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    The last person to post here wins

    This thread would still be alive....
  2. Master Neverdead

    HAPPY 2018!

    Maybe playing RS again? We will see. :)
  3. Master Neverdead

    Barking Dog

    Yes, congratulations are definitely in order. This was and still is a fine piece.
  4. Master Neverdead

    Magic: The Gathering Trading and Playing

    Sal's Official MTG Thread "The world is already run by all manner of machines. One day, they'll remind us of that fact." - Sargis Haz, human artificer (As shown on the Steel Overseer (M11) Card) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the Magic thread! For the moment, this thread is more like a test than anything else to see if there actually is an active Magic playing community here at Sal's. If so, I would be delighted to get to know you all and discuss this game. Also, if you would like to know anything at all about the game, feel free to ask. I have been playing since I was a kid so I have the rules down as well as how to build decks, how to use them, and winning strategies. Pick me brain! I would value any input anyone else has as well. This game is always in motion and is a constant learning experience, so I am sure there are some of you that I can learn from as well. To see my collection, http://store.tcgplay...n.aspx?ID=18587 <----- Click! At the same site, input your collection and we can begin trading right away! Anyway, happy posting!
  5. Master Neverdead

    Reviewing Circle 2012

    Welcome to Sal's Library Reviewing Circle 2012! For the next year, this topic will be the home for all writers that wish to become better with their craft and who wish to aide others in doing so as well. This version will work a bit differently from in the years past. First, while the standard formula of Review the Poster's Story Above You will still exist, you are also invited to review ANY of the top 25 stories listed here at any time. [The list of stories complete with a link as well as Author's Sal's Realm name will be maintained by yours truly] That way, when this topic comes to a close, we can announce the top stories and writers of the year with a larger sampling of criticism and/or praise. Also, the topic will be ending, as stated above. At the end of the literal year, we will close this and begin a Reviewing Circle 2013. This gives everyone a clean slate to work from, making it easier for newcomers to become involved and established writers to move on from past successes. There will be no changes to the implied statutes, but I will point one of them out here. Because of the professionalism and decency that can be found amongst our writers here, we have no long set of rules to issue. Instead, we trust each and every one of you to treat these reviews as you would expect others to treat yours. Be honest, but be helpfully honest. Think of this as one massive collaboration. We are all working together to better ourselves and our work. There will be Stories of the Month awards given to stories with a collective rating higher than others for that period of time. Ties apply. The first Story of the Month award will be given at the end of March. Lastly, as before, use the template that follows. Review the story posted by the person above you and complete the following review template: Overall rating out of 100 How much of the story did you read Comments on: Language [15 possible points] Storyline [25 *] Characters [25 *] General [35 *] Link to topic you would like to have reviewed Since these ratings are inconsistent (being provided by different reviewers) - please do not take the ratings too seriously. Any stories within 10 points of one another are likely to be of similar quality. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- We also do poetry here at the Library, and it is quite good honestly. You can ask for a poem to be reviewed instead of a story, and Luna has provided us with two great templates for doing so. Overall rating: Out of 100 points Word choice: 30 possible points Tone: 30 possible points Structure: 30 possible points Symbolism: 10 possible points For verse: Overall rating: Out of 100 points Word choice: 20 possible points Rhyming (subset of word choice): 10 possible points Tone: 30 possible points Structure: 15 possible points Rhythm (subset of structure): 15 possible points Symbolism: 10 possible points Good luck! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tips! Spellcheck is your friend! Many times, the simple act of correcting spelling mistakes can raise your score by as much as 10-15 points. For help with grammar see this site - http://www.english-g....com/index.html To help in avoiding the above two mistakes, don't write your story and then post the initial 'one pass prose' on the board. Instead, write your story, walk away from it, and then review it yourself to make sure there are no simple mistakes or errors that require revision or omission. A proper submission piece is defined as a Short Story, Story, or Forum Serial. > A Short Story has a beginning and an end. It is a complete thought that begins at point A and ends at point B. That ending might be a bit of a cliffhanger, or perhaps it hints at things to come, but nevertheless it completes a thought. A good rule of thumb is to make a sentence that describes your piece. For example: A knight learns of his inherited fortune and uses it to fell a demon. If all your piece does is introduce a knight, then it is not a complete work. A publishable short story maxes out at 25,000 words. Try to aim for 5,000 words as a minimum. That is a short short in the eyes of editors. 10-15,000 words should be a good sweet spot for forum story writing. > A Story is considerably longer than a Short Story. Posting entire books of work is discouraged, as you would stand better to go ahead and send to potential publishers and/or acquire an agent who can represent you towards that purpose. However, if you are wanting to practice writing pieces longer that 25,000 words, then feel free. Just do not plan on attempting to publish said piece as it stands on the forum. (Technical term: Novella) > Forum Serials have been popular here at Sal's in the past. They are a series of short stories that work together to form a complete story. Keep in mind that if you attempt to write one, each installment of the series must be a complete thought. Use the guidelines for Short Story above if you are uncertain. They can be fun to write and as you can criticism after each piece, you can improve as you go. They are a fascinating way to learn more about your abilities. If you don't necessarily understand or agree with your review, please, ask our writers to explain themselves or message me. Getting a second opinion is certainly an option, but before you do make sure you understand what you can do to improve your story and that you are equipped the knowledge necessary to do so. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2012 Top 25 Another Day at the Office by Master Neverdead 95.25 - 2 Reviews - Memories by Fake 93.5 - 2 Reviews - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good luck! ~Hex
  6. Master Neverdead

    Halo 4

    HALO Reach was a fun game Breeze, not sure what you are talking about. But yes, HALO 4 seems awesome. I've been playing the Anniversary Edition HALO and if they use some of the graphics and textures that they used for that, then I am sure it will be one of the best looking shooters to date. Aside from that, Master Chief always gets my geek on.
  7. Master Neverdead

    Greetings :P

    How is everyone? It has figuratively been eons since I've wandered these parts, and to be honest, it feels good. :) I had a great many good times here and I hope that more can be had in the future. To be less wordy...I missed ya'll! :P What's been going on? There are many of you I'd love to hear from.
  8. Master Neverdead

    Magic: The Gathering Trading and Playing

    Kind of is a daunting task after all on TCGplayer. But, it is well worth it. I've never been able to count and sort all of my cards so having this is nice because I can search my collection online to see if I have anything. Very cool.
  9. Master Neverdead

    Favourite Album Covers

    Painkiller is an awesome cover. Here are two that I think are better however: The simplicity of this one is part of what makes it epic: And this one takes the cake as THE BEST ALBUM COVER EVER.... A weasel? Nice touch.
  10. Master Neverdead

    Magic: The Gathering Trading and Playing

    The rules are necessary Morte. My house games are to the letter, they just don't require anyone to have the latest cards. Bring whatever deck you like. Well, if anyone is close to Northeast Missouri or Northwest Illinois then you might be close enough to play with me. Other than that, I've taught some of my friends in the area how to play and a couple of them have really taken off with it and have decks that rival my own now. So that is one way to do it. Also, if you go to TCGplayer.com you can talk with people as well as view their entire collection (something I'm currently trying to finish....I wish I'd found this site back when I only had a few cards). But yes, my house is always open to gamers and friends. If you feel like making a road trip and hanging out for a couple days, let me know and we can work out the details. EDIT: To see my collection, http://store.tcgplayer.com/Collection.aspx?ID=18587 <----- Click! I have entered all of my M12 core set cards, but it will take me time before I get the rest (hundreds) of my cards added. Nevertheless, anyone from here who wants to trade should make an account there as well. It is fast and easy to enter your cards and trading is safe there. After you've done so, just let me know if you want to trade and I can make any of my cards available (the ones I'm willing to give up anyway :P ) Hope to be trading soon!
  11. Master Neverdead

    Greetings :P

    Un0, Sofee....howdy. :P Freelancing has paid off for me. I've got some incredibly promising work happening at the moment. My name should be out there really soon. :) Glad to hear that you are doing well. And never mind the college, I never finished either. :P One day I suppose I will, just to have that piece of paper that says I did. Ah, the wilderness. What a fun place. Do any of you remember the Cabbage game? I would send everyone in the clan who showed up into the wild with nothing but cabbages and the person to bring back the best items would win. What fun! I miss a lot of things about RS, but I could never gain the amount of time necessary to stage a comeback toward that end.
  12. Master Neverdead

    Are You Virgin

    One of these days Yuan I am going to get you drunk and learn all of your secrets. :P I don't believe that I need a piece of paper to prove that I want to spend the rest of my life with a person either. However, the tax break is awesome. :) Sex does not require both male and female reproductive organs. However, the implied 'rule' for a girl that determines whether or not she is a virgin depends on whether or not she has a 'maidenhead' or hymen. For a male it is whether or not he has engaged in vaginal intercourse. But of course, that is a social implication as well.
  13. Master Neverdead

    Are You Virgin

    Always hitting me over the head with technicalities. As usual though, you are right. :P Aratreak! Goodness I forgot how much I miss that dude. And 123man with his kid and the sunglasses for an avvy. :P You haven't gotten or considered marriage have you Yuan? Come to think of it, I don't really know that much about you personallu.
  14. Master Neverdead

    Magic: The Gathering Trading and Playing

    Splicer, nice. Never was a big fan of infect. After about a year of that the games would end to quickly. With New Phyrexia it became too easy to give out poison counters. My friends and I agreed to stop using it. Just no fun. Ahh, I need to build a red/black vampire deck myself. Traded for two Stormkirk Captains the other day. They are a nice start.
  15. Master Neverdead

    Magic: The Gathering Trading and Playing

    A new player! How exciting. The first piece of advice is to choose what sort of player you are going to be. Tournament players are the most popular right now, only it is difficult to find a tournament (unless you live in a massive city) that will allow you to play with any cards that aren't part of either the current edition or one or more of its expansions. This gets quite expensive as you have to buy new cards several times a a year in order to stay current and competitive. Which is why I am the second option, a "house" or "table" player. There are still many exciting game modes to play in but you can play with cards from any year or edition. This can be more difficult however, as most people that play this way have a lot of experience at crafting excellent decks. Which brings us to deckbuilding. The first thing I can say about deckbuilding is that it is similar to writing a story. Only, instead of working with prose you are designing a library of unique cards to work together like a symphony orchestra to gain victory over the other players. If you can't tell the story in one sentence, then your deck is not focused enough. Example: I have a vampire deck that I would describe like this, "My vampire deck is based on speed, control, and gaining life." EVERY card in there is either cheap to play, can be used to control or destroy other creatures, or gains me life points to my player total. It is focused on those core concepts and only those. The second most important thing about deckbuilding is balance. There must be a good balance of small, weak cards, middle of the pack cards, and large, powerful cards. You don't want more than 2-6 cards that cost 6 mana or more and you don't want 20+ cards of 3 mana or less, that sort of thing. In a standard (EVERY one of my 12 decks has exactly 60 cards) 60 card deck this becomes even more important. The good news is, an epic deck doesn't take all that much cash. I will complete this post by showing images and prices of cards that can be made into a deck very easily. (Ebay is a great source for magic cards.) I will demonstrate a good deck build as a model for you to use in building your own. 1 Victory's Herald (You can buy a set of four for $2.62 shipping included) 2 Aegis Angels (You can buy a set of 4 for $3.19 shipping included) 4 Serra Angel (Negligible cost, less than above) 2 Angel of Mercy 2 Kabira Vindicator (same...in fact all remaining cards are either 99 cents for a lot of four or up to but not exceeding a dollar a piece, many of them you may have and many more can be found in booster packs which can be bought at 4 bucks or so) 4 Leonin Skyhunter 2 Gideon's Lawkeeper 1 Stonehorn Dignitary 2 Benalish Veteran 2 Kor Duelist Equipment 2 Swiftfoot Boot 1 Pennant Blade 2 Greatsword 1 Loxodon Warhammer Enchantments 2 Spirit Mantle 2 Arrest 2 Pacifism Instants/Sorceries 2 Landbind Ritual 2 Angelic Blessing 2 Holy Day 20 Plains All of that equals a 60 card custom White deck. Complete with damage prevention, blocker nullification, equipment, and of course angels. :P Realistically, that exact deck won't set you back much at all. But more importantly, if you do some homework and research the cards (you really didn't think I would do ALL of the research did you? :P ) you can see how a decent deck is put together. Being honest, this deck is basic. It will certainly work well in a game but as you collect cards you may find some more that fit in there better or perhaps change some of the numbers of some of the cards. This is not a battletested deck, so you never know! Anyway, I hope I was helpful! Also, let me know some of the cards you already have and I can try to help you if you can't get any of the above or if you can't use the example above to build your own with the cards you have.
  16. Master Neverdead

    Signature Request

    Thanks for the suggestion! RatedR, if you would like to try and beat Naughty's sig you will have no complaints from me. I am interested in what you might do with that lion. :P
  17. Master Neverdead

    Signature Request

    Thank-you for taking the time to read this. :P I am incredibly picky, so I do apologize in advance. Also, I do not change signatures often, so this one has to be the best I have ever had before I will use it. Using this picture of my wife, Angela: And these words: To Have And To Hold Black and white is fine but really I'd prefer you took it and ran with it. I am not an artist and frankly, I am color deficient, so I cannot request anything specific. I do know that I'd like an artsy cursive font for the words and for the artwork of the graphic itself to contrast with how feminine and beautiful Angela is. Good luck. :P
  18. Master Neverdead

    Are You Virgin

    There were some who were in the 15-16 year old ratio. And I've been around Sal's since the old old forum. This is forum number three! lol I think my original join date was 2005 (or was it '04? I'm not sure what my join date was on the first board...back when we had Global Mods and Cameron had yet to become a master chef :P ) But in all those years I am sure that I am not the only one to get married!
  19. Master Neverdead

    Inspirational Photos throughout the Ages [Gallery]

    This is a really neat topic! Thanks for starting it! The construction of the "Gateway" Arch in Saint Louis circa 1962: Audrey Hepburn, one of the most talented and beautiful women to ever grace the silver screen: A Life Magazine cover of the JFK Assassination: A Voyager probe picture of Saturn:
  20. Master Neverdead

    Metal Thread

    Painkiller is epic. But don't stop there. Judas Priest has a number of instant classics that cannot be passed up. Though today, I'm doing some more gravedigging in my collections and have exhumed Virgin Black from the depths. I love this band! Particularly the songs recorded with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra complete with vocal soloist who adds that ethereal operatic melody to the deep, dark nearly Gregorian sound. Though, Velvet Tongue, Lacrymosa, The Kiss of Gods Mouth (both parts I and II), Walk Without Limbs, and Iscariot are all songs that cannot be missed. Virgin Black is one of the most artistic bands I have ever heard or even heard of. Take a listen if you are seeking something new.
  21. Master Neverdead

    It's real! Navy test-fires first working prototype railgun

    As a military man, I am ecstatic about this project. For one, it shows that there are people out there who can weasel their way through politics and get some things done that actually improve our military presence. Another aspect I am excited about is the creation of a weapon that is both powerful and non-nuclear. The more means of deterrence we have the more nuclear weapons we can dismantle. All in all, it is exciting to see progress towards something. Has been too much bad news lately.
  22. Master Neverdead

    sals unofficial newspaper 2

    Haha "Slams for Dummies" Next big story: "Sal is not Santa! Sorry kids..."
  23. Master Neverdead

    Signature Request

    You are too modest Naughty. I really like it. In fact, I am going to use it. If you think you can do better then by all means, go ahead, but I really like it. :P Thank-you.
  24. Master Neverdead

    Can You Beat My Score?

    Best I could do was 3.9....:(

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