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  1. Nitua

    The last person to post here wins

    At least OSRS seems lively ATM. Maybe RS3 mobile will help.
  2. Nitua

    The last person to post here wins

    You won't believe how many people ask for free food next to a pile of free food by the fire.
  3. Nitua

    The last person to post here wins

    Picked up a bunch of levels at barbarian village last night. Mobile is too convenient for my own good.
  4. Nitua

    This may be the last post I ever make here

    Good luck, man.
  5. Nitua


    Just tried to scroll that page, like a smart person.
  6. Runescape on a phone is something I couldn't even imagine happening back when I started in 2005.  TECHNOLOGY 

    1. Sobend


      It has really helped OSRS numbers.

    2. Fabio


      We've come far indeed. Can only imagine how much more I would've played if it had been on phones back when I started.

  7. Hey guys, hope you're all doing well. :D

    1. Sobend




    2. Guitarguy
    3. Yuanrang


      Hello there. \o

  8. Nitua

    They're shutting down FunOrb!

    That's a blast from the past.... Haven't thought about FunOrb in years. Press F to pay respects.
  9. Nitua

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I really enjoyed it. It has some of my favorite scenes in the saga. The stuff with Luke and Rey was great. I'm gonna go see it again in a couple weeks when it finally hits my local theater. Really excited to see what J.J. does with Episode 9, but I guess until then we have Solo to look forward to...
  10. Nitua

    PC Gaming Club

    I started a new game of KOTOR because it has been so long since I played my previous save and I forgot what I was supposed to be doing. This happens all the goddamn time.
  11. Nitua

    Hello everyone. New here. :)

    Welcome! I don't have any advice because I am the dumbs. :D
  12. Nitua

    It's been a while..

  13. Holy crap 10 years.

    1. Young Leo

      Young Leo

      10000 B.C.

    2. Sobend


      Yeah I remember when we hunting for wooly mammoths together. So much has changed.

  14. I see Jagex has finally added Grodd to the game.

  15. Nitua

    what in tarnation

    What kind of engineering?

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