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  1. The Legend Eros

    My Fake Gallery...

    lol they are all good fake i rate them 10 and i love the noob lvl i must be 99
  2. The Legend Eros

    Doom 35's Small Fake Gallery!

    lol very nice man
  3. The Legend Eros

    Macroer Slaying

    lol when they cut yews i make the gards in dryanor kill them just for fun
  4. The Legend Eros

    Large F2p/p2p 99 Mining And 99 Smithing Party!

    Dang Man i Miss It!!!
  5. The Legend Eros

    Someone Has A Cold!

    Does That HAs To Do With Any Of This
  6. The Legend Eros

    1800 Total...

    Congratulations,Dude 1800 Total Ftw!!!
  7. The Legend Eros

    Quest For Runescape

    so what could i get
  8. The Legend Eros

    World War Four- Done

    Yeah lol Welcome to the world where June 9th, 2007 is a saturday :D
  9. The Legend Eros

    Found This Fake, Not Exactly "runescape" Surroundings

    cuss the old man was hacking and he got hp 200+ old man ftw
  10. The Legend Eros


    lol true man\
  11. The Legend Eros

    Rares Smithing!

    7/10 but pick looks wierd lol
  12. The Legend Eros

    Found This Fake, Not Exactly "runescape" Surroundings

    wow the own man hacks he has 223 hp lol
  13. The Legend Eros

    World War Four- Done

    Whn We Own U Lets See What Ur Gonna Say
  14. The Legend Eros

    World War Four- Done

    If Any One Missed The MWS Look AT My Sig To See The Vid And I,m Also Gonna Make One For WW4.....
  15. The Legend Eros

    Tournament Of The Warriors

    cool event but what do u mean when we go to karaja wheer are we gonna figth

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