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  1. lord earth13

    Who Will The Next Poster Be?

    Nope, a random person who jumped into the topic :P I guess... Roflinator
  2. lord earth13

    Type Your Username With Your Eyes Closed

    My name is Lord Earth13. W00t, I got it.:D I thought I messed up by the "Earth" part. W00t for being wrong. : P
  3. lord earth13

    Wish Me Luck...

    Good luck with the exams. ^^
  4. lord earth13

    70+ All F2p Stats

    You took all your money out of your bank except 1gp? I'm kidding :D Good job on 70+ status, I could never get 70 prayer f2p. O.o
  5. lord earth13


  6. lord earth13

    Post Your Bank Pictures Here!

    My bank... I'm extremely noobish, and am F2P:
  7. lord earth13


    Congratulations! Very nice status.
  8. lord earth13

    Noobs Say The Darnest Things

    It's kind of sad this happened, as he was my friend. I suspect he was hacked, but I wasn't thinking at the time, deleted him, and now I haven't talked to him since. M=Me F=Friend F: Hey, buddy! M: hello F: whats new? M: n2m, and you? F: the coolest thing happened to me yesterday! M: really? what was that? F: my auntie became a part of Jegex staff! M: wow, cool. congrats for your auntie! F: thats not the only thing... M: what is it? F: can i trust you? M: yeah sure, why? F: here, add this account *accounts name* M: kk *Few seconds later he logs in other account* F: k, don't tell A N Y O N E about this account M: ok, why? F: its a secret account, every mod gets one! M: really? F: yep! and you know what they do? M: no, what? F: they use them to get free items! M: really? wow... thats cool F: yeah, i know! F: anyway, want some free stuff? M: Yes O.o F: ok, give me your pass M: why can't you just trade me them? F: becuase this is suposed to be a secret account M: ok, then lets meet somewhere were no one is F: no, i'll have to walk out of my hiding spot M: then why can't i go there? F: its a secret mod place M: k, fine... M: how about i make another account to make sure i'm not scammed? F: because your level has to be 30+ M: looks like i have some training to do then F: no, it has to be this week, before i get caught on this account M: ... F: listen, do you want them, or not? M: sorry, but i guess not F fine, your not my friend any more! *friend blokes me* I lost a good, and one of my first friends(on RS) that day... That thing aren't the exact words, since I did all that on memory and the fact it happened a few months ago.
  9. lord earth13

    What Languges Do You Speak?

    English, and abit of French, and an even smaller amount of Japanese (like 4 words pretty much XD). Oh, I also speak Lord Earthian. :D
  10. lord earth13

    You Know You're A Noob If............

    When you say dollars, instead of GP... I actually see that lots still <.<
  11. lord earth13

    Should The Above Poster Change His Signature?

    Keep. the teletubby made me laugh. XD
  12. lord earth13

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  13. lord earth13

    The Forces Of Hell =foh=

    I'll be applying. Waiting for the email from making my account there. I have 70 combat, 57 attack, 58 strength, and 56 defence. My acount name is Lord Earth13.

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