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    Here shows steriod strength!
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    This was one of my very first fakes, so please don't hate it as I know It didn't take long to do it. Rate from 1-10 please.
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    I can't make the sig exactly like that, because sm1 alredy has it, i could make it differntly tho. Alright Asmir you can make it differently. That would be okay.
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    Okay Asmir. Even though you create those kind of sigs. ^_^ Pictures/Siggs Size: 380x130 Render: Style: Same Text: Topdog Text Colour: Same Font: Same Colors: Same Matching Avvy?: Yes please, focused on the face and guitar, try to make 90x90 Uploader: Don't care KB Size: Don't care
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    On the mountain named dew Dude, where's my playboy subscription?
  7. Reassemble it with what? *I blow up Antartica, therefore the phat is somewhere in water
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    The Funky Monkey's Pic Shop

    Hey Asmir, can you make one of those for me but have the title "Topdog" at the top right? Thanks!
  9. IceKizza finds the actions that you said somewhere around your sentence *Icekizza buys all the duct tape in the world and piles them up to set a fire. Then Icekizza runs off with the phat and "accidentally" rips it into shreds for no reason
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    Partypalooza 2007

    The first ever PartyPalooza will be held on July 16th, 2007 and will hold RuneScape's finest events ever!!! From drop parties, to firefights, to snowball fights, to races, etc PartyPalooza will be the first ever RuneScape party marathon!!! Events Drop party, lottery, firefight, snow ball fights, races, game shows, etc When June 16th, 2007 1 PM EST -5:00 GMT Where World 85 Throughout Northern Varrock and Palace Schedule 1 PM-Opening ceremony: Palace gardens 1:15 PM-Drop party:North of palace 2 PM-Lottery:Varrock Palace dining room 2:30 PM-Snow Ball Fight:Lvl 50 Wild 3 PM-Race:West Varrock to East Varrock 3:30 PM-Quiz/game show:Varrock square Prizes Drop Party- Guess Lottery - Free 5000 iron ores from Miners United Snow Ball Fight - Free 5000 iron ores from Miners United Race - Just plain fun Quiz/Game show: Just plain fun, although we will acknowledge you on the Miners United Thread Sponsered by Miners United Mining/Smithing emporium
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    Worst Place To Live

    For me, I would say that a poor country like columbia, ethiopia, or sudan is a bad place to live. Thenn again Iraq, and Iran are pretty bad also.
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    I would like to add an s. before the member, using the same font. Thanks! This is for my clan forums!
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    No, I need a new senior member tag for my forum so could somebody please add the s.
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    Here's my fake,
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    Please close Family matters taken place on that day Sorry for inconvenience
  16. Guide To Creating a Clan By: IceKizza Thanks to: Forgive, Neon00, L3ry N, Genghis Khan, My brothers, My friends at school, Patsrok10, Ice cold91, Rasinbran7 A Guide To Starting and Running A Clan Before we go any further: Let me just tell you that I have seen numerous amounts of people wanting to start a clan, but so many of them just can't make it past the ten-member mark. I mean, most of them want power, and control, so they cannot run a clan effectively. That's why over 60% of all clan leaders cannot make it past ten members. Think about that. What is your motivation for starting a Clan? If it's one of the following: Greed (Items from members, etc) or power, then do NOT start a Clan. It's okay to desire a little power, but that should NOT be your entire basis for starting a Clan (or even a large part of it). Clans are little societys of runescapers that come together to achieve something in the wide, vast land of RuneScape. Not a dictatorship to control every world ever created by Jagex. So, without further ado, I bring you: A Guide To Starting and Running a Clan! Table of Contents: I. The Cold Truth (Reputation)* II. Introduction III. Getting Started IV. Early Members V. Recruitment* VI. General Tips* VII. Running Your Clan (Leadership)* VIII. The Clan Bank (Economy) IX. WAR! X. Assuming Leadership Of A Clan XI. Patience* *-A key section to the guide. Please read these sections no matter what. If you are starting a Clan, don't just skim this Guide in two minutes, take your time. You'll have plenty of it to recruit, but if you mess up, it could make your Clan look like another one that just walked in from Lumbridge. Same goes for People looking to improve various aspects of an already established Clan. I. The Cold Truth (Reputation)* Now, in a perfect world, your RuneScape Player Killing skills shouldn't matter when People decide to join your Clan, but the fact is, if you have not lead a Clan before, or do not have a good reputation (good Player Killer, nice Stats, etc.) your Clan is VERY likely to fail, because few People will join/take your Clan seriously . So to prevent a disaster from happening, wasting your time and that of others, here are a few things you should do before you decide to start and lead a Clan: First, ask yourself this question: Do I have a good reputation, am I a well-known, liked member of RuneScape and this community/Forum (depending on where you recruit)? Well, if you answered yes, then you're off to a good start, if no, then you need to be able to say yes to the next question (also, don't kid yourself, be truthful. You should know whether you're well known on RuneScape (or a Forum) or not through many ways (People saying Hi to you in game, etc.). Do I have good Stats (for the type of Clan I want to set up i.e.. I want to set up a Level 50+ Player Killing Clan, so I should probably be a Level 60+ Player Killer), have led another Clan before (one that didn't fail miserably), am a decent Player Killer, or am a member of status on the Forum on which I am recruiting? Now, if you've answered no to both of these questions, the best advice I can give you is to NOT start up a Clan. What I recommend you do instead is to join the best Clan within your league, and watch what the Leaders do within that Clan, gain some Experience, all the while raising your Stats on RuneScape, and gathering a bit of a reputation. Once you feel confident that you have a good reputation and good Stats (or are a good Player Killer if you're going to make a Player Killing Clan), then you're a lot more likely to succeed at creating and running a Clan. I am not trying to scare anyone off with this Section, and by all means, if you have a good idea of how to start/run a Clan (with a little help from this Guide), then you should do what you want, but just be aWare that it's a lot better (and will be a lot easier) to get a decent/strong reputation or set of skills (by joining another Clan and staying in it for awhile, for example) and then starting a Clan, rather than the other way around. II. Introduction So, you want to start a Clan? Or you want a Clan of yours to work better, attract more members, and in general, be a feared and respected Clan, not only on Sal's, but across the entire world of RuneScape? If so, get comfortable, and pay attention, because if you're a new Player - intermediate in the Clan world, you'll (hopefully) get some good tips to help you and your Clan become famous and feared. III. Getting Started What you should take away from this Section: How to set up a basic Clan. What you should do in the beginning for your new Clan. Nowadays, it seems like any half-wit with a keyboard can create a Clan and attract one or two members, but if you're going to have a full-functioning Clan, you'll need some general Guidelines and help, as to what to do and how, before you make that recruitment Topic: Clan Type: Before you do ANYTHING, you need to first think about what kind of Clan you want. Here are some types to consider: Player Killing; pretty self-explanatory, Player Killing Clans revolve around Player-Killing in RuneScape. Player Killer is currently the most common type of RuneScape Clan, because they're easy to set up, they revolve around the most interesting aspect of RuneScape (in my opinion, other than playing the economic game, or killing big Monsters), and they're fairly easy to run (couple Leaders, Player Killing trips twice a week, and you're pretty much done). Not everything is great about Player Killer Clans, however. In general, you'll often have to deal with other Player Killer Clans' insults, flame Wars, and a higher amount of Spies than with other Clans (most often, this is a generalization and is not always true). Well, this is all my opinion, but I do recommend that you go for making a Player Killer Clan if: A.) You love Player Killing and are a reasonable-good Player Killer, B.) You want to be reasonably-greatly involved with alliances, Enemies, and War, and C.) You don't mind the occasional-often insult (depending on who you are, and if you incite other Clans). Skills Based. This is the second most common type of RuneScape Clan. Note that there are two types of skills based Clans: All-rounder, and Clans that are devoted to two skills (usually complimentary, such as mining/smithing, fishing/cooking, etc.) Skills based Clans are harder to run in general, because unless you complete daily/weekly tasks, it's hard to stay active in RuneScape. This of course, does not help your Clan's reputation. Skills based Clans, when run correctly and efficiently, with tasks given to Clan members, can help everyone to gain Experience in certain skills, and gives everyone a great sense of accomplishment. In general, skills based Clans are not meant for the glitz and glamour, of winning Wars and having lots of alliances. I recommend this type of Clan if you're A.) Looking for a sense of great accomplishment, B.) Seeking to raise your RuneScape skills in a more social setting, and C.) Not concerned with Allies/Enemies/War. The "We don't know exactly what we are" Clan. This Clan is usually a mix of skills based "all rounder"/Player Killing Clans, but it can be anything RuneScape related. If there were a general description of this Clan type, it'd be "We PK a bit, but we also pull stuff from a Clan Bank/Resource Pool (or not), to have fun Events or help each other raise skills". These can also be known as "Fun" Clans. "We're a group of friends who relax and have lots of Special Events." I'd recommend this type of Clan if: You want to combine certain aspects of Player Killing/Skills based Clans, and don't want to be bound to either type. 4.) Fan-based. These Clans are so rare, I've only seen one. Self-explanatory, these are Clans focused on something Non-RuneScape related, so they often aren't involved in RuneScape (no Events, Player Killer trips, etc.) I would recommend this Clan if: You really like something Non- RuneScape related (such as skateboarding), and you want to talk about this with other RuneScape Players/ RuneScape Forum Members. Well, that's it for types of RuneScape Clans, but before we move on, I just want to say: If none of these types of Clans really interests you, don't be afraid to create another type of RuneScape Clan! Be creative, maybe you want a Clan that thinks of new Special Events and then hosts them. Or maybe you want a Clan that helps new RuneScape Players. Whatever it is, be creative, and think of a new Clan type if said ones don't appeal to you. The Name: Once you're done choosing your Clan type, you should move onto naming the Clan. So many promising Clans are killed because of a poor, or unoriginal name, so while some may blow this process off, you must take the time to pick a good name for your Clan. Here are some steps you should follow for critiquing a possible name: 1.) Does everyone know the meaning of the name? (i.e.. Shimpu is a Japanese word that means "Divine Wind", but it's not in common usage, and everyone does not know the meaning of it). If not, try a different name. 2.) Does it rhyme and have pizzaz? Make sure it's catchy. 3.) Is it original? If you have a bland, unoriginal name, such as "Bada55 Angels from Hell", that may keep away potential members. Be creative. 4.) Try and keep it short and simple. "Tsunami" is much better than "Tremendously Giant Waves Caused By Earthquakes". Obvious, but sometimes forgotten. 5.) Avoid "Z". "Z" (Warriorz, etc.) is overused and clichéd, like "1337", so try and avoid it. 6.) Does it have "zing"? You can have an original, short and sweet, non-clichéd Clan name, but it has to pass one final test: Is it interesting, does it have that "zing", if you will? Don't worry, you'll eventually find it. 7.) Do not have your name in the Clan's name! Nothing like "Blizzard's Warriors". First, it shows you have a big ego, and most People are likely to be deterred from joining your Clan because of that, and second, what if you were to leave the Clan? Pretty silly. (Thanks to Phieta (from RuneScape Community)!). OK! By this point, I hope you have a name, because we're now moving on, so you can be one step closer to "inviting" People to your Clan. Communication: This is pretty straightforWard, but how will your Clan members communicate (other than AIM/MSN)? The most obvious, popular, and best choice by far are Message Boards. Message Boards/Forums are good because you can read posts whenever you want, you don't need to be online, you can respond whenever you feel like, interesting discussions, Event reminders that don't disappear when you log off, and countless other reasons. The question is, where do you want your boards to be located? On a RuneScape Forum, such as RSC, Scapeboard, Sal's, etc? Or your own set of Forums (best free Forum provider is www.invisionfree.com, in my humble opinion. They're easy to use and you can easily use Google to find a large selection of skins/mods/hacks, etc)? Let's see the pros and cons of having an RSC Forum, for example, and your own set of Forums. RSC Forums: Pro- Everything set up for you (not much hassle), GREAT for advertising/publicity, since everyone can see your Clan's Forums in the Clans Section. Con- Senior Moderators+ can see boards, no sub-Forums for Buying/Selling (sticky pileup), you don't have any real control over your Forums (i.e.. past members who were kicked out can still view your Forums, unless you change the password, they can't be banned permanently from the boards), lack of security. Invison Forums (or avidgamers): Pro- No requirements, complete control, excellent security (if you don't let in Spies, can set it so that admin validation is required for new members, troublemakers can be banned permanently). In general, you are better respected if you take the time to create your own Forums, plus People with loyalties to various RuneScape Forums (RSC, Scapeboard, etc) usually find it a hassle to register on another Forum to access their Clan’s Board. They'd much rather have a separate site for their Clan so that everyone, no matter which Forum they come from, can come together without squabbling over which set of RuneScape Forums the Clan Forums should be located on. Con- You need to learn your way around setting up and managing your Forums, lack of free advertising and publicity (by "free" I mean, without effort or doing anything). Not much more can be said about using Forums for communication, so let’s move on. Website: You must have a website! Nah, just kidding . In my opinion, building a website for your Clan in the beginning, is time better spent doing something else. Why? The website is used to advertise your Clan, right? Well, you advertise your website using a Topic or Private Message, but instead of spending a couple hours building a site in the beginning, type up an advertisement for your Clan, save it (using Notepad, Word, W/E), and copy and paste it to a Private Message or Advertisement Topic, updating the original document and saving whenever. You only really need a website once your Clan grows large and stable. It'd be quite a waste to spend time making a great website, only to have your Clan flop (and even if you follow the advice in this Guide, your Clan may still flop), and your time wasted. Once you do have a stable Clan, it wouldn't be a bad idea, however, to get started with these free hosts (and later on, you can upgrade, if you have the money, and you want to). Free hosts: www.geocities.com lycos.tripod.co.uk www.angelfire.com Visit a Web Development Forum (or ask someone who knows what they're doing) for more information on hosting. (Added 6/5/04): When building a RuneScape Clan site, or any RuneScape site, please obey the RuneScape Copyright laws. The site should abide by the Terms of Service for RuneScape. The site should not promote any activity that is against our Rules of Conduct The site should not publish an article or text taken from the Jagex, or RuneScape website without permission. If you do use any text or images you must acknowledge runescape.com as the source, and link back to our site. The site should not link to or promote any adult sites, or sites that conflict with Jagex interests. The site should not promote any sites or information that provide or support hacking, softWare piracy, or other illegal activities. Time to move on to the next Section! Events and Beyond: Now it's time to talk about Events (weekly tasks, Player Killing trips, etc.) First, I'll talk about general Events. Is your Clan going to be very active in RuneScape (i.e.. Two Player Killing trips a week), or mildly active (Drop Party once a month)? This depends quite a bit on the type of Clan you're running. If you're going to have a Player Killer Clan, you should probably have a Wilderness trip twice a week. If you're running a skills based Clan, plan out weekly tasks. On top of these Events, you should also have some fun, Special Events (drop party, etc.) to have variety. For now, plan the types of Events you want your Clan to have, and how often you want to have them. In case you're a complete beginner to the RuneScape world, here's a breakdown of the major RuneScape Events: Player Killing Trip- Fairly straightforWard, Clan members get together, and then head out into the Wilderness for some good ol' fashioned Player Killing. Drop Party- Theoretically, Clan members are supposed to bring decent-good Items which they drop, and everyone runs around, picking up Items, and having a good time. Usually ending with a Conga line that heads toWards the Wilderness. Fire Fest- Clan members bring a Tinderbox and Hatchet and fill up their Inventories with Logs. They then head to a nearby Town (such as Varrock), and start up fires everywhere. Tournaments and Deathmatches- Fishing Contests, etc. and Deathmatches between 2, 3, 4, etc. People in the Wilderness. Note: Have the same Events regularly (i.e.. "Every Friday, at 8 pm EST., there will be a Player Killing trip at the Hobgoblin Mines. We will meet at the Edgeville Bank). Also, it's a good idea to use the same server for all Clan activities, and same in-game meeting location. OK, it's now time to move on to the next sleep-inducing Section! You should probably take a quick break and let what has already been read, sink in. Stickies for your Forums Rules- You definitely need some Ground Rules. Here are some good, main rules that you should have for your Clan (and over time, you can add more as need be): No spamming No flaming No attacking other Clan members or Allies on Player Killing trips Respect the Leaders Clan Member List- Include everyone's Combat Level and any contact info (AIM/MSN), for quick reference. Allies and Enemies- Obvious. You're almost ready to start up that Recruitment Topic! Just two last, quick Sections. Ranks: Ranks can be both a blessing and a curse. For one, they help to organize your Clan, and give everyone a specific purpose, so no one's asking "What should I do :P ?" However, they can also create jealousy and power struggles, so you'll have to keep a close eye on People who start getting a little too... ambitious. Of course, that's not to say everyone who's doing well in your Clan is out for your throat, or someone else's, but just be Wary, and don't give too much power, too soon/fast. Now, all Clans should have at least a Leader Rank, and Regular Member one, but you can add and create more, as you see fit. Maybe you need someone who can coordinate Events and run them, because you don't want to be overwhelmed, so create an Event Organizer Rank, and give it to a trusted member. You also can come up with unique names for your ranks, if you wish. For example, instead of calling someone a regular old Leader, how about an oracle, or an elder? Be creative, and do what would fit the theme of your Clan. Here are some sample ranks, feel free to use the general idea: New Recruit: StraightforWard, someone who just joined the Clan. Member: Regular member. Trusted Member: A bit higher up, been in the Clan longer. Squad Leader: If you have Squads in your Clan (Player Killing, cooking, etc.), you can have Squad Leaders to watch over People in their particular group, and make sure everything runs smoothly. You should also divide up ALL Clan members into Squads in times of War, and then make trusted members Squad Leaders (see the WAR! Section for more information). Event Organizer: A Person who organizes and carries out Events for Clan members to come to (Player Killing trips, etc.) Co-Leader: Someone who has been in the Clan for awhile, or helped found it, or a very good friend who you put all your trust in. They help run the Clan. Leader: The big cheese. So, there you have it. Try out ranks, and if they give trouble, remove them and just have Leader, and member ranks. Of course, they can be very helpful, and good for organization. Also, on a Special note: Never create a rank in your Clan such as Slave, or n00b. This hurts morale, and it also hurts People who have this rank in your Clan. They will not be as kind to you, or loyal, most likely, if you treated them like crap when they first joined your Clan (assuming they didn't leave on the spot). If you have trouble with a member, boot them out, but do not use such ranks, or torture. Same goes for new members. IV. Early Members If you can, try and get some of your friends or People you know and trust to join, if they're interested. These People can be the Co-Leaders, so you don't have to rely on complete strangers to help you lead your new Clan. They can also help you recruit new members for your Clan. V. Recruitment Ok, now, before you even click that "New Topic" button: READ THE RULES! Not only does it make you look foolish if you don't read the rules and have your Topic locked, but you're already bringing down your Clan, so please, READ THE RULES! Now, for the Recruitment Topic, here's how you should set it up: The name of your Clan. What the Clan does (Player Killing, have Parties, etc.) How to join, and what information to include (if People are supposed to post in the Topic). Links to Forums, etc. List of current members . (optional) Requirements. One Big Thing: Try and make your Clan "established", before you set up the Recruitment Topic, and make it so that the Topic reflects the thought you have put into the Clan (if it's new). People won't join a Clan if you just thought of the idea for five minutes and decided to make a Recruitment Topic. Also, avoid putting the word "New", as in "New Clan" into your Topic, it turns off potential members, because even though you may have a great idea for a Clan, they may think it's just another person looking for five minutes of fame. Also, referring back to early members, it really is important to try and get at least two People in your Clan before setting up a Recruitment Topic. They can be the Co-Leaders as said before, and also, it makes your Clan seem better established than someone who just set up a Recruit Topic with no members. Here's a quick example: "Tsunami is now Recruiting! We're a High-Level Player Killing Clan, with bi-weekly Player Killing trips, and monthly Drop Parties. Interested in joining? Post below with your three highest Stats, and combat Level. Our requirements are that you have a Dragon Long, and are over 70+ Combat. Here's a link to our website"place website here" Current Members: Cartoonman14 Yu123 dumdude32 Knight Man" Of course, you can add whatever else you want to your Recruitment Topic, just make sure it's interesting, follows the rules, and gets across what your Clan is about. Recruiting by Private Message: This is a good idea, if executed properly. Recruiting by Private Message does NOT mean Mass-Messaging every single Sal's member on the Forums (that will get you banned ), but instead, Messaging anywhere from 5-10 People who you've seen around the community, or RuneScape, and like. Give them a quick rundown as to what your Clan's about, and also tailor the Private Message to them. This is not the time to copy and paste the same generic message and fire it off. Instead, explain to whoever you're Private Messaging why the Clan is good for them. For example, I'm starting a Fishing and Cooking Clan, so I Private Message cooldude2. I tell him quickly the general idea of the Clan, and then explain to him why he should join the Clan. "I noticed you have a high Cooking, and if you join and help out with the Clan, you could gain more Experience than you could by yourself". Whatever you do, make sure you don't force anything upon People, such as Private Messages containing "Join ___!" And,! final reminder, DO NOT Mass-Message every member. *Also, Do NOT forget to recruit on the other major RuneScape Forums, such as RuneVillage, RuneCrypt, Tip.It, RuneHQ, Draynor.Net, Official RS forums, etc General Tips for Recruiting People: DO NOT BEG PEOPLE TO JOIN YOUR CLAN! This tactic is just plain bad. Offering free Items will also get you into trouble. Do not mislead People with false Topic titles so that they look in your Recruitment Topic. Example: OMG SOMETHING HAPPENED LOOK IN HERE! Yes, this was an actual Topic Title, I clicked it and what do you know? It was a recruitment thread for some new Clan. Not only does this annoy People, it's well, to put it simply, really a newbish thing to do. Don't do it. DO NOT ADVERTISE IN OTHER PEOPLE'S RECRUITMENT TOPICS! Once your Recruitment Topic starts to have more than 3 pages in it, get a Mod to delete it and start a fresh one (after the other applicants in the old one have been accepted by you). This allows you to be more efficient and organized. If you have connections on RuneScape and know a few People, use that to your advantage. Private Message your friends on RuneScape about your Clan, and have them tell others they know about it also. Use requirements for your Clan, don't let in everyone who just walked in from Lumbridge. Depending on the type of Clan you have, and who you're catering to, you can have a variety of different requirements (i.e.. You have a high-Level Player Killing Clan, so the requirement is Level 60 pure, Level 70 impure). Don't let your Clan grow too big if you can't handle it. Well, you can create new Leaders, but if you're looking to have a smaller Clan, set a member cap and then make the Clan invitation only to prevent it from buckling under its own weight. Once you reach a certain member cap, don't be afraid to make your Clan invitation only. Accept only those who will really add something to your Clan. Just because someone passes the requirements doesn't mean you should immediately let them in. Usually, you can tell what kind of person you have joining your Clan by the way they post, so if for example, someone named y32 makes a post like "I pas the req can I join plz plz plz!!1 I need armor!" Well, you should have the common sense not to let them in. Don't be afraid to decline applications, it's better to have a few active, loyal members, than a group of begging, inactive ones. Later on, when your Clan grows in size, instead of People applying and being accepted by the Leaders alone, you could perhaps set up polls, etc. and get the opinions of a few other members before accepting new members into the Clan. You may want to use Special Signatures and Avatars for your Clan, so that members can use the pictures/sigs for whichever Forum they visit, giving some free advertising for your Clan. Make sure your Signature (sigs) and Picture/Avatar doesn't look newbish, and if you can't make the decision yourself, it's best to shell out a few thousand Gold Pieces to get a Professional Signature maker on a place such as RSC to make one for you and your Clan to use. VI. General Tips* By now, you should have a pretty good understanding of Clans and how to start one up, so now I'm going to give some general tips for running your Clan, and growing in power: Make sure the Clan Boards never slip into inactivity. It's great to be active in RuneScape, but also make sure that the Clan Boards don't suffer. Post new Topics (if on RSC, make sure the Topics are Clan-Related, maybe a few off Topic ones so People get to know each other). Choose Wars wisely. If someone tries starting a War and the basis for it has about as much weight as "you smell!" Then, it's probably not the smartest idea to accept that War declaration. Also, know your Enemies. Know the average Combat Level of their Clan members. The type of Clan they are. Their highest Leveled Player, etc. Spies are an option. Don't ever have more than one Enemy Clan. Bad idea. Period. Do not make stupid insults or incite other Clans, not only does it make you look stupid, and lose respect from others, but if you do it to enough Clans over time, no one's going to watch your back when someone brings up a challenge. Stay active in RuneScape. Try and have at least one weekly activity, because with inactivity in RuneScape, comes inactivity on Clan boards. No one has any Clan related Topics to bring up (such as how the last Drop Party was, who Player Killed what on the Wilderness trip, etc.) Allies are good, but don't have 50. Four or five strong Allies should do it. The reason I say this, is because if you have too many Allies, you may become caught in a web when one of your Allies declares War on another, etc. Choose Allies carefully. Don't just go ally with the latest person to set up a Recruitment Topic in the Great Hall, but get to know another Clan fairly well before you bring up an alliance. Check to see if anyone in your Clan has been in the other one, and see what they have to say about it. General Tips (Player Killing Clans): Have at least one Player Killing trip a week, the more the better. Also, make sure as many members come to the Player Killing trip as possible, put a little pressure on at first to encourage members to come (if you want to be harsh, a rule like "miss three Player Killing trips and you're out of the Clan (unless you have a good reason for missing)". If you have more than one Player Killing trip a week, have each Player Killing trip in a different area, for example, say your Player Killing trips are on Mondays and Thursdays. On Monday, Player Killing at the Hobgoblin Mines and Rune Rocks, and on Thursday, Player Killing at the Ice Plateau. Set up a poll to find out times that are convenient for everyone to come to Player Killing trips. Not much of a point in scheduling a Player Killing trip when everyone is at a religious service, a job, etc. Choose a Cape color for your Clan and have all members wear that cape so that they don't attack each other by accident. General Tips (Skill Building Clans): Have Jobs/Tasks for your Clan members to complete, in order to stay active in RuneScape. For example, Miners for the Clan must get 100 Coal Ore to add to the Clan Bank each week. Make sure tasks and jobs get completed. If someone starts slacking, or allot of People do, create some Rules/Discipline for not doing Tasks or Jobs, but don't be harsh. Make sure tasks are reasonable, and do not require too much of Clan members (i.e.. You must get 1000 Coal Ore each week!) Make sure that members receive ReWards/Credits for completing Tasks. If Tasks aren't working out for you, try and create another RuneScape event that helps to raise the skills (i.e.. You're running a Mining and Smithing Clan, so you decide to have Mine/Smith days where members log on, the Miners Mine and give the Ore to the Smithers who then make Items, all in one day-long event). ^I HIGHLY recommend this versus using a Bank/Tasks System. Running a Clan Bank and handing out Tasks usually isn't worth the trouble. If you want to raise skills, instead set up Special Events, etc. VII. Running Your Clan (Leadership)* Anyone can create a Clan, but you have to be a good Leader to make it become successful. Leading a Clan can be a difficult task, you have to take flak from members on a daily basis for enforcing the rules, you will have to accept full responsibility to whatever happens to the Clan, etc. but if run correctly, you will receive praise and be feared/respected. Now, I'm going to discuss some tactics a good Leader should use, and some Guidelines to be followed (ideas taken from Machiavelli's "The Prince") The first rule: Don't be soft. It is better to be feared than loved. Why? If you are loved and considered soft, you will be taken advantage of by those who think you won't enforce the rules, in order to remain loved by all. If you are feared, People will think twice about disrespecting you or going against your decisions. This does NOT mean you should become a dictator (take into consideration the advice of others), but that you should enforce the rules you have created, and should not be afraid to stand by the decisions you make (don't be indecisive). Don't pay People off to be loyal. Why? If you pay members of your Clan off to be loyal (through services, Gold Pieces, etc.) if someone comes along with something more to offer, your "loyal" members are very likely to switch sides and go with the other person. Earn your members loyalty and trust through hard work, making sure the Clan stays active on RuneScape and the Clan Boards, etc. not by being lazy and paying them to stay in the Clan, etc. Don't be fooled by fancy talk and flattery. Simply put, if a member begins to suck up to you, be cautious, and Wary of their motives. This does not mean you should take compliments as a sign of someone trying to grab power, but just to be careful and not be fooled into giving promotions due to some sweet talk. Be sure of yourself. Know your strengths (i.e.. good Player Killer, etc.) and your weaknesses (i.e.. sometimes fall for flattery). Improve upon your weaknesses. Also, this does not mean you should be overconfident. Realize that you are not invincible, and don't underestimate your Enemies. My advice: Don't lead more than one Clan at any given time. In fact don't even bother to join another Clan, stick with the one you are in and focus all of your energy and time on it to make your Clan great, rather than doing the same for someone else's Clan. Don't be a dictator. Enforcing rules and making sure they are followed is one thing, but changing the Clan in any major way (i.e.. name change, Declaration of War, etc.), without the consent of Clan members will lead to serious trouble. Whenever you are faced with a serious decision, a good idea is to work from the bottom up. First, get the opinion of the Clan members (using polls). Then, based on this, make a decision with the other Leaders of the Clan. Whatever you do, NEVER change any major aspect of the Clan without a majority of the members approval. Also, chat with the other Leaders of your Clan often. If you are using Message Boards (most likely), set up a Leader only Forum (that can only be seen with the Admin permission mask), and get together to chat online (AIM, MSN, etc.) about how the Clan is doing. VIII. The Clan Bank (Economy) Note: Depending on the size of your Clan, and the group of Players you are catering to, if People can supply their own Items/Weapons/Armor and bring Items for Drop Parties, then don't bother to have a Clan Bank. For example, if you are running a High-Level Player Killer Clan where the average member has two Rune Two-Handers in their Bank at any given time, then a Clan Bank is pretty much useless. In general, running a Clan Bank if you're not a skills-based Clan is not something I'd recommend. Members should be self sufficient. So, you've got your Clan set up, everything's been running fairly smoothly, and you've already successfully completed a few Events (Player Killing Trips, Drop Parties, etc.) Well perhaps it's time to start thinking about a Clan Bank. With a Clan Bank (aka a RuneScape Character in which you keep supplies for your Clan in), you can keep supplies stocked for a War, a Player Killing trip, Drop Parties, etc. so that you don't have to pay for Events out of your own pocket, and your members have something to fall back on. Now, the main way Clan Banks are kept alive and stocked with supplies is through donations, but if that's the way you intend to run your Bank, make sure you donate some Items yourself (Thanks to forgive). Also, be sure to include a Credits or ReWards system so that members have more of an incentive to donate (i.e.. say someone donates 30,000 to the Clan Bank. In return, they will get 30 Credits which can be used for X, where X is Money, Items, etc.) Here are some general tips for running your Clan Bank: Don't give out the password to the Bank Character to every member (Why? Well, a new member can join the Clan, get the password, take everything from the Clan Bank, and then just leave). Instead, ONLY GIVE THE PASSWORD TO A FEW TRUSTED MEMBERS! Have regular donation times for when the Clan Banker will be logged into by those who have access to it, to receive Items, etc. (i.e.. "Every Thursday at 8:00 PM EST, Server 16, Edgeville Bank, the Clan Banker will log on for 10 minutes") IX. WAR! So, got yourself into a War, or are fairly close to it, but still uneasy about what to do? The first thing you do before anything else, is think about the reason for the War? Is it worth it? If you're declaring War on another Clan because you dislike their name, or vice versa, it's probably not a good idea to run head first into a War. Also, make SURE a clear majority of your Clan members want a War. The reason is good...what? Well, then it's time to get into planning and preparation: First, make sure you have the highest and lowest Combat Levels of People in your Clan, and total number of members. Next, try and get a close estimate of the average Level of all the People in your Clan (taking into account pures, etc.) Now, compile all this information into a Notepad or Word document, and send it to your Clan Co-Leaders. Next, get two People you trust (They should NOT have been members of your Clan, at least not recently), to join and Spy on the Enemy Clan (the number of Spies you should have depends on the number of members in your Clan, and the Enemy's Clan). Have them compile the average Combat Level, total number of members, and highest/lowest Combat Level of the Clan. Be careful though, to not expose your Spies, by excessively flaming them, etc. to try and make it seem like they're your mortal Enemies. Instead, just pretend they don't even exist when posting in an area where Enemies can see. This means your own Clan Board (only the Leaders should know who the Spies are, NO ONE else). Be paranoid. Assume that your Enemy can see everything that you post on your Clan board (even if it's locked, or you have your own set of boards). Talk only to Clan Leaders about War Plans, Enemy combat data, etc. You may be wondering "But then the members will be left out, and not know what to do during the War!" Not so. You have to be smart, and nearing the date of the War, let certain trusted members know what's going on (this is why there should be multiple ranks in your Clan). Very close to the date of the War, the trusted members can tell each member of their little group/Squad, what exactly THEY are supposed to do, not the entire combat strategy in general. This way, even if there is an Enemy Spy, they only know what their Squad is doing, and also, members of a Squad focus only on their goal, and do not get distracted (remind members of your Clan to NOT post Squad strategies). Now, email your Leaders, set up AIM Leader chats, etc. and begin to discuss War plans. Make sure to include specific Squad strategies to give to your trusted members (i.e.. Archery Squad will be defending the left side). Set up positions/general locations for where each Squad should be (where they should be at the meeting location and when the Clan reaches the War site). About Allies: Most Clans have Leve1 Wars, but if the Enemy and you agree upon Allies, again, get your Allies to compile their numbers/average Combat Level/highest and lowest Players, and choose the best Allies. Also: Do NOT accept new members during War time, put them on a waiting list, for they could be Spies (and most likely are). Lastly, do NOT accept a War declaration if you know you're going to get destroyed. It's better to decline, there's no shame in it, plus the Enemy does not have any pictures to post of your humiliation. This, however, really depends on your opinion. However, if you did severely flame the Enemy Clan, and incite them, then you really have no choice other than to show up at the War, or be humiliated. This is why it's a bad idea to insult other Clans if you DON'T want a War with them/can't win it. I view it as not being worth it to go to a War that I know I'm going to lose (if I didn't incite/flame the Enemy Clan), might as well spend time doing something more useful. If you're really gung-ho, go to the War, if it's all what you view is best for your Clan. Before we leave the "WAR!" Section, there is one last thing you should know about: raids. Now these can be a double-edged sword, depending on how you use them. Basically, a raid is when you crash another Enemy Clan's Player Killing trip/event in the Wilderness. If you have a Spy(s) on the Enemy Clan's Forums, you can find out their Player Killing trip times, or when they're next having an event in the Wilderness. There are a few things you should know about raids, however: Never raid another Clan's Player Killing trip if they are neutral. This will only create more Enemies for you. Only raid another Clan's Player Killing trip if your Clan absolutely DESPISES them. This also depends a lot on the circumstances. If you raid a Clan's Player Killing trip, a Clan which has been doing a lot of trash-talking, etc and are your Enemies, and then proceed to post the results on a Forum, for example, this may work to your advantage, by boosting the morale of your Allies and your own Clan members, cause other Clans to fear you (possibly, depending on the success of the raid, and how good the pictures look), and give you a popularity boost. If, however, you decide to raid a neutral Clan's Player Killing trip, one that is relatively well-liked with a decent number of strong alliances, you will only annoy People and get into trouble. So use your best judgment, and take raids SERIOUSLY like Spies. They can either get you out of a ditch or make one deeper. Also, if you are going to do a raid, make SURE you get as many members to attend as possible, so you aren't beaten back by the Clan you're trying to ambush. It would be quite embarrassing if a Clan with no prior knowledge of a raid manages to beat your Clan back. So always post raids in advance on your Forums, so that the maximum number of members possible know about it. RS2 update- With the new Multi-Combat Zones in RS2, Wars are much more of a numbers game. Having personally seen the 'THE' Alliance vs. GH and Allies War, I can tell you this much- the bigger your army, the better. Mages also play a much bigger role, along with Archers. It would be wise to create Special divisions in your Clan, so that each member has a different role come Wartime (i.e.. Setting up a Melee Division, Mage Division, Range Division, etc etc). X. Assuming Leadership Of A Clan Well, you just assumed Leadership of a Clan, or have been promoted to a Leader, for better or worse. Now what? What's the situation like? If everyone thinks you kissed butt to get a promotion to Leader, then it's best to wait and decline Leadership outright. Otherwise, you'll be fighting an uphill battle against many People. Instead, work hard to get a Leadership position. Prove that you're right for the job, instead of kissing up to Leaders for ranks. Organize Player Killer trips, get involved in the Clan, create new Events, stay active and post a lot. Most importantly, make friends. With friends to support you, it will be a lot easier to get a Leadership position, and remain in power, as they can fight off others who try to insult you, and so on. Try and refrain from insulting others, not only while working to become a Leader, but also while you are a Leader. The support of the members is what really counts. It wouldn't help much if you are supposedly a Leader, but no one listens to you, right? This is all common sense, but many People forget this and get into serious trouble. Once you assume power, don't go changing everything in sight. If something works well, let it be. Also, do not kick out Personal Enemies from the Clan immediately, especially if they have a decent number of friends in the Clan, it could arouse suspicion and cause your Leadership ability to be questioned. You'll lose a lot of support that you need. Follow the Guidelines for running your Clan found in Section VII, and you should do just fine. XI. Patience* The best advice I can give you in this Guide is to never give up. If you're going to start a Clan, make sure you have PLENTY of time, Experience, and most importantly, patience. There is no such thing as instant gratification when running a Clan, it will take time to get anywhere, but if you don't leave your Clan when things get messy, and you're always there working on Activity, Recruitment, Events on RuneScape, etc. you'll eventually gain a lot of respect in the Clan world (also including the fact that you don't insult others, spam, act like a 6-year old, and so on). Unfortunately, I learned this lesson very late, and if I had to start over again, I would have never left my first Clan. Always be patient, you're not going to have an awesome Player Killer Clan with 50 High-Level members on the first day, no matter how good you are. Just try your best, stay active (both on Forums and RuneScape), and you should be fine.
  17. Don't you think that the site title should be changed? I mean I know it's Sal's site and he created it, but it makes him seem as if he has one giant, humongous ego that just doesn't show on RuneScape. I mean the first title of the site was RuneConspirator, and that makes a little more sense then "Sal's realm of runescape". Because for one, it makes some of us feel bad we're acting like forumer servants for someone, and for two, Sal has an enormous ego. Even though he's not the best known character in RS. The title should be like RuneWorld, or a basic fan site title for Runescape. Please don't flame me or think bad of me just because i want a title change.
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    Thanks, by the way, do you know hot to send this to the player's gallery?
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    Well now, since I got your point, from the one and only Salmoneus, I guess that my opinion will be my own opinion. And by the way, "Sal's" is a unique name, therefore I guess I'll stick with it. But during times such as multi-site steel war, people from other clans call us warriors "Sal's Warriors", which seems a bit egoish, towards Sal. But still, I don't want the site to undergo another whole big change just because of one topic on the forums. It's just that "Sal's" doesn't suit me. It's ok and unique, but just not the best title. Do you see the creators of other fansites name the site after them? Sal's was created by numerous amount of people.
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    It would be cool if Sal's would have a post hiscores rated on the number of posts on the forums. Sal's would look much cooler, and we would all know the most popular posters on sals!
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    And they already have. Send it in to the Player Gallery and see if they take it. I'm afraid I haven't seen the Pixel Studio's Collaboration Pixel still isn't to be found. How do we send it to the player gallery?
  22. Welcome to IceKizza's Underbanner Emporium, where you can request underbanners, and receive them with perfection. To request an underbanner, please put, Sal's Name: Text: Color: Items: I will try to get your underbanner as soon as possible.
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    Here you go Savage Beast, Hope you like it even though I can make better just save the picture and upload it onto your sig using imageshack, etc Same goes for you, save your image and upload using imageshack
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