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  1. Dragons777dr

    Not Quitting?

    I'll eat your Greece town? :/
  2. Dragons777dr

    Not Quitting?

    Oh, and because it would make Red and _blade happy.
  3. Dragons777dr

    Perils Of Ice Mountain

    Spiroff90 just made him self look like an idiot in my opinion...
  4. Dragons777dr

    This Kid Is Pathetic

  5. Dragons777dr

    Spam Away!

  6. Dragons777dr

    It Has Taken Four Months

    "since the last good update" You didn't say that as an opinion. You stated it like a fact.
  7. Dragons777dr


  8. Dragons777dr

    Parental Controlls, Fail.

    I will send you a...Thing!
  9. Dragons777dr

    The Perils Of Ice Mountain

    They say that they were let free, the red baby dragon grew first and headed into the wilderness. The green grew second and also left for the wilderness. The blue flew into the sky and from what I hear there was a large blue dragon storming through Taverly Dungeon.
  10. Dragons777dr

    Adam? Was Right.

    What Pen said? That's normal. She isn't known for clarity. What you said on both of your posts and what pen said. :/
  11. Dragons777dr

    Fight! Fight! Fight!

    :s Epic!! <_<
  12. Dragons777dr

    Obama Obama Obama

    :s <_< noob
  13. Dragons777dr

    This Kid Is Pathetic

  14. Dragons777dr

    Not Quitting?

    Because if you do I'll track you down... Ew
  15. Dragons777dr

    If You Could Be A Smilie, What One Will It Be?

    Take a wild guess...
  16. Dragons777dr

    It Has Taken Four Months

    Maybe for you because your f2p and don't get updates... :s
  17. Dragons777dr

    The New Fashion Item

    Did you even read what I said?And no, were not getting in on the act, trust me. If something big happens in P2p it normally takes about a month for it to even touch F2p
  18. Dragons777dr

    Meet Kelvin

    You met a J-Mad irl?How did he prove it? :s
  19. Dragons777dr

    Parental Controlls, Fail.

    Your not making much sense. :s
  20. Dragons777dr

    If You Could Be A Smilie, What One Will It Be?

    Think about Macki's favourite word...
  21. Dragons777dr

    Parental Controlls, Fail.

    Wtf is "CA Parental Controls"?
  22. Dragons777dr

    Red Mcc

    Oh! The Irony!
  23. Dragons777dr

    It Has Taken Four Months

    Theres been good updates every update... :lol:
  24. Dragons777dr

    An Image Of The Future.

    08-May-2008 An Image of the Future Over the past year, we've been keeping a rather large secret. We have been working on a complete graphical rework of RuneScape, which is looking truly spectacular. There's no need to take our word for it: read the newspost to see an image of the future. Read more... vVvVMorevVvV

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