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    now you askin it, where am i?
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    I love playing stealing creation, too much. 14.5k points.
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    m r blaster
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    approx 1600+
  1. mr blaster

    Selling Floors In Dungerring

    i think it means you pay somebody money so you can leech off them while they do the floor for you.
  2. mr blaster

    Count To 15 (with A Twist)

    3 wait no cat get off my mou-
  3. mr blaster

    It Is Wartime

    *has no idea what is going on*
  4. mr blaster


    same here, what is this all about?
  5. mr blaster

    Training Smithing 73-80

    Currently i am smithing unfinished mithril bolts in the blast furnace. But i was wondering if there are better methods than this. There are some methods im considering. -iron knives -adamant bolts -adamant arrowtips -cannonballs Which would be recommended to get 73-80 smithing in a reasonable amount of time? Also, i cannot afford smithing plates and i have a (more or less) infinite supply of sc hammers.
  6. mr blaster

    People On W117 Leave..hate It

    They use the friends chat for making dungeoneering groups, but also have a clan for hanging out in. on topic: d squires is a good alternative if you dont want ragequitters all the time.
  7. mr blaster

    Spell Quivers

    dungeoneering blastbox? but the idea of putting some spells in the combat menu is good.
  8. mr blaster

    Yall Remember Akinator?

    'is your character female? no' *7 questions* 'does your character have small breasts' i am somewhat disturbed...
  9. mr blaster

    Re-joining Membership

    It's been a while since i was a member, and alot of things have been added the last few months. and i'm wondering what i should do. stats: done most of the main quests, only new and hard quests remain. (also, my max budget is 500k)
  10. mr blaster

    Zombie Plan

    Seeing as the most of the guns around here are either broken, lost or stolen by other people, and the best weapon i got is a knife and a walking stick, i think im pretty screwed.
  11. mr blaster

    Erm...anyone Good With Growth Of Body Parts?

    I have come up with a 100% failsafe plan to make it grow. NOTICE: this will only work under the age of approximately 20-24 step 1: do NOTHING. it happens all on its own! you just have to sit still like an idiot and it will grow on its own!
  12. mr blaster

    Bangladesh Woman Cuts Off 'attacker's' Penis

    Guess he lost his *glasses* cutting edge.. yea. on topic: he deserves it though. would be hell funny for the people on that police station.

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