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  1. darthbat


    do ipod docking stations charge the ipod if they do can you use batterys if not what do they do.
  2. darthbat

    Anyone Use Skype

    I was wondering how many people use skype(you can post your username if you want)
  3. darthbat

    Create A Song Or Poem.

    when i look at the sea, i remember my lost friends, when i look at the rough waves, i remember the bullies at school, when i look at calm waves, i remember my nana, when i look at the starfish on its own, i remember my lonelyness,
  4. darthbat

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  5. darthbat

    The Simpson Odd One Out.

    janey because shes not in the simpsons family or marge cause she does not go to school. snowball 1 bleeding gums murphy moe
  6. darthbat

    The Simpson Odd One Out.

    Basically, you just post up some options, and people guess the odd one out. This one might be quite hard: Milhouse Ralph Bart
  7. darthbat


  8. darthbat


    I am doing i science project about cells everything is ok. but there one question i cant answer how does the shape of the cell help it do its job im doing a egg cell ty in advance.
  9. darthbat

    Plz Close I Dont Hsve Enough Time

    cant tell you and no hes not dead results will be found out on sunday monday then i make a league table i added you up as a one off other will be posted on sunday
  10. Ok this a quiz it will be league witch will last untill the end of nov you can post your anwser until the the next question comes out every monday you can post one anwser if its wrong you get 1 point if its right 3 points you need to pm me the anwser. ok the first one he has apeared in over 150 movies he apeared in some spoof movies in the 90's he died beforethe start of 2007 Sparhawke 1
  11. its not just the internet its the whole thing a bit of the start butons gone and the time.
  12. my page is to big the x in the top right is off the screen and the back symbol does anyone no how to get it back.

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