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    Uh, not sure what I can write here that doesn't sound horribly generic... I've always been fascinated by 17th century crop rotation, I guess.<br /><br />Actually, scratch that last - I only have a vague clue as to what crop rotation actually is.

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  1. Nennavari

    April Fools [last Contest Went Unfinished!]

    Alright Mario, I did promise I'd drop you a note once I got everything set up over here (2 bleeding days validation!), and this is the only one I could find - like you said, most of your work has been pushed over the bump time limit. Looking back over past posts in this thread I can see that the tradition of handing out awards is just as rampant today as is was the day it started. I've never been one for that particular clich├ęd practice, so you'll have to settle for a review - remember those? Reviews? With words? :D To be honest, there's not much one can really criticise this particular piece for, constructively speaking. As orgasmic a piece as ever there was one from you; nice to see that Beret's had some competition of late :(. Frame rate seemed a bit choppy in a place or two, but I'm sure you've seen it yourself. An altogether brilliant piece of work. I gather it's something like this that you're thinking of entering into the Golden Gnome Awards?

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