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  1. Joe-Seduction

    Thoughts about Sals forums?

    I would agree with most of your premise. There were some who enjoyed the smaller homey feel of Sal's and even took pride in being a "Sal's born" clan.
  2. Good luck with your new project lads.
  3. Joe-Seduction

    Sed Vs. Ascension 1 Hr Pkri

    I was logging in at greaters when the timer expired so I missed ending by -->||<-- darnit. Was pretty fun overall.
  4. Joe-Seduction

    Legacy Vs Vanquished

    Gratz on the win. Good to hear it remained clean. GG of scape.
  5. Joe-Seduction

    What Makes Your Clan So Special?

    It's all about the buckets baby. There have been imitations but there is only one true B-Y00nit.
  6. Joe-Seduction

    Seduction ~vs~ Insanity

    `Topic by Sup Im Sean` taken from Seduction forum Seduction vs Iclan Basically we got this fight a couple days ago and just went from there. Sed starting: Iclan starting: - dont have picture. Seduction ending: We started off by piling a 123 he got k0d and we followed it up with a transition ko and then after that we basically dominated the rest of the fight. Thanks to Iclan for getting a pile again and not continuing to mass snipe. Random pics: Happy birthday Sean )) #Seduction for wars -.-
  7. Joe-Seduction

    Sed Vs Pinoy

    We knew it would be tough being outnumbered by as much as we were in the full out but at the same time we had confidence in our tanking abilities so who knows. No sniping rules are kinda cheesy anyways, someone always claims there was sniping even if it was just a random misclick but this was pretty much everywhere nonstop to it's impossible to say that was the case.
  8. Joe-Seduction

    Notorious V Solace

    Gratz on the fight looked like fun.
  9. Joe-Seduction

    Ancient Legion Defeats Everlasting Souls

    Looked like fun, keep it up both of you.
  10. Joe-Seduction

    Clan Legacy Vs 'the'

    Gratz I see a few old time Sals names there. Keep posting we may yet revive this place.
  11. Joe-Seduction

    Seduction ~vs~ Godz

    I cam home from work and right when I logged into IRC I was spammed to get to W75 BH. So I geared and got there with a couple of minutes to spare. Seduction Starting: Seduction Ending: In all honesty we outleveled them a bit and it was evident from the first pile that they would have an uphill battle so they quickly dropped their pile and tried the center tactic but the difference and skill of Seduction was too great and the battle ended with two of Sed's fighters being low or out of food but no fallen. Thanks for the fight Godz and next time we can consider a +/- to make it a bit more interesting.
  12. Joe-Seduction

    The Sabres Vs Team Power Rangers

    Nice win TS gratz.
  13. Joe-Seduction

    Seduction Vs Insanity

    Sorry I should have called an earlier anti but we were rocking the main pile pretty good and wanted to get them down. All in all a pretty good war for Seduction. Thanks to Insanity.
  14. Joe-Seduction

    Seduction Is Looking For Fights

    We have always wanted to have fun with Exer but the time thing was always an issue.
  15. Joe-Seduction

    The Gladiatorz Vs Nbk & Tbe

    Nice job Gladz, pretty even pull as well.

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