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    The Challenge Game

    Alright, so we used to play this on some other forums I used to visit and it always seemed pretty fun. The game works by asking and receiving challenges in relation to the forums. Most challenges are post related, but feel free to be creative and put a spin to them. Example of challenges: For the next 20 posts, y0u mu57 5p34k 1n 1337 For 1 week, you must not use the letter "e" in any of your posts Post a reaction picture at the end of every post you make for the next 10 posts Change your avatar and signature to... for the next 7 days Obviously your challenges must fall within the rules of the forums, so something like "Spam porn and make at least 20 porn topics in the next 30 minutes!!!" probably isn't a good idea. So yeah. That's about it. You can't challenge yourself, so quick, someone hit me with a challenge! Or request one, that works too. EDIT: Challenge specific people who have also posted in the topic to prevent no-one knowing who's talking to who.
  2. lord earth13

    Transformers Universe Shutting Down

    I guess the fact I never even heard of this game in my life goes to show it probably didn't get the advertisements it needed. I suppose it's also possible I live under a rock.
  3. Most the time I played RuneScape to pass time in the first place. It was what I did when there was nothing else to do. For a large time of my life there was nothing TO do, so I played a lot of RuneScape. I agree with Egghe. I found it really enjoyable, although it probably wouldn't have been if it wasn't for the people I met along the way. Hey, playing RuneScape was a lot more constructive then looking at cat pictures or watching Youtube videos all day, which would have probably been the alternative. :P
  4. lord earth13

    What were you doing 10 years ago?

    Hmmm... I was 9, so what's that, grade 4 I think? I had just moved from the city to a small farmers town. A few months into school, I think I was probably starting to talk to people around me at this point. I know I wasn't playing RuneScape yet, since that wasn't until the sixth grade. I remember going on AlbinoBlackSheep a lot, which is a flash animation site that was pretty much Youtube before Youtube. Uhhhhm, yeah, that's all I got.
  5. lord earth13

    Sal's Team Speak

    Even though I don't play at all anymore, I think a Skype chat would be better and pretty neat for everyone to just hang out and chat. It'd be better than Team Speak just because it's more common and thus would have more people in the chat.
  6. lord earth13

    Nike Air Yeezy II Red Octobers - Thoughts

    Those shoes look like updated Ronald McDonald footware.
  7. lord earth13

    Pics Of Yourself!

    Your hamster reminds me of this:
  8. lord earth13

    I'm Probably Long Forgotten

    Your name rings a huge bell. Hello and welcome back!!!
  9. Before alching, it was all from monster drops. After alching, well... I don't have enough knowledge of the current game to remember anymore. But that's how a lot of the initial money came from anyway.
  10. lord earth13

    crap crap crap forgot about this STEAM GIVEAWAY #4

    26. I'm totally going to win this again.
  11. lord earth13

    What's in a name?

    Lord: I really liked Lord of the Rings at the time... A LOT. Earth: My favourite element to use in the RPG Golden Sun 13: Lord Earth was taken on RuneScape, and I was 12 at the time. I was scared Jagex was going to find out I was 12 and not 13 like the rules demanded to play the game, so I went with 13 instead. This was before anyone of any age could sign up and play, so yeah. RuneScape wasn't the first place I used the name, but I think I was around 11 when I started using it. Now that I'm almost 19 I kind of extremely hate the name because I pretty much consider it the worst name in existence. :lol:
  12. Holy crap I actually won something for once!
  14. lord earth13

    Count Down From 1,000,000

    I was bored so I did some math. We're actually off, with my post, we're at: 987,465 At the rate we're going we will reach 0... somewhere near the end of the year... 2662. Unless I messed something up here, which I'm prone to do. The exact year was 2662.8280418 so if someone wants to figure out an exact date for that go ahead.
  15. Bwahahaha, The Doomsayer's text is great. I love how self-aware Jagex are.

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