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  1. Dragons777dr

    The New Fashion Item

    In F2p maybe...In members not many people are wearing them, even if they are updated and kinda cool looking. I'm currently wearing them because it goes with my quest cape and I don't have any armour as I sold it all for alchs.
  2. Dragons777dr

    If You Could Be A Smilie, What One Will It Be?

    About Macki's smilie... :lol:
  3. Dragons777dr

    Parental Controlls, Fail.

    Wtf are you talking about?And yes, it's my fault. :lol:
  4. Dragons777dr

    It Has Taken Four Months

    Where does it say four months? And it's not out yet... :lol:
  5. Dragons777dr

    It Has Taken Four Months

    ...What are you talking about?
  6. Dragons777dr


    Then why are you answering like I'm talking to you? :lol:
  7. Dragons777dr

    An Image Of The Future.

    No duh, your supposed to click it to see that...Are you blind? :lol:
  8. Dragons777dr


    Irony defined.
  9. Dragons777dr

    Runescape 3

    You know, without those updates Rs and possibly Jagex would be dead. 1. Credit cards and refunding. Say it's a dollar to refund a member purchase. One stolen credit card a person can make about a million accounts a day, with or without a team. Now knowing that the card would get deleted fairly soon we can say about fifty thousand member accounts. Then thats fifty thousand dollars. For one card. Repeat that a few times... :) 2. Lawsuits After all that a person can file a lawsuit against Jagex. Think about how much they were loosing. :P But back on topic, that won't be Rs3. It's just a optional detail for people with faster computers.
  10. Dragons777dr

    Red Mcc

  11. Dragons777dr

    Obama Obama Obama

    Red MccChocolate CakeMember Group: Forum MemberJoined: November 1, 2007Add as Friend< -7 ( 7 ) 7 >
  12. Dragons777dr

    Monk Robes

  13. Dragons777dr


    Hi member who left Sal's. *Waits for baron to show up*
  14. Dragons777dr


    Didn't you leave? Didn't you? Yes.
  15. Dragons777dr

    Obama Obama Obama

  16. Dragons777dr

    Monk Robes

    Yes they do, they look worse then monk robes did...
  17. Dragons777dr

    Obama Obama Obama

    I eat chocolate.
  18. Dragons777dr


    Didn't you leave? Didn't you?
  19. Dragons777dr

    If You Could Be A Smilie, What One Will It Be?

  20. Dragons777dr

    Monk Robes

    They need to update Zamorak robes.
  21. Dragons777dr

    Plant Pots And The Grand Exchange

    nub emote u
  22. Dragons777dr

    Perils Of Ice Mountain

    Words cannot describe how stupid I find that...
  23. Dragons777dr

    Jagex Phailz.

    555 Smithing to smith mithril pickaxes:
  24. Dragons777dr

    Jagex Phailz.

    it's supposed to grind bones. :P Not a fake... <_<It was a glitch... :P

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