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  1. Dead Lolita

    Got Skills A Skilling Clan Revolution!

    Thank you. :( I'd like to be a clan friend for the time being, please. I have registered on your forums.
  2. Dead Lolita

    Got Skills A Skilling Clan Revolution!

    I want to join but I probably won't be able to anytime soon. :D I'll apply once I meet the requirements, which'll probably be in a few years time. :( Runecrafting is oh so enjoyable but SLOW and I'm mining my own essence which makes it 1000x slower.
  3. Dead Lolita

    Pics Of Yourself!

    I might as well...
  4. Dead Lolita

    General Anime / Manga Discussion Thread

    I have a long list of anime/manga to get through and watch/read... However, my favourite anime to date (which was coincidentally the first anime series I ever watched - not including dubbed Pokémon and Beyblade from my childhood days) is Shugo Chara!/Shugo Chara Doki! (although I hated the long list of filler episodes in Doki!) but Shugo Chara Party! was a complete fail, a whole season of fillers and worst of all - it was implied Amu chose Tadase! :D The manga is 100% better and she chooses Ikuto. :P I watch Naruto Shippuden every Thursday with my Pot Noodle. :D Although I HATE it when they have filler episodes/filler arcs as they obviously have the worst fillers ever for an anime - I still endure the painful 20-21 minutes of eyesore though. The manga is, once again 100% better. I seem to prefer the mangas to the animes (in most cases) but I like to watch the anime with it, to see how they've interpreted it. I'm currently watching Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae (Jigoku Shoujo and Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori were really good!) and although Mitsuganae is a lot more complex and confusing, I'm really enjoying it. Jigoku Shoujo was an anime before a manga was created and I haven't gotten around to reading the manga (I probably won't bother, either). I'm also currently watching Amagami SS (I don't think it has a manga as it was a PS2 game created into an anime) which is very entertaining and unique! :( I love how each arc (which each consist of 4 episodes) are him getting to know/is interested in a particular girl, eventually dating her and whatnot. It sounds boring but it's actually really intelligent and interesting to watch. I also like the funny moments (this anime has plenty of these) and how the other 5 girls are somehow incorporated into each arc - especially Kaoru who is my favourite character. Hmm, I've rambled on enough. :D I'm always welcome to recommendations for anime to watch! I have a long list of anime to get through and I never hesitate to add more to the list.

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