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  1. Star

    Must see entertainment

    That's the chick from Modern Family. She's 14 lol. Where's the bad part? I'd tap that. *pedebearsuitrippedoff*
  2. Star

    99 herb, thank you all for comming!

    Wh3n Ð0 1 937 m¥ 8 Rµn3 2h$??? When do I get my 8 Rune 2hs??? I can but them at half price cause I want to pk! :) P.S. i still have ur stuff when u died XD P.S. I said you can have it cause it was like 20K. :P BTW, I have 93 Dragon Hide Sets now. Just waiting on 2hs... not getting em.
  3. Star

    99 herb, thank you all for comming!

    More like poor now.
  4. All the stuff you see in my inventory was for the F2P drop party. :P which trois got like 25% of.. O_o' Thank you all for comming! ^-^
  5. Star

    challenge accepted

    no vid no proof :P no vid no proof.. no 10M ;D u DARE?
  6. http://www.break.com...eowstep-2277669 http://www.break.com...jarface-2084096 ^ youtube one of this LOL
  7. Star

    Sal's Weekly Boss Mass

    I spoke with ndy about this week or so back. We could do this but more or less worried about the drops being worth it or not. and the spawns are v slow.. (duod with chloor)
  8. all your xp rates are off imo! those xp rates are the most.. costly imo.. like fletching.. Normal people with a little bank do yew longs, not broads.. Herblore - sara brews around 1K pots an hour.. so 180K.. Prayer - how the fudge do you get that much xp an hour?!.. more like 150-250K an hour.. You know xp rates of no lifing vs fun playing are so different. PS/ dungeoneering.. I only get round 70K p an hour and that is with decent team, but might depend on the level.
  9. Star

    Star Says Wut?

    Fail lps.. With the gwd stuff crashing and such i think next is the only boss I should do now.. Only need to merch bit more and have to dung (eew) Who you think thought that all to luftey! ;D
  10. yeh heard of 2 glitches so far.. 1 - more spins (err.. no idea.. cbf tbh 50 gp not worth it) 2 - spin and click red button to stop the spin to win the price you want..(patched obv) and i've been trolled for a rune plate and a feather.
  11. Star

    Get more out of Google

    I knew of that " [inserts text] ". but nice to know of those others.. thankies! Ps: Ever wanted to download songs or flashgames without actually using a software?! type: index of mp3 that'll make you find alot of mp3's - you can normally incvlude the titel to find the one you're looking for. ;)
  12. Star

    Star Says Wut?

    Gathering lps as we speak? :P
  13. 1 water rune 1 medium Xp lamp worth like 8K xp.. Missed arma plate and d chain. :c ffs

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