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  1. Tyra

    How's It Going In Here?

    Plenty of nostalgia here that''s for sure ^.^
  2. Tyra

    How's It Going In Here?

    I spent more time reading Wolfie's wall of text than I did for the rest of the page. I see much hasn't changed ^.^ I'll admit the faking forum is dead since I used to be here. I remember faking guilds were huge, collaborative faking was possible, and more importantly faking was popular. Well compared to now at least. I suppose if you want faking to be somewhat popular again there are a few steps that may or may not help. 1. A new thread for each fake you make. Just to give visitors something entirely new, instead of an edited topic. 2. When you post a fake, if you're proud of it, put it in your siggy (as a link preferably) and make it noticible. Then post around and see if you can increase responses to it. 3. If you edit an old fake and make it new again (original content preferred of course) Get it out there, don't just replace the old one. Noone will see it. 4. Host a faking competetion. Even if it's a complete flop it will probably bring more people around. 5. Finally and this may be the most important one. To help new fakes/fakers, if the fake is bad enough that you want to give a flame rating, don't rate it at all, instead offer some gentle construction criticism. Anyway, Hi guys. Long time no see. I can't promise I will post or even come back. I'm here on a whim, and if I stay it will also be on a whim.
  3. I sincerely believe that Jagex wouldn't bring back the wilderness and free trade without being absolutely sure that they can be rid of enough bots to make them harmless. I do agree that there are still some bots, and as always a few will slip through the cracks, but it will not be the situation it was three years ago. As I quote. It won't be the issue it was, and overall will be better for the game. The simple question that seems to be completely out of most of the arguments is. "What would be the most for for you?" Some people seem to want it because of the money they are going to get, and some players don't want it because of the bots they think will derive from it. What will be the most fun for you? Ask yourself that, answer honestly, maybe post it on here. See if you have a different outlook. Personally I voted yes. Free trade will be less limiting for me, and in my opinion, pking will make for a safer wilderness than most think. (And this is coming from a non-pker, non-botter, who doesn't have rich friends giving them a lot of money.) :D
  4. Tyra

    How Is Every1 So Rich?

    It actaully is, dragons rage from 80-90k a trip. (currently at 84k with just hides and bones) you can make 400k+ in just 5 trips, I've once done a trip in under 6 minutes. 700k might be a stretch but I can see 500k pretty easily. Those figures are mine without a cannon. Some people say you can make more with one, but I don't know so I leave it be.
  5. Tyra

    Hey Guys This Is Goodbye.

    I Hope I will.
  6. I'm not going to say that this wasn't a good try. Because it was. But I'm afraid it won't work. Merchanting clans don't make money. The clans don't anyway/. The clan leaders will. What they do is they buy the items as low as possible, then raise the price a little. Then they tell their "Clan" to buy the rising item. They sell it to their clan as the price rises, once they're done selling, they tell the clan to sell, while they go for the next one. They don't need any other members except their clan who foolishly thinks that these people want to help them make money.
  7. Tyra

    Hey Guys This Is Goodbye.

    As of right now I'm officially leaving Sal's realm of runescape. Hopefully this isn't goodbye forever. Just for a little while. If things permit I hope I can be back someday. IN the meantime, Farewell. Ill stay for a little while for anyone who wants to say goodbye. But I won't be for long.
  8. Tyra

    The Omega Faking Group

    Hey guys. I just wanted to say I have had a great time here, but it's about time I have to go. I haven't been able to post lately, and I haven't faked in a long time. This is my official Request of resignation. Bye all.
  9. Since it is an achievement. I have a link to my blog but I'll post another one here! http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/c=vm...60043359,goto,1
  10. Tyra

    The Omega Faking Group

    I vanished for a few months.... >.> I think that's what. Sorry. Besides there's not enough activity around here anymore so the point of voting seems well pointless. You can delete the message.
  11. Tyra


    Rolling on the floor laughing my a** off. That has to be the funniest thing I've read this week. (the story should have at least two more punchlines to make it perfect) but that was great 5***** Anyway about the problems. I don't mind the wildy being gone. It was for a good cause. Jagex didn't do the pyramid schemes. And if they wanted to eliminate them they would have to do some drastic update that you'd hate and complain about anyway. And about inflation. It wouldn't have been soooo bad if it wasn't for 26kers or 76kers. Again that's not jagex fault. Like the merch clans it's people abusing the system. How could jagex fix it? well they could always take awway the pvp drops. But that would be nerfing pvp...again They could always make a ban on merching clans. But we all know that wont do diddily. So yea. They do what they can, the problems are actually people abusing the system. Not really Jagex. That's why they had to get rid of old wildy. People were abusing the system.
  12. Thank you very much!
  13. I know we're not supposed to rush, but it's been at least 4 days since I have heard anything on my second one.
  14. So yea I posted my entry in the runescape story contest thingy. I wanted to share it with you and see if anyone else posted theirs?

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