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    T'was 13 years ago. Mummy and Daddy had a special hug, that's where Teh Chukkeh's from ^_^

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  1. Chuk05

    Pest Control Re-write

    Hehe, Great guide :/ I'll help as much as I can :) I'm sure newcomers will find this guide helpful when it's finished, as it's still incomplete, but when it's done, I'm sure it'll be top-notch
  2. Chuk05

    Arsenal Signature

    Boo! Arsenal are rubbish! United all the way! Anyway, this isn't about football this is about rating work... So, Despite the fact they're Arsenal, they are both really good :P I prefer Version 1 to be honest. Not sure why, I think it's because the grey on version 2 in the corner areas (where in version 1 it is red) aren't great. Probably because Arsenals colour is red (obviously) and stands out more as red. V1: 10/10 V2 -1 Grey-ness 9/10
  3. Chuk05

    How Many People Died On Your Birthday?

    150,347 people died on my birthday. How depressing They should make one 'How many people were born on your birthday' That'd be much more appropriate :) Chukkeh
  4. Chuk05

    Jester Costume

    Ooooh... Thanks for the help guys! :( Many thanks, Chukkeh :)
  5. So, it's perfectly fine to report him for Rule 12? Thank Zamorak for that... Chukkeh
  6. Somebody has just asked me the question in my title, and I reported them for Rule12: Real-World Item Trading. Was that the right thing to report it as? :) If it wasn't I'm sure Jagex will see my good intentions anyway, right? What would you reported it as? Thanks, Chukkeh
  7. Chuk05

    Charm Hunting

    Hey, I'm currently killing Ice Warriors, and I've killed about, 25(ish) and I've just got a green charm. Ice Warriors drop Green Charms around 1 / 25 Thought I'd let you know :( Hope I helped, Chukkeh :)
  8. Chuk05

    Pouch List

    Nope, but the Obelisk does, if you hover the mouse over each of the pouches it'll tell you the Shards needed, seconday item needed, charms, etc. Hope I helped, Teh Chukkeh
  9. Chuk05

    Jester Costume

    Hey, this may sound a bit nooby but, I'd like to know where I can find/buy a Jester costume, as I'm gonna try to do Fremminik Isle, but for this I need a Jester Costume. Thanks, Chukkeh
  10. Chuk05

    Summoning Skillcape, Trimmed.

    Heh, I agree... How can some sad people, AKA - The creators of Mopar, beat Jagex at creating RuneScape? Chukkeh
  11. Chuk05


    I agree with Biscuits - The scrollbar is awful :P Can anybody tell me where to get charms, and also, can anyone confirm the ways of gaining exp? Making pouches is a definite (obviously), any other ways? Thanks, Chukkeh
  12. Chuk05

    Linking Underbanners

    Sure: [URL=http://imageshack.us][IMG=http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/9357/picture7xt6.png][/URL]
  13. Chuk05

    Linking Underbanners

    Ok, I've tried that. It says: THE FOLLOWING ERROR(S) WERE FOUND Sorry, dynamic pages in the tags are not allowed
  14. Can somebody please help me? I want to get a link to another thread into an underbanner/userbar, but I don't know how. Please help :P Thanks, Chukkeh
  15. Chuk05

    Some Joke Or Something I Made Up..

    That really is quite random. Very very strange ^_^

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