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  1. Sorry for the missspell on the clan anme I tought it was "Massive missle attack" But its "Metal massive attack" Im sorry http://files.filefront.com/ftvrsmmawmv/;99...;/fileinfo.html
  2. Batista419

    My First Tutorial

    Tutorial for beginers. Im not the best in GFX either..Coudent Find a way to make it in one so its two parts. Sorry for all spelling errors. Please post ur outcomes & Thanks for reading in advance Please gimie tips for my next tutorial. I coudent put it in 1 so i had to make 2 files for 1 tutorial. need some help for my next. neways.
  3. Batista419


    5 C4d's Photoshop Cs2
  4. Batista419

    Sensi Karate Signature Shop

    Signature/Banner:Signature Stock/Render: Size (345x110 default): 400x110 Style (optional, I'll do it myself): Grunge with some abstract parts Text: Batista Colour(s) (optional, I'll do it myself): Grunge coulors , work deep make the focial point jump out a little Other: GL
  5. Batista419


    I mostly post on rsc but ill post on sals more often my work... Folowed first 10 steps of a tutorial and went all alone ^^. Cc please. I personaly like it
  6. Batista419

    Forgotten Templars Vs Final Resistance

    Great Fight Final Resistance http://files.filefront.com/FtvrsFr1wmv/;99...;/fileinfo.html
  7. Batista419

    !~!~ Rage Miniwar Declarations !~!~

    Good luck , Ragee
  8. Batista419

    Close Please

    In the last two days we had three full outs and we won 2 of them. All under 4 Hour preps!!! I have our two win videos FT v DoV http://files.filefront.com/ftvsdovwmv/;990...;/fileinfo.html *Music bugs in between the transition FT v FR http://files.filefront.com/FtvrsFr1wmv/;99...;/fileinfo.html
  9. Batista419

    Close Please

    No wai. We gud edit: reply #90
  10. Batista419

    Close Please

    your face is funi So is yours, but your hair is hot, so it's all good. (I got your back Jordan). [email protected] <-- Contact me if you are interested in joining and have some questions. She does too much stuff. Pm me i need work or ill loose my rank :) <--- [email protected]
  11. Batista419

    Close Please

    Our members like eract panis. Read there sigs on ft forums www.rsftemplars.com/forums
  12. Batista419

    Close Please

    Year of '07 Official War: 12-3-0 Mini War: 132-36-6 Fun Wars: 12-2-0 Year of '08 Official Full Out War: 7-2-0 Full Out War: 6-2-0 Mini War: 36-11-0 P2p War: 4-2-0 We that gud in wars
  13. Batista419

    Close Please

    We got sara/armadyl secrets to get 20m+ per day
  14. Batista419

    Close Please

    Yes, it would help to post a rl pic of urself if you are a hot chick ... plz apply today orrrrr, make them wait till they join. JOIN FT 105+ You get a rank if you webcam with us ! O yeah thats where i got my rank. Webcam. Good thing its high definition gave me high council

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