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  1. tommyboy1095

    Mage Royr Is Back From His Long Holiday!

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!holy shhhhhhhiiii....cow! *eyes widen and mouth dropped* *speechless*
  2. tommyboy1095

    A Small Error

    yea its just a little error that they made. I think they should change it......... :P
  3. tommyboy1095

    Nature Runnin

    i think its world 36............
  4. tommyboy1095

    Abyss Pking

    sry for double posting, but yea i did help u...i told u to get better pking stats if yur gonna pk rune crafters. U need to get yur mage up so u can tele block them. And also some rc's like to fight back,( like myself ), so be ready to fight them.....wat else.......o yea, i think u have pretty good gear on to pk.
  5. tommyboy1095

    Abyss Pking

    i hate all rc pkers!!! jk.....w8, No im not!!!!! :exclaim: Dont get into the noob business...... um also i think u should have better stats if u gonna rc pk...I HATE RC PKERS!!!! o yea i think u have good armour but u need better stats!!! i hate u!!! jk!!!!......or amI............lol
  6. tommyboy1095

    Sivertaler's Birthday Drop Party

    :closedeyes: hey ill be happy to come. hopefully this will be fun, and HAPPY B - DAY
  7. tommyboy1095

    Most Profitable 99 Skill?

    wc is only slow because your either a low lv or impatient!
  8. tommyboy1095

    Most Profitable 99 Skill?

    i think wc because u can get cash out of pretty much any kind of wood. For me i cut maples and yews and i get a decent amount of cash. I can cut 1k yews in about a hour or two. Dont get me wrong, both fishing and mining are two great skills to have but i just enjoy wc more. And because i enjoy it more than the others, i have fun and i get cash!
  9. tommyboy1095


    i dont think so........who knows maybe :)
  10. tommyboy1095

    Bringing Rbh To Sal's!

    hey peeps can i join. i am a lv 75+. i have pretty decent skills contact me at(tomboy1095) no spaces
  11. tommyboy1095

    Horses In Runescape

    thats a cool idea :)
  12. tommyboy1095

    Bringing Rbh To Sal's!

    uh...im a lv 75 can i join ill be of good use to u...pllz add me if u want tomboy1095

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