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  1. Dragons777dr

    Comedy Gold!

    I'll do horrible things to your family if you say that one more time and it involves a lot of spikey objects, pain and humiliation if you know what I mean ;D
  2. Dragons777dr

    Comedy Gold!

    There's been a fair deal of discussion about that warn, and if I remember correctly almost everyone that intervened agreed on the fact that it was more of a racial slur than anything else: sometimes mods are only 'executors' of something that has been agreed upon in the moderators' board. The final point, though, stands: there's little point in calling someone 'power abuser' - if we really wanted to ban him, we could have done it outright without waiting this long. I know it's a poor excuse, in fact it's not even an excuse, it's just a logical thought I'd do if I were an outside observer.As for that full warn thingie: it happens more frequently than I'd like to admit, but to my (and our!) defence I have to say that it's very rarely a malicious thing, but rather an oversight. Can't say I don't agree with that, but I do find the warns are given away for quite small things while you only get seven chances. @Toungy watch your yiffin mouth! D:
  3. Dragons777dr

    Comedy Gold!

    What he says is true, I've noticed me getting full warns while another said the exact same thing and didn't get a warn, nor suspended. :sBut thats way off topic.How does Egg know it was racial slur(it was mostly harmless fun too )? It could be because he really resembles a monkey. Not kidding. :sLook at the resemblance! :closedeyes:
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  5. Dragons777dr

    Blog Block Lists

    Unless you have people bashing you...
  6. Dragons777dr


  7. Dragons777dr

    So Sals Forum World War 3

    But I like being the person everyone loves to hate.
  8. Dragons777dr

    The Future!

    You copier of my blog!
  9. Dragons777dr

    This Kid Is Pathetic

  10. Dragons777dr

    94 Magic

    But srsly, I should get it soon.Or I'm going to get it by accident using a teleport. :P
  11. Dragons777dr

    I Am Exiling Myself From Society.

    First you keep hitting it with a large sledge hammer, then once it's in small pieces put them all into the suitcase.
  12. Dragons777dr


  13. Dragons777dr

    Omg Xd

  14. Dragons777dr

    This Kid Is Pathetic

    Macki doesn't even have a block. :P
  15. Dragons777dr

    Red Mcc?

    Thats Red! :P
  16. Dragons777dr

    Omg Xd

    I never see it, why? What happened? :P
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  18. Dragons777dr


    Click here to get reversed rickrolled!!! As the meme killer, I have the rickroll in my sights. :o
  19. Dragons777dr


    Not quite, still gotta slaughter it a bit more. Then I'll leave it alone.
  20. Dragons777dr

    This Kid Is Pathetic

    Dun b racist!!
  21. Dragons777dr

    Attacked! :o

    PC is people from Sal's... :/
  22. Dragons777dr

    Not Quitting?

    Yes, but not for the Macedonians. He would kill anyone who even looked at him wrongly. He slaughtered thousands, by thousands...This included the Macedonians.
  23. Dragons777dr


  24. Dragons777dr

    Not Quitting?

    Shush or I'll bring Alexander the Great back to life. :/

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