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  1. I'm somewhat still around, I lurk a lot but don't post too often. I don't play RS anymore either.

    I can imagine the frustration of this once being a pretty active forum, doing nothing but improving the site, and still not seeing results. What else could be done though? It certainly doesn't help that most people who are active don't play RuneScape anymore so no one really even talks about the game itself anymore.



    May I ask you if Game of Thrones is worth watching?

    After catching up with Arrow I'm looking for another show lol

    I once heard that GoT has really messed up parts (like gay stuff) Yeah not sure if its real but thats kinda held me back cause what I heard was not really good

    Lol. Wow.

  3. Did you go to an older theatre? In the past few years, a lot of theatres have been redone in my city. The seats were terrible before, but now they're massive, you can move the armrests away, and super comfy. Theatres DO force you to buy food, but a lot of people just sneak in food and drinks in since it's all super expensive.


    I don't think there's ever been a time where people clapped after a movie for me, that would be kinda weird.

  4. @Army of One: Punk pop, my favourite genre. They have really heavy stuff, really soft stuff, and they also hit that sweet spot right between the heavy and the soft.


    @Taker: I know! They came last year too, so I'm hoping they'll come again next year. Definitely going again if they do. I might try to track them down in my city since I know they walk around whenever they come here.

  5. I do parkour. The only real tips I have, is allllways check your surroundings and KNOW what's on the other side of something you're about to jump over/vault. I had a friend that was about to vault a concrete ledge, and halfway into the vault he realized it was a 20 foot drop loading zone on the otherside. He caught himself before throwing himself over, but scared the shizzle out of all of us.


    Careful when trying to roll on concrete the first time whenever you decide to try it. I did it so slowly and lightly the first time I tried it, and got stabbed by tiny rocks I couldn't even see. It hurts a lot more than you think it would.


    Only attempt something if you're 100% sure you can do it. There's plenty of fail videos out there of people trying to show off how good at parkour they are, but fall off of something they were climbing that was beyond their skill.


    Also, if you're climbing anything, make sure you have a way down. I always climb stuff only to realize there's no real way to get back down safely. Careful out there!

  6. Josh, on , said:


    Except they're all worth 500gp.


    (hi sk8 bby, how are you?)

    Also the fact that you only ever get useless cosmetic items.


    Of course! Jagex would NEVER want to give you an unfair advantage with something like the SoF!


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