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    Chatting with friends, Basketball, Baseball, A little bit this and that, watching television, video games here and there, using the computer, doing SOME schoolwork, riding a bike, riding a scooter, running my mining business, making out with girls

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    Runite Council
  1. A Millie

    The Funky Monkey's Pic Shop

    I can't make the sig exactly like that, because sm1 alredy has it, i could make it differntly tho. Alright Asmir you can make it differently. That would be okay.
  2. A Millie

    The Funky Monkey's Pic Shop

    Okay Asmir. Even though you create those kind of sigs. ^_^ Pictures/Siggs Size: 380x130 Render: Style: Same Text: Topdog Text Colour: Same Font: Same Colors: Same Matching Avvy?: Yes please, focused on the face and guitar, try to make 90x90 Uploader: Don't care KB Size: Don't care
  3. A Millie

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  4. A Millie

    Dude Where's My ____________

    On the mountain named dew Dude, where's my playboy subscription?
  5. Reassemble it with what? *I blow up Antartica, therefore the phat is somewhere in water
  6. A Millie

    The Funky Monkey's Pic Shop

    Hey Asmir, can you make one of those for me but have the title "Topdog" at the top right? Thanks!
  7. IceKizza finds the actions that you said somewhere around your sentence *Icekizza buys all the duct tape in the world and piles them up to set a fire. Then Icekizza runs off with the phat and "accidentally" rips it into shreds for no reason
  8. A Millie

    Edit This Pip

    No, I need a new senior member tag for my forum so could somebody please add the s.
  9. A Millie

    Edit This Pip

    I would like to add an s. before the member, using the same font. Thanks! This is for my clan forums!
  10. A Millie

    Lvl 99 Macroing

    Thanks, by the way, do you know hot to send this to the player's gallery?
  11. A Millie

    Changing The Site Name

    Well now, since I got your point, from the one and only Salmoneus, I guess that my opinion will be my own opinion. And by the way, "Sal's" is a unique name, therefore I guess I'll stick with it. But during times such as multi-site steel war, people from other clans call us warriors "Sal's Warriors", which seems a bit egoish, towards Sal. But still, I don't want the site to undergo another whole big change just because of one topic on the forums. It's just that "Sal's" doesn't suit me. It's ok and unique, but just not the best title. Do you see the creators of other fansites name the site after them? Sal's was created by numerous amount of people.
  12. A Millie

    Lvl 99 Macroing

    And they already have. Send it in to the Player Gallery and see if they take it. I'm afraid I haven't seen the Pixel Studio's Collaboration Pixel still isn't to be found. How do we send it to the player gallery?
  13. A Millie

    Icekizza's Underbanner Shop

    Here you go Savage Beast, Hope you like it even though I can make better just save the picture and upload it onto your sig using imageshack, etc Same goes for you, save your image and upload using imageshack
  14. A Millie

    Icekizza's Underbanner Shop

    yeah, you just press the link button on the toolbar, and do it
  15. A Millie

    Asgoldian Ale

    But really you're not suppose to drink it for fun.

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