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    Guitar, Music, Acting, Drawing, Runescape and hanging out with friends.

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  1. Juan

    Combat Balance

    So I have all my combat skills balanced (Attack 71 - Strength 71 - Defence 70 - Hitpoints 70 ), but I figured that that may not be the best way to have those skills. Should I have attack and strength the highest? Or just strength? Imagine if I were a combat level 100, how should my combat stats be arranged?
  2. Think of it like this: He asked if Bieber was German for basketball. He responded, I like basketball.
  3. Juan

    Hey Soul Sister

    Is this the same kid from the 'I'm yours' ukelele version?
  4. Juan


    No one has a better taste than another, you can't compare music taste in one persons point of view, it's just too personal. I mean imagine A likes hip-hop and B likes rock. A says I have a better taste, and B says I have a better taste. The only way of comparing could be if C comes along and decides, but then again it's pretty much the same thing. Personally I'm into classic rock (Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Metallica that style) and maybe a little bit of House (Gorillaz, Daft Punk, maybe even Black Eyed Peas) I think I have the best taste in music
  5. Juan


    Wow Gillis, you're a really smart guy. I'm sincerely impressed.
  6. Juan


    I stumbled upon these questions: There is a branch of Lotus flowers. A sixth of it was given to each of the gods Siva, Vishnu and the Sun; a fourth to the friend Bahavani, and the six flowers that remained were given to the venerable preceptor. Tell me, quickly, which is the total number of flowers? Another one: Camel Seller A: If you give me 1 camel, we will both have the same number of camels. Camel Seller B: Yes, and if you give me 1 camel, I will have the double of your camels. How many camels do they each have?
  7. Juan

    Runescape Tattoo.

    Please don't. I'm begging you. It will ruin your life. Imagine when you stop playing, I mean really, sooner or then you're gonna get bored of the game, you will completely regret getting the tattoo. Imagine if everyone you know suddenly hates Runescape, you're gonna be pretty embarassed about it. What if you try to get a boyfriend but he sees your tattoo and thinks you're too childish and immature, this can also refrain you from getting jobs, for the same reason. I hope I helped you to try and change your mind.
  8. Juan

    How To Be Happy

    Two words: Achieve Nirvana.
  9. So summer holidays are on, and they are damn sexy! I started my 3 month vacation last Friday, but I have been, and am still, sick since Thursday. I'm so excited about the vacations, they are my favourite part of the year. I usually play Runescape, and I spend a few weeks, including xmas and new years in Lujan. Vacations rock, no school, no tests, no homework, no waking up early. This year has been rough, because next year I start high school (8th grade). I dunno how the rules are in the USA, but here high school starts in 8th. This has been a really exciting year, my last year with all my friends, the movie, going to Spain. This has been my favourite year! So anyways I got my membership a few hours ago, but then we went christmas shopping for ma lil sister, god bless her. She likes Hannah Montana, the Wizards of Waverly Place, I'm not gonna be like those people that instantly say, THOSE ARE GAY. They may be a little tiring, but I enjoy spending a little time with her. I've decided to become a Buddhist, yay buddhism! Seriously, I have, I mean, I think it's a bit more real than christianism. Buddha's teachings are interesting! So anyways I'm gonna keep on fishing and watching KevJumba on youtube, cause it keeps logging out. Catch you later! -Juan
  10. Juan

    Equipment Help

    So today I got members again, and I would like to know what armour and weapon I should get. I have about 15m in my bank. My levels are: Combat:90 Attack:71 Defence:70 Strength:70
  11. Juan

    Bank Problem

    I used to be a member. I have all my free play bank space full, and I have member space to spare. I can't deposit any F2P items but I can deposit P2P items. Whats going on? How can I deposit F2P items again? Please help.
  12. Juan

    Best Style

    Melee, it can be easily trained without spending enormous amounts of money.
  13. So, I have extracted and saved the file to my computer, but when I want to open it, it just shows me its contents:
  14. Try speaking english first. I you want to spend millions on a Whip just because it looks 2 'badass' don't, you're better off with a Dragon Longsword at your level. If you really want it that bad, then try fishing.
  15. Juan

    Useless Things To Do V1

    Having to take off your sword at the Magic Carpets ^_^ No Reap, this is not a case :P

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