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    Your Sals List!

    We been trying Has it not occured to you that perhaps no-one cares about mini-war ranks? This isn't a mini-war list, so refrain from posting about them, just because your clan fails at fullouts. 1. FT/MoD 2. - 3. Tri 4. Exer/ronin 5. - This is an opinion list, it doesn't say "top full out warrers" And in defense of my clan, we don't fail at them, just the only clans that will give us wars are clans we can't contend with fairly yet. Stop commentign on other people's lists by the way.
  2. Sky002

    Hades Vs Rage

    108 prayer haxx gj
  3. Maybe the third time is a charm Seduction memberlist 7 - True Supremacy-Would be a good fight, let's do it tbh 10 - Insomnia-It's been a week...so you should be able to do a 2 week prep now, war us 11 - Hades-Declined, we'll ask again in 2 weeks 12 - Eclipse-Declined, we'll ask again in 2 weeks Rules Full Out 1-2 Week prep Melee with hybrids Middle boundaries Rangers....negotiable No curses No blasts No mass recruiting FA'S allowed Contact Information Msn: [email protected] Irc: #seduction Forums: http://z3.invisionfree.com/Rs_Seduction/index.php?act=idx
  4. Sky002

    We Got Seduced

    Great job eclipse, and very nice jog on originality in your topic, spam, and signatures. And I'm not sure if you're confused or not, but you fought the eleventh hour, not us. In fact, this topic has nothing to do with us so why tell us good fight. As for a flame, bait, I really see no flame bait what so ever. Yea we've been trying to get a war with eclipse for over a month and as a result of them being too busy we have opted to move in to take their rank and certain members have been sour about that ever since it happened (of course not naming names) and have gone to the lengths of making paint-job signatures with our catch phrases just in situations that one would not find enticing. Compeltely flame free, congratulations eclipse, you're a very respectful and mature clan, I'm sure you will go far with your outstanding leaders.
  5. Totally wasn't thinking about topic the whole time, so my pics are slack =\ Sorry Well, Annihilation came into our irc asking for a 10 v 10, and we accepted. We had two wars, the first one there was a misunderstanding about rules Some seduction members had infinite run, and Annihilation thought they had said no infinite run, which I didn't recall seeing. So after a good bit of flame, and seduction being dubbed No honor, we had a rematch. The second war was set to be a 9 v 9, but we had 11 people in, and we were determining who was going to leave when they had a 10th come in at the last second. Sorry, no pics Seduction Starting Beastboy370-125 Sky002-124 Dragonite Jo-124 Element479-122 Mrdood1000-122 Itzjamez666-118 Gimpster111-118 Dabuddha-111 G0d F34rsMe-108 Joshmysta-105 Annihilation Starting Son Goku 85-126 Yoogotpwned-122 Brightside11-121 Rubiks Sword-120 Therockfan13-120 (The Shadow member, i don't know why he was there, btu he was) Crunchie47-119 Tlalian-118(?) idk some wierd name, doesnt show on their memberlist Dang3rousboy-117 ADT Clone-115 Grego 4 Eva-101 The war went underway, A piled jamez, while Seduction piled Adt. They both dropped at the same time, which I took as good news because we had more snipers than them, which meant a good bit of damage had been dealt to the others. Seduction made it a 9 v 8 rather quickly, and we kept a 1 man lead until I managed to to tank through 2 of their members. We pulled a bit of split piling, and got around to killing the rest of them, winning with 4 left. Great job to Ele and Gimpster, first war for both of them and they did really well. Our snipers and tanks pulled through in the end, good job guys. A few ugly pics... Would have been a great fight except for the flame. I'm sorry the no infinite run war wasn't assumed for us, if the clan doesn't mention it, we use it for two reasons. First, of course it's an advantage if the other team doesn't have it, and secondly if the other clan uses it and we don't then we're at a disadvantage. At least we proved ourselves to you guys, I told you we'd win with 4-6 left
  6. Went out for a mini, found SR. They said it was early for them, so we agreed on matched opts, they said they could pull 13, ended up being 13 v 13. Seduction starting SR starting: 13 War started off kinda edgey on our side, SR was set to attack and they charged us a couple of times before they actually attacked, but we were able to bring it together and get a quick ko in the beginning. That set the pace for the rest of the war, we got our second kill while purekao was still tanking. We kept it together with good binds and managed to widen the gap. near the end of the war, a few SR members ran out to the portals, Bob tatus was the last and managed to waste a few of our nature runes before finally leaving, giving us the victory with 10 left. Ending: Epic pics: ^^ And yes bob, it is just a game, I'm glad playing like this amuses you.
  7. Sky002

    Seduction Vs. Annihilation

    We had like 6 people in teamspeak, and 2 new guys. So we had to work with what we could
  8. Good job guys, nice win
  9. Well we were wanting a war tonight and while I was askign around seeing who was up for it, The shadow came into our irc asking for one, so we accepted. it was set to be a matched opts war, but the shadow told me they would have about 10 20 minutes before the war, war ended up being 11 v 11 Melee with binds Center boundaries The Shadow attacks No infinite run Sorry i forgot starting, so used to Dat or 13lade making topics now, but here were names and levels Seduction: Dark Rage128-126 Beastboy370-125 Sky002-124 Dragonite Jo-124 Lancylotte-122 Xaphan9-118 Purekao604-118 Itzjamez666-118 Alex808-117 Gothic Boy 4-112 Crucifix God-107 The Shadow: 11, sorry not sure of names, Timm or Eric if you have a pic, I'll put it in A little bit of a rough false start in the beginning, but we finally got everything sorted out =] And the war was underway. We began piling their 115, Denten first, while they piled (I think) Gothic. We managed to take down denten first and we moved on, managing to keep a 3/4 man lead or so. At around 9 v 8, one of their members was about to be killed, but started running out of boundaries, I was calling my members back and The Shadow-realizing a member ran out tried to kick him out, but kicked Pker Eric out by accident =\ right after, the person that ran out was killed, so it became a 9 v 7. The shadow was really working our snipers with great organization, and it was about this time they started dropping, but The shadow couldn't close the gap. Seduction Ending: Other pics Great fight guys, sorry for the bad luck with Eric, I know he's a great warrer, it might have been enough for you to turn the numbers around.
  10. We've had a lot of luck with mini wars recently, whenever we want to go find one, a clan tends to come in and ask =] First of all, many apologies to CR for the late start, my browser just completely stopped working about 2 minutes before the war and i was working constantly tryign to fix it and restart (Not sure if CR posts on sal's, but yea, here's my apology again) The war was pretty standard, melee with binds center boundaries, matched opts. I was a little uneasy with this war as cr outlevelled us, we had some newcomers and then after we entered the arena one of my members Said, "uh...I have 6 prayer" Anyway, onto the good stuff Seduction Starting: CR Starting: I tried to get a pic, but they kinda walked around a lot before the war started so they weren't all dded until we were potting, at which point I didn't want to risk the slight lag since my comp takes pics wierd. Fire 3lade-126 Parshdarsh-126 Dr3ambash3r-125 Lan man15-124 Haley610-124 Tj040-123 Geezerrrr-121 Acid Vortex-119 Legolas8209-118 Hyper Dudes-118 Bobster125-116 Yougotbroke-110 Ichigo Kai-107 The war started off with CR attacking, the piled Jake blake first while we piled legolas. I am very proud of jake for out tanking legolas. This was Jake's first war, I had actually taught him how to war right before this war, so he did very well for a first timer =] After that we kept a steady pace, always keeping in the lead. The next couple of piles went well, our members tanking very nicely. great job to Crucifix, beast, and pure for being our pro tankers today. And Joshy tanked through the rest of the war to make I believe his second ending opts =] I got dced when it was 9 v 5, which is why we have 8 ending.
  11. I know I already had my say on this topic, but just so you guys know... If you drop your 97, you have a 120 combat average to 3x's 121 combat average, yes 3x has a slight level advantage, so what it happens. Levels are not everything in a war, not unless it's a 3 v 3. You say 3x brought a fair amount of 120s, when you had the same number of 120s. I'm not trying to cause any more flame on this topic, but you are in the wrong and you're here trying to put down 3x, which may not be the epitome of a perfect clan, but I know for sure they are a pretty good clan, not to mention their history on Sal's goes back before my time. And just to throw some equation into perspective, after the fight begins, 3x members are set to tank off 6 of your members, while your member has to only tank off 5. Assuming the tanks are pretty even in skill, which I believe is fair to assume, the person tanking on 3x's side would obviously die first because they would have an extra person hitting/binding them for the course of their tank, which would make things a bit difficult for 3x. The tyrant tank would out tank the 3x members, and tyrants would move on to the next target, leaving 3x to have 4 members on the tyrant tank, and tyrants have still 6 members on that 3x member, which would stay this way until the tyrant member tanking would die. After that, it's a 4 v 6, and tanking off 3 people is easy. It probably turned into a dm style war, in which 3x couldn't compensate for the extra 2 people. But they were able to bring down one more, probably making it into a 5 v 2. Tanking was pointless after the second 3x member dropped, so yea, couldn't bring it back. On a side note.... I hope to see The Tyrants carry on and move forward, respectfully. I took a look at your memberlist, some good people on there, you have a good aura about you. Keep it strong and learn how to be gracious in your endeavors.
  12. Sky002

    Seduction Vs. Crimson Raiders

    They had dcs? Edit** Oh must have been agfter I dced
  13. Sky002

    Sals Clan Rankings

    It wasn't my intention to start flame by bringing this up, we've been wanting to war Eclipse for nearly two months now, and whenever we ask you are busy. The bottom line is we want a war, and the clans we can contend with at the moment won't give us one, so it's hard to work on what we need to work on to be able to move up because we haven't had the chance to see exactly where we are. In all honesty, we'd rather earn the rank instead of taking it, but it seems threatening your rank is the only way to get a war. I'm tired of "I'm busy" As an excuse, there are 7 days in a week and over 7 weeks of anticipation. We've offered no posts wars, full outs, p2p, all styles, anything you can imagine and no one is interested. We have things we need to work on, we plan to aim higher and push ourselves more, but it's hard to do that when certain situations prevent us from advancement, the major one being clans not warring us. Again, not trying to take a cheap shot or anything, I respect that you want to only war at one time one day of the week to optimize your clan turnout, but you've known for a long time we want a war, we don't care if it's 2 month prep.
  14. Hmmm...I hope this isn't the side of the Tyrants we'll be seeing in the future. Even if 3x had some flame, this topic alone makes me want nothing to do with this clan because of the cockiness and flame, and considering it was a 7 v 6? Even with great organization, it's hard to overcome a 1 man lead in that small of a war, regardless of levels
  15. Sky002

    Full Out Declarations

    That's what I was told 2 weeks ago, and then two weeks before that
  16. Sky002

    Full Out Declarations

    Um... you guys have 15 more members than us, not including our FA's and 10 more than us including our FA's and that's not even including your 17 FA's. Only reason we declare don you is because your leader is ranking you higher than us on his opinionated list. If he thinks insomnia is better and i think Seduction is better, then there's only one way to prove it.
  17. Sky002

    Seduction Vs. The Shadow

    I was wondering why necro wasn't praying, oh well And timm, anytime you want to get soem experience, we'll be glad to help, cause i <3 you and stuff We have some that could use some experience too, i only brought one to the war today, but he was like the only newish guy on, so yea. Ask anytime though, I'll see what I can do
  18. Sky002

    The Saradomin Army

    runehead? mini plz
  19. Sky002

    Sals Clan Rankings

    They've declined 3 times now is what I'm getting at, 2 week intervals between declarations
  20. Sky002

    Silent Reckoning Vs Relentless

    I was wondering what was going on because SR are normally pushovers, especially in mini wars. Then i saw EM members...you guys joined SR?
  21. Sky002

    Sals Clan Rankings

    Is there a point to this rule? Or am I missing something?
  22. Sky002

    Full Out Declarations

    If it's going to be a while why not go ahead and war us? Seems like you'll have time
  23. Sky002

    The Shadow Vs Vigorous

    use lube next time, that was brutal

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