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  1. Yaato

    Hello, old timer here.

    Thanks everyone :)
  2. Hey everyone, I'm a long time sals member who is returning because of an email I received. Thought it would be fun to visit the forum again and see what is new. This place is less active than it use to be it seems. I remember signing up for sals and feeling so pumped about it. Made a couple friends who have come and gone, but it was nice while it lasted. Interesting to see how cringy and just how hard I tried to fit in with the rest of the sals members. I'm definitely glad I grew out of that. Its nice to be on the forums again though. Maybe I'll hang around, or just lurk for all of eternity
  3. Yaato

    Sal's Playstation Club

    So...did anyone else think that Resistance 3's campaign was quite...disappointing? I was expecting quite a bit from the game as I loved the first and second games. The AI was a huge disappointment, sometimes the enemies would just look at me and do nothing, this didn't happen in resistance fall of man and resistance 2, they usually smashed my face in if I was too close, and if I was far they would actually duck behind cover and attempt to get closer. Resistance 3's enemies were predictable as well, although some enemies, like the grims, did get a buff, I found the enemies to be easy to kill. Hard mode (difficult) on R3 was much easier than that of R2's and R:FoM, hopefully superhuman isn't a disappointment and I actually get a challenge out of it... That's not all I can complain about but I'll leave it at that. P.S. The game was great, but does not compare to it's predecessors.
  4. Yaato

    How Did You Die Last?

    Crockets...that pretty much explains it.
  5. Yaato

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    I have been playing a few wager matches lately. Usually when I do I play gun game and just start knifing people like a troll :D and if I'm playing sticks and stones I'll just throw my trusty tomahawk around. Good times. When I'm not trolling though I play lots of Domination since the spawns are terrible in TDM at the moment.
  6. Yaato

    Sal's Playstation Club

    Well welcome back :D It's been ages since I actually popped in here too. I was planning on buying New Vegas but after seeing some videos it just looks the same as Fallout 3 =/ Apart from that I've been playing a lot of monster hunter lately, waiting for MHP3 to come out in english ;D
  7. Yaato

    Sals Official Minecraft Server!

    Halloween update sounds promising from what I read. I'm really looking forward to the biomes that Notch is gonna implement into the game. The Hell parallel world he was talking about also seems like fun. Glad I bought this game.
  8. Yaato

    Sal's Playstation Club

    Happy birthday,you should wait for a month so you get a PS3 with BO,or a week till AC:B. I'll probably get all my multiplatform games on 360 or Pc. If I get a Ps3 it'll be purely for exclusives. I'll grab Infamous, Mgs4, and Valkryia Chronicles as my first games if I end up getting one. Good choices for exclusives there, Movie Game Sanctuary 4 was great, I'm being honest as well, the cinematics were amazing. ANYWAYS...I'm looking forward to Dead Space 2, AC:B, Bioshock Infinite(which I'm not sure if I'm really looking forward to it anymore...I'll still put it in this category), Fallout New Vegas, CoD: Black Ops. I'll probably buy some of these on PC as that's where my main source of gaming is anyway. CoD: Black ops is a definite on console unless something occurs and my ps3 explodes. Will be buying a 360 soon blah blah blah, done.
  9. Yaato

    Sal's Playstation Club

    You'd be surprised. Back when I was playing Mohh2 on Wii it was a little spray and pray at first, but then I got really accurate. Overtime I was getting better with a Wiimote than with a standard controller. All the new games have removed idle sway. There is no way my hand is that steady. Like I said, you'd be surprised. You get deadly accurate over time. I know you can hold it steady but if you hold it out in front of you it will eventually sway, and I just don't think you can get the precision and maneuverability that you can from sticking your sensitivity on 9 in Call of Duty Well if you're sticking your arm out straight then no, you will not be accurate. Just being in a natural position is best. Also if you can be deadly accurate with 9 on CoD then grats to you man. That's not easy, and also a bit overkill It's not overkill, it means I can turn on people. And that's probably your preferred sensitivity. I personally play from 6-10 sensitivity depending on how aware I am.
  10. Yaato

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    Agreed. Got a nuke, (with only harriers set as the only killstreak, got me 5 kills) MP5K Silenced Desert Eagle w/Tactical Knife Semtex/Stun Grenades Marathon Pro Lightweight Pro Commando Pro Got a nuke. Nice. I really like running this setup. MP5k RDS or FMJ Akimbo Rafficas/Akimbo Rangers/AA-12 extended mags Semtex Stuns Sleight of hand Pro Hardline pro Scrambler pro UAV Counter-UAV Harriers seems stupid but the MP5k is really crappy long range so if you manage to get into their spawn you can take them out without them knowing your exact location but they'll still know you're there due to scrambler. The reason why i say those killstreaks is because UAV to see where they're at, and counter-UAV to scramble them, now when they're unscrambled and you're by them they'll still think the counter-UAV is still up until you die at least...or they're smart and pay attention to things like radar being less scrambled. Harriers because its a good killstreak that can get you a ton of kills and with hardline making it a 6 killstreak as opposed to a 7 which really makes a difference.
  11. Yaato

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    Complete luck. That's all I have to say.
  12. Yaato

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    hoping black ops isn't a failure like MW2, not really excited for it as I've already been kicked in the balls by MW2.
  13. Yaato

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    I'm not crying about it and this is a discussion thread... we're talking about how much it sucks. We can discuss that, you can shut up if you don't want to be part of that. I'm going to try out some aimbots and wallhacks for PC. Hackers don't get banned anyway and the game sucks enough as it is @Scrum: I've heard of the CoD series long before #4 came out, and I heard that Call of Duty 3 was pretty mainstream as well (even though it wasn't made by IW). CoD 1 was BIG on the PC. So was CoD 2. And as I said before, Oh, and FYI guys, I'm not a scrub that complains every time he gets killed. My clan and I dominated MW2 on the PC from March to June until we decided that we've all had enough of MW2. We're all getting Black Ops. I would play on PC but why play on PC when console pretty much is the PC version except without a mouse and keyboard plus PC was butchered. Black ops should be pretty good for PC, might consider buying it myself for PC instead of consoles
  14. Yaato

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    Hard to not complain. You can say "Don't complain" as much as you want but people will still complain. I'm complaining because I was really looking forward to this game after playing the crap out of CoD4 and MW2 coming out everyone was hoping that all the glitches will be patched, all the grenades will be gone, NOPE! This game is a heaping pile of crap. I understand where you're coming from that it's a game and all that BUT I payed good money for this and I'm not gonna let my money go to waste. We are the consumers so we have a right to complain, complaining gets companies to fix bugs in their product look at the model 1887's, they were indeed over powered and the community complained and complained and complained until IW fixed it. Don't look at complaining like a bad thing look at it as constructive criticism. In the end games are games but that wont stop me from complaining nor will it stop many other players from complaining.
  15. Yaato

    What Is The Above User Most Famous For?

    Uhhh...For being a cave slime?

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