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    Music is a biggie, The Used, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Alesana, Underoath, alternative style stuff/scremo/indie/hardcore.<br /><br />Clan life is good too =]

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  1. Sky002

    It's Been A While.

    What happened to Sed brother. I just couldn't lead it like I could before, between work, school and everything else. Beastboy took over for a while, but we weren't growing fast enough for the new leaders, so he decided to close it. I had a dream last night i reopened it lawl. Matt! I've missed you <3
  2. Sky002

    It's Been A While.

    ello yea, stuff's gone on, sal's is over though imo. at least until small clans can flourish again
  3. We were pretty excited about this one, haven't had a chance at a good pkri for some time, couple of days ago the war was set up. 9 Pm EST start 1 hour cap Spiders to greaters Melee and Binds No blasts Rings allowed No corrupt Starting Opts Seduction: 48 (sorry no pic) Ascension: ~45 I made it just in time for the initial charge, having just got off work =] but both clans seemed to do well. Both had a few kos here and there, our binders and rangers started slacking near the end of the war as ascension tanked hard, but it was the same story for the other side as our snipers woked their binders and our tanks dragged them across the map. At the end of the cap, both teams had 36 opt piles with a few returning. Was great to finally get some pvp action without any e-drama, thanks all Sed members that came to show we're not a clan limited to cwa. Sorry for thrown together post <3
  4. Sky002

    Legacy Vs Vanquished

    while you're waiting, just wanted to say good fight guys two new-er clans that both show promise, hope you guys go far
  5. Sky002

    Legacy Vs Dragonwood

    good job guys
  6. Sky002

    The Gladiatorz Vs Downfall

    solid win, gj gladz
  7. Sky002

    Your Sals List!

    I want to say legacy because i see a lot of sal's familiars in it, but i don't see a lot of posts 0. legacy 1. seduction 2. ancient legion
  8. Sky002

    Seduction ~vs~ Insanity

    missed out on that one, gj guys =]
  9. Sky002

    What Makes Your Clan So Special?

    the people are priceless, nuff 'sed' =]
  10. Sky002

    Seduction Vs Akeldama

    listen to the speech chris -.- was a fun fight, we're moving right on up
  11. Sky002

    Sed Vs Pinoy

    was kind of disappointed they didn't perform better, gf too bad for the second war, i was excited about it
  12. Sky002

    Seduction Vs Akeldama

    the amount of members in our clan doesn't effect the amount of fun we have tbh =] seduction's better than ever in my eyes fun war, gf akel it's been a while since a war got my heart pumping that fast =]
  13. Sky002

    Clan Legacy Vs Insanity

    strong start, nice wins

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