you listed isn't even the highest point of the episode.
  18. lord earth13

    Breaking Bad Final Episodes

  19. lord earth13

    Best commercial ever

    I would be so very confused if this happened to me
  20. lord earth13

    A Day To Remember (AKA my first concert)

    I've never been to a concert in my life. One of my favourite bands, A Day to Remember, was coming to my city so I decided to go. The opening bands were ok, and I actually felt kind of bored at times... but as soon as ADTR got on stage I lost my shizzle. Mosh pit, circle mosh, toilet paper rolls flying everywhere, it was so fun. One of the band mates was shooting t-shirts into the crowd wearing a penguin costume, and eventually got into an inflatable raft and crowd surfed using that. So many luls. There were balloons also flying everywhere, but a lot of people were either catching them and keeping them, or immediately popping them.... Until a certain different balloon was floating around... It was a blown up condom, which I found kind of hilarious. It was even better because ADTR played pretty much all my favourite songs by them, so that helped a lot too. 10/10 wud go agan :trumpet:
  21. lord earth13

    A Day To Remember (AKA my first concert)

    @Army of One: Punk pop, my favourite genre. They have really heavy stuff, really soft stuff, and they also hit that sweet spot right between the heavy and the soft. @Taker: I know! They came last year too, so I'm hoping they'll come again next year. Definitely going again if they do. I might try to track them down in my city since I know they walk around whenever they come here.
  22. lord earth13

    Bus-sized 'fatberg' discovered under London street

    I feel bad for whoever has to clean that up.
  23. lord earth13

    Breaking Bad Final Episodes

    You poor, poor soul. Breaking Bad has been getting better and better as it went on. There's a few sub-par plot points in the show, but it's probably one of my favourite TV shows ever. ------------ Also, they've been posting mini-teasers on AMC's website, here's one of them: http://www.amctv.com/breaking-bad/videos/ozymandias-as-read-by-bryan-cranston-breaking-bad So excited for next Sunday, been waiting so long for this. :D
  24. lord earth13


    I do parkour. The only real tips I have, is allllways check your surroundings and KNOW what's on the other side of something you're about to jump over/vault. I had a friend that was about to vault a concrete ledge, and halfway into the vault he realized it was a 20 foot drop loading zone on the otherside. He caught himself before throwing himself over, but scared the shizzle out of all of us. Careful when trying to roll on concrete the first time whenever you decide to try it. I did it so slowly and lightly the first time I tried it, and got stabbed by tiny rocks I couldn't even see. It hurts a lot more than you think it would. Only attempt something if you're 100% sure you can do it. There's plenty of fail videos out there of people trying to show off how good at parkour they are, but fall off of something they were climbing that was beyond their skill. Also, if you're climbing anything, make sure you have a way down. I always climb stuff only to realize there's no real way to get back down safely. Careful out there!

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