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  1. free trade and fewer ge restrictions are awesome Im more excited about staking than wildy tbh
  2. 0dz

    War Logs On Wikileak

    This looks pretty cool, I'll wait until some of the more interesting ones are discovered
  3. id finally get 99 def and solo bosses after i get 500m, then ill report
  4. I like how the mining (t) and hp (t) look
  5. congrats on 85 mining! and u should def aim for 90, or why not another 99?
  6. 0dz

    Crazy Party Room Drops

    aw, best drop ive seen was about 1.1m and that was well over a year ago...... w55 for ya
  7. 0dz

    Stupid Things In The Water >:(

    Congratulations!!! good work cleaning up the river lum, but i dont think they will ever go away
  8. 0dz

    F2p Costume Suggestion

    You bring up a good point, 19 bank spaces are a lot to sacrifice for costumes, and it would really help out with the already restricting number of bank spaces given to both f2p and p2p EDIT: I support
  9. Sometime around my 3rd month of playing RS, a guy asked me for my password and promised me free membership, claiming that I was a winner for something lol. Our conversation went on for about 30 minutes and once he started desperately begging for my password, I kinda tuned him out
  10. 0dz

    F2p Stuff To Do?

    u can ur combat at stronghold or play fist of guthix lol
  11. 0dz

    Tell Me This Isnt Cool...

    haha i think it's kinda cool I wonder how long he was planning for it
  12. 0dz

    Well What The Heck.

    since the run update, there have been a load of new glitches
  13. superheating from 70 smithing to 85 took all summer last year.. all you do is withdraw 5 pieces of mith ore and coal, s/h all of them, and repeat. The constant banking was the worst part
  14. 0dz

    Runescape Classic Q&A

    To the people that say this is awesome and will shut up pkers.. Are you sure? Unlimited spawning of phats, lvl 126s everywhere.. Is it "fun"? What's the point of killing when you can spawn back literally in seconds what you lost? It just seems like safe PvP dressed up in bad graphics http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=274812 That's the link for my suggestion, please read it
  15. 0dz

    Rsc Suggestion

    LINK: http://forum.runescape.com/p=kKmok3kJqOeN6...14,627,58540508 As some of us know, Jagex plans to re-release RSC back to the public after years of isolating it to a limited amount of players. But what players argue most about is their plan to create stat editing and cheat codes. If Jagex were to implement this idea to RSC, then there would be absolutely no incentive to play or even put forth a small effort. (*EX: Everyone is level 126 spawning phats sets and billions of gp*) There would be no risk involved and wouldn't truly be "fun" or exciting. It would just seem like a modified version of safe PvP which links us back to the damaged rs2. However, like most player, rsc probably wouldn't become a top priority and no one would actually grind for hours to level simply because it's not the "actual" game. The main concern that Jagex has right now is rwt. They seem to want to re-release not just because of the redundant requests, but because RSC was a fun and original part of the game. However, they have no way defeat the lingering rwt. But I have a small solution SUGGESTIONS STATS: Option 1: Jagex creates a point system which reflects the amount of work put in rs2 and transfers it to the corresponding RSC character. *EX: for every 200k XP earned in rs2, you get 1 free level for any combat skill you want in RSC* *IF you gained another 200k XP in rs2, it would directly affect the rsc character, providing you with 1 extra free level to spend. *If you leveled in RSC it would have NO direct affect to the rs2 character. It won't go vice-versa. LIMIT TO HOW MANY TIMES A CHARACTER CAN EDIT STATS: I am for stat editing, but just not to the degree that Jagex has suggested. The following suggestions sound confusing, but try to comprehend it *You can downgrade combat stats once every 2 hours. You wouldn't lose the "points", but rather, it would be stored. This way you wouldn't be pjed by someone that was lvl 100 a few seconds ago. This way, you can experience what it was like to be a "pure" in the wilderness. You would also be able to go vice-versa every 2 hours only as long as you have enough stored "points". "SKILLING STATS": *The only suggestion I have for skilling is just to give everyone a 99. People probably wouldn't play just to skill on RSC but rather PK (But that's a big assumption ) However, skills would still be a huge factor in the "economy". Skills like herblore are needed for potions, fletching and woodcutting for arrows, ETC. So players should spend some time skilling, but I don't see the point in leveling. MONEY: (Hard, but I'll give it a shot) Option 1: Give everyone a sort of fixed income of maybe 400k once a week to all players active for 2 hours in RSC during the last week. However, this fixed income wouldn't interfere with other profits. The money would go directly to the bank account. (*EX: You pked 200k and made 10k killing goblins, you still get the guaranteed 400k*) Problems: It would generate too much gp too fast in game Might inspire rwt Option 2: Sell cheap goods to stores (like logs and copper) for high amounts of money (30k? ea) and buy combat gear cheaply from specialized stores. Problems: Only works assuming everyone wants to pk Less chance to inspire large scale rwt since it's easier to make money Doesn't target skillers Won't make an "economy" since your mainly trading NPCs CONCLUSION: Well, that's all I have for now. I think I have offered a workable alternative to Jagex's dumb cheat codes. This idea would require a little work, and can actually be a game that players can become dedicated to. I am a f2p player and have been so for the last 1 1/2 years, if someone would like to post on the official forums, PM me through Sals. Obviously this is open to discussion, questions, suggestions, and criticism so post away!

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