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  1. http://xnet.se/fd/ Basically, it creates a corrupt file of most types (including PPT and images ) and you can either e-mail it to your teacher or bring it in on a USB card. This will help you get exempt or a few extra days on that project, so you can go on Sal's and play Runescape more Remember too say thx Feel free to close/delete if illegal.
  2. Say whatever you want Give zero fudges Establish your own persona and don't let anyone get you to stray from it. Understand and respect your own values. Don't be afraid to walk away. Whoever cares less has more power. Love isn't something that just happens. It is an earned feeling. Someone who doesn't add value to your life (be it the same sex as a friend or opposite sex as a mate) isn't worth a whole lot of your time. Someone who takes value away from your life doesn't even deserve a place in your contacts.
  3. Mr FANG

    Updated girl/relationship advice

    I don't know what you're poking at but it's covered under my insurance
  4. Mr FANG

    Updated girl/relationship advice

    Very much so. I've started to see a therapist recently. Also, I have several FWB. None of them could come over tonight though because of finals week so I'm stuck up late watching Rick and Morty and reminiscing about old times.
  5. Mr FANG

    Pics Of Yourself!

    hey sal's
  6. Mr FANG

    Pics Of Yourself!

    Had them for a week or two.
  7. Mr FANG

    Pics Of Yourself!

    so did you grow out of doing the shocker if so I commend you this might be the start of a wonderful friendship.
  8. In restaurants, shizzle happens. You make mistakes, you own up to them, everybody moves on. Don't stress; you don't need to. Take it one day at a time. Don't think "I'm working five days a week" because you'll psych yourself out. Take it as "I work today", or "I don't work today" and go from there.
  9. Mr FANG

    Pics Of Yourself!

    I'm going to be honest, I think you shaved your neckline a bit much too high :P It's just the angle. It's not #tbt, but this is about three years ago. Quite a difference, ey? :P
  10. Mr FANG

    Pics Of Yourself!

    hi sal's
  11. miss you too <3 breaker lilshu metalkon tiki taker
  12. Mr FANG

    Nosce te ipsum.

    An empty soul: prowling through the weeds of life, slashing down the webs of consciousness, and dancing into the darkness. Seeking its true path, to understand the challenge put forth. What? Why? Who? … Who. It who seeks; who dashes through the forest, desperately searching to live. Gathering shreds of the final puzzle: the puzzle with no ends, no means, no tangency. In that puzzle lies another riddle, and in that riddle lies an unsolved code, which contains the true final piece of what lives. Just a spirit, floating onward, minding itself and not a thought more. A soul in bliss, stuck in ignorance. Spiraling down a path of introspection toward an avenue of doubt, ingrained on a grove of lies, beneath a highway of depression, and not a single blockage. A one-way road of death. Walk, strut, trot, roll, skip, float, fly, hover, transport, and end. It all ends. Through one passage or a second procedure: it all ends. But else it lives. Struggle, digression, struggle, digression, struggle, digression, end. Dénouement. And yet, the truth remains unscathed. From beginning to end, every rock turned twice over, not a patch left blank. There remains the invisible gate to truth that has no key. Consciousness. The true escape. Left, right, north, south. Ambiguity. Subjectivity: Prison, utopia; island, escape? Where? When? Who? Why? How? What does it mean? Go, and never return. The answer you seek won’t be found here. Comfort remains your enemy. Ego sum inimicus proprius pessimus meus. Don’t stop the journey. Your journey: through the unknowns. Nosce te ipsum.
  13. Mr FANG

    Nosce te ipsum.

    Not enough, really.
  14. Mr FANG

    hay guize

    I'm back to grab one of my old posts to use for a school assignment. Figured I'd say Hi, and goodbye to everyone. Mucho love for all the fun throughout the years, guys. I still have 20M or so on my RS account that I intend to give away at some point in time so keep an eye out for me in the FC in the next few days/weeks. For those of you who care, my skype is on my blog and a few of you I'm already facebook friends with. I welcome anybody who wants to just talk from time to time or even ask for advice. Keep in touch, y'all. ~The Forum Playa~ Sucks I'll never make DM, but it's great that I was an RM .
  15. Mr FANG

    S U 0 M I

    Except it's not possible in 32bit java. Exp values are saved as integer values, as in, 200000000.0. The max digit in java being 2147483647, (231-1). Since it would be weird to have the XP cap at 214,748,364.7, they rounded down to 200m. This could of course be solved by switching to long values, but my guess is they're saving that for RS3, if that ever happens.
  16. fudge my awkward (forced) school schedule conflicting with my work schedule fudge my managers at work fudge girls fudge, man. Starting the next year/semester right. No more of this fudgeing fiddlesticks.
  17. Mr FANG

    ye [fixed link]

  18. Mr FANG

    ye [fixed link]

    Customers like it. It's also a really good wrist workout on that note i can do it lefty and righty.
  19. Mr FANG

    What happened to b-day topics here?

    i expected a happy birthday topic entailing birthday sex with tiki and/or sofee. but we all can't have what we want. except me, most of the time.
  20. Mr FANG

    cya sals

    what this is an outrage
  21. Mr FANG


    lol f this game
  22. Mr FANG

    Pics Of Yourself!

    Calm down, there's enough Mr FANG to go around, ladies.

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