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  1. Dragons777dr

    First Fake

    it's ok...4.5/10
  2. Dragons777dr

    Find The Fakes Map

    found them, next time try a harder one ^_^
  3. Dragons777dr

    3 Fakes (another Ditch Added!)

    I'm a harsh rater and I give YOU 10/10 ^_^
  4. Dragons777dr

    Noob Hunter

    pretty good...the spoils didn't really make sense to me but w/e 7/10
  5. Dragons777dr

    Joels Fake Gallery

    4/10 ^_^
  6. Dragons777dr

    My 2nd Fake

    nice lol 7/10
  7. Dragons777dr

    First Fake

    nice fake...it looked really fake ^_^
  8. Dragons777dr

    Lvl 99 Macroing

    Lol! 9/10 the cape on the bottom right seems alittle fake, it could have needed a bit more shading... ^_^
  9. Dragons777dr


    it's fake, it's rs2, the buttons have been upgraded but at the side the emotes are messed ^_^ But it's very possable to do that
  10. Dragons777dr

    Worst Fake Ever

    -10/10 nice job??? ^_^
  11. Dragons777dr

    My First Ever Fake

    7/10 that was funny! ^_^
  12. Dragons777dr

    Graduation Party

    Oh hi there... *Cough* MODS!!!! *Cough*
  13. Dragons777dr

    Awesome Drop Party Members Only Soz

    Say what GMT! ^_^
  14. Dragons777dr

    Do You Consider Yourself Addicted To Runescape?

    I would say no. Note: to get all those quests done it took along time...(I started in late 1999) and I would just do a quest as soon as it came out. I have only three left untill I can get my quest cape back then loose it again in a week :P and I need higher skills for them so it's gonna take a bit...
  15. Dragons777dr

    Jarlaxle's Merchanting Guide

    If you DID make tanning green dragon hides (You said it was the fastest possable way) 800k an hour and played for 14 hours a day it would take 35.7 days to make 400m. But you say you make 400m in a week? One of the other facts are wrong there...:P
  16. Dragons777dr

    Fast Combat Levels!

    Has everyone forgotten about experiments???

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