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  1. So I recently tried out Wands, and wow those things shoot crazy fast. So aside from the bonus of freeing up a rune slot for staves what else is there to this?
  2. The most private Information I posted was where I live, My Real Name, Nationality, etc. And I'm pretty sure my Address is outdated since I moved already...
  3. Looks neat, I wonder if the Santa Hats aren't gonna be itchy...
  4. Sounds like those City Management Games... I guess theres not much else to do at that level range anyway though... seems Interesting none the less.
  5. It's still annoying to see after working so hard to get a high level in dungeoneering or whatever then to find out the "exclusive" Area is overcrowded by Bots and reporting them doesn't even do anything to stop the bots. I guess i'll be stuck mining in the Edgeville Mine, like i've been mining at for the past 2 years.
  6. A big minority and pretty much I shouldn't even be subject to this reply but... those are Members Spots though. As a F2P I know i'm pretty much entitled to not complain about anything at all though. But its the prevalence of Bots all over, At least with fishing and woodcutting you can get multiple resources in a single spot. But yeah its really nagging me ever since back then in '05 since you just had to contend with bots everywhere.
  7. So maybe I'm not sure if this would totally sit well with most of the players. I read before that in Members Area there is a type of rock which yields multiple ores before becoming empty. I'm suggesting that maybe Rocks should be like this universally. Fishing & Woodcutting both have Harvest Spots which don't exhaust immediately after one attempt.
  8. Constitution, Without it my player would have no HP...
  9. I was using Skills, To be exact i was fighting that Skeleton/Undead Mage Boss which slowly dropped your stats as the battle progressed. I was wondering if there is any reason not to pick up wand + book/Shield vs Staves aside from the Infinite Runes Thing.
  10. So with the EoC comes new stuff... so just wondering now, Is the Batwing Set now the end-game equivalent of the Rune Set for Mages? Is there any reason to still pursue after the Runecrafting Robes (As my original goal to get those was to get better Magic Gear) Any tips on Dungeoneering? I've noticed you can bind multiple items now and configure them so that at least gives me some better choice in gear. I stil have the Fractite Spear & Platebody from before EoC. Also I've noticed its become somewhat impossible to defeat bosses now in Dungeoneering. Or any combat...
  11. So New combat will allow dual-wielding... Just wondering if even dual wielding Crossbows with bronze bolts will have at least attack damage comparable to the efficiency of Maple Shortbows? On a Free-To-Play Standpoint?
  12. Well my list of goals right now is: Finish up the Lumbridge/Draynor Tasks by doing the following: Finally get 50 Runecrafting for GOP which will help me get the 'Best' Maging Equipment. Then using those 16k Something Runes I'm going to craft them into Airs and Minds which I would use to get to 50+ Magic Yeah right now I just sold my STR Amulet back to the Market. and slightly steered off into getting my Crafting to 44 via some Urn Crafting, after that I think I'll go back to mining more Rune Essence. Personally for me its not worth it... all the Craftable Free-To-Play Runes cost 3gp where as their raw uncrafted ones cost 20gp so for me I chose to rather mine as its a net loss. Making the Urns however is a big boon if you decided to just make it yourself by buying the hard/soft clays as this will net you maybe 30-50k per 1000 Pile.
  13. Yep they usually do. Or if not they stare at my target for a couple of seconds then run off to a nearby untargetted one. Yeah I'm thinking of switching the boots one of these days... I'm not planning on getting the Degrading Equipment though since well... its an extra burden of going back to reclaim them again. I'm going for quick and efficient equipment... Generally speaking the only annoying Bots are the Woodcutting and Mining ones since you are forced to compete with the available ones. Fishing is fine since Spots tend to respawn from what I notice...
  14. Runecrafting: I currently need about 16,000 Rune Essence to get it to my planned Goal, Should I continue focusing on mining the Essence (Got 3k+ right now) and then go hardcore on the Crafting Runs? Dungeoneering: About how long would it take me to acquire all the following Rewards: Tome of Frost Arcane Blast Necklace Longbow Sight And can you give me any tips and or strategies when doing Dungeon Runs? Equipment: So... pretty much right now the best Equipment (Where in there is no need to do recharge on Equipment) for Freeplay Members are: Melee Rune Full Helm Rune Platebody Rune Kiteshield Rune Scimitar Rune Gauntlets Fighting Boots Amulet of Strength Magic Runecrafter Hat Runecrafter Robe Runecrafter Skirt Leather Gloves Swanky Boots Caitlin's Staff/Staff of (Element) Tome of Frost Arcane Blast Necklace Ranged Coif D'Hide Body D'Hide Vambraces D'Hide Chaps Maple - Shortbow/Sighted Longbow Amulet of Power General: Are these Players Combat Bots? Equipped with: Rune Full Helm Rune Chainbody Rune Platelegs Amulet of Strength Rune Scimitar Rune Kiteshield They don't talk at all and they tend to attack my targets too...
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